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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

on point & feeling great

hi everyone!! it's been a busy day at work and i am SO looking forward to this weekend. i was OP yesterday and hit the gym. so far i'm OP today and will probably go for a walk later or do a workout dvd. i forgot my towel today so thats what kept me from the gym here at work. plus i just don't really feel like it! honesty is the best policy.

my plans for tonight are to go home, get some laundry done, eat dinner and then i might go watch a movie with D. i REALLY want to see hairspray. has anyone seen it? i made D see dreamgirls with me and he hated it. he slept through part of it though. but he passed on my invite to hairspray. haha. i completely understand but i still need to see it!

tommorow i am meeting up with some of my sorority sisters from college for drinks. i'm going to try to stick to rum & diet coke or a light beer. thursday night i'm heading home for my best friend's wedding. friday is the spa day/rehearsal dinner and saturday is the wedding!! i can't believe she's getting married. well i can believe it, she's amazing, but i just can't believe we're old enough to be doing that! immature i guess but i still picture us in high school/college mode. i guess it's time to start growing up. but i am thrilled for her and the wedding is going to be blast! i will not be counting points this weekend and it will be the end of the "summer events" i have planned so that's good. i do have a few concerts to go to but that's no biggie. this will be my last out of town weekend until september and it will be nice to be back in a routine.

Monday, July 30, 2007

happy monday!

hey everyone! i'm back from a weekend at the beach. it was a fun trip and the scale is only up 2 lbs (scale said 135) so not too shabby! not much else to report. the tan lines are looking good, i wore a strapless top this weekend so that helped! i'm ready for the wedding on saturday! i will try to take some pictures to post here :)

i went to the gym today and did 40 minutes on the treadmill. briskly walking on an incline. i feel like i should have pushed myself hard and gone for a run or did the elliptical but i wasn't really feeling the gym today. anything i do is better than nothing today!

hope everyone had a great weekend!! back in my routine for the week, off friday and wedding on saturday!! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

countdown to fun!

good afternoon & happy hump day!!

scale: 134 (after the gym)

days left of work: 2
days until my weekend beach trip: 3
days until my best friends wedding (hehe): 9!

i've definitely been on a roll this week. i hit the gym for the third day in a row and did 65 minutes of cardio! yay! not much else to say, considering i was at the gym so long, i better get back to work...in the meantime, new product reviews from yours truly :)

product reviews:

picture source: heat, eat, review

trader giotto's (joe's) eggplant parmesan
the eggplant in this is grilled, not fried! the sauce is great and it's very cheesey but the seeds in the eggplant were kind of weird. it was a good lunch though, i would probably buy it again. only $2.29 and around 5 points. it said to microwave for 9 minutes, which i did. it completely burned the sauce around the rim, gross. next time i would probably do it for 6-7 minutes.

lean cuisine pork stir fry
roasted pork,edamame and water chestnuts in an asian style garlic sauce over whole wheat pasta. this was okay. the pork was yummy but the sauce didn't do anything for me. the pasta would be great with a marinara sauce. i love that it's whole wheat pasta!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oatmeal re-review

i reviewed "quaker weight control oatmeal" before and i believe i said something along the lines of "the maple & brown sugar tasted like dirt". well i had a extra packet in my desk and i have discovered if you add 2 splenda to the oatmeal, it tastes great. what a difference a little fake sugar makes! so don't count this oatmeal out. and oatmeal, i'm sorry for dissing you so hard. you're delicious and the fact that you have the ability to control weight, well thats amazing right there.

today is going good. i started it off with my favorite summer coffee: starbucks iced coffee with a lot of skim milk and 4 splendas. yum! not the canned iced coffee, i've never tried that. i saw 133 on the scale but im not convinced. i think i was dehydrated. oh well, we'll see tmw. we had game night at my house last night and played trivial pursuit: pop culture. usually i kick ass, but last night i was not pulling me weight. i need to practice more i think. haha.

i'm going to the gym around 11:30. hopefully no one is hogging the tv. i work out in the tiny gym at my office. there are probably 4-5 treadmills, 2 ellipticals (one has been broken for a good 2 months now), weight machines and 2 bikes. there is one tv near the treadmills and whoever gets their first picks whats on and retains control of the remote. it's not a rule but that's how it works. so hopefully i can get there in time to take control and watch ellen. she cracks me up and before i know it 30 mins has past.

