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Monday, February 23, 2009

still here...

hey ladies (and gentleman if there are any reading this)! i'm still here...wedding planning, my birthday, D's birthday, vday and our upcoming trip to europe have kept me busy and honestly i haven't really been in the blogging mood! maybe it's the cold, windy weather? i don't know.

BUT i am down 3 lbs from last monday, which is good. almost back to my comfort weight. i had a run in with the stomach flu last week but i've been doing well with low carb eating so i really think that's what it is. i'm not counting points but of course i do it in the back of my mind anyway. i haven't been getting in all my points during the work week. work has been beyond busy. my boss was fired and i've been stuck making up for his work, attending his meetings and just really not having time to munch like i used to. so i eat breakfast, lunch, i get home later than normal, eat a light dinner and that's it.

i got to the gym 3x last week and this week my goal is 3 or 4 times. i'm going to do yoga tonight (dvd). i hope everyone is doing well!! i miss blogging and i'm going to try to get back into it.

wedding planning is going well, we have a venue and picked a bakery. we're doing cupcakes instead of a cake. it's going to be so cute, i can't wait.

alright...off to do some yoga, miss you ladies!