not much else to say. tuesdays are boring...filled with meetings. blah. have a great day everyone!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

back on track

happy monday! for once, i'm not exhausted from the weekend and hating work. i feel really upbeat right now and i'm ready to hit the gym in a little bit.

i have a confession. i haven't been sticking to my diet lately. in fact, all last week i wasn't really into it. i wanted a break so i took one. didn't work out, ate a few things i shouldn't have. probably drank too much beer/wine. but i'm back. and i'm focused. i'm kicking my rear into gear. i know i've said that the past few weeks but haven't really felt it until today. TOTM is almost over, i have 2 weeks until i'm a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding and i just want to get back down to my comfortable weight. i didn't weigh myself this morning but i'm thinking i'm around 136. i'll weigh myself tmw and start being accountable again. that's all i can do!

had a good weekend. had drinks on friday, then went to fridays (lol) for dinner and more drinks and then came back home. saturday i laid low all day and then went to a house party. drank more beer. egh. why do i do it, i do not know. last night we went on a double date to the movies with my sister and her new boyfriend. we saw "i know pronounce you chuck and larry". then had a middle-school flashback and we snuck into "transformers". haha. i'm such a wuss though, i was scared the whole time that we would get caught. but i'm thinking the 14 year old collecting the tickets really didn't care. anyway, i ate a lot of popcorn and tried to get that out of my system.
(p.s. transformers was AWESOME! chuck & larry was funny...not the funniest movie i've ever seen but it was good...i REALLY want to see hairspray!)

so far today i've had 2 hard boiled egg whites and one yolk for breakfast. i had a scoop of peanut butter for a snack. and i'm going down to the gym around 1. then i have a south beach diet chicken and green bean almondine in the fridge. i think it's yummy. i need to cut back on the carbs, bread, beer, pastas. i need to get back to lean proteins and veggies. tonight for dinner i'm picking up trader joe's chili limi burgers and cooking that up (no bun) with a side of squash and maybe brocoli. i need to get my water in and i need to get back in the groove.

summers really do screw up my routine and i admit, i let the fact that its summer allow me to go overboard. but i'm back on track hopefully...wish me luck :)

thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post. my bf knows i have a blog and sometimes i talk about it, but he is NOT allowed to read it. in fact it was up on my laptop one night and all i hear is "ms. kelly's weight watchers blog, is that yours??". i ran over, closed the laptop and acted like a 5 year old and told him he wasn't allowed to read it. he laughed and said he would google it at work and read it anyway. lol. i really doubt he has but if he is: hi D!! ;)

do you let your significant others read your blogs?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tall, dark, handsome & he cooks!

hi everyone! happy hump day ;)

last night i was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend offered to cook me dinner! he knows i'm obsessed with the food network and over the past few months i've surprised him with some delicious and low fat meals. i think it's adorable that he wants to start cooking too.

D (my boyfriend) is an amazing guy. we met when we worked at a mexican restaurant together. he was a bartender and i was a cocktail waitress/server. i thought he was so cute and one day we worked a shift together and hit it off. he's 6'1, tall, dark and so handsome. i love him so much, but i will stop gushing. anyway, we will have been together 2 years in october. he's my age, 24. we're two days apart (awwww) and he treats me like a princess. i can't wait to marry him one day. we're moving in together next year, at which point we will also be purchasing an english bulldog. i can't wait!

i've been wanting one forever. even though they're kind of ugly i think they are so endearing and adorable. okay, back on topic now...

on monday night i made him boca burger meatless tacos. yum! have you had the boca burger meat? it's delicious. it cost $2.99, has three packs of meat in it and all you do is heat it up. i added some taco powder and water to it and it was ready in under 5 minutes.

i served it with garlic & herb la tortilla factory tortillas. 50 calories each. YUM! we also used sliced avocado, salsa, reduced fat mexican cheese, and fat free sour cream. he loved them and i would say they were about 3-5 points a piece depending on how much cheese you put on it. the boca burger meat is 1pt a serving a believe.

so last night he asked me to come over, told me not to bring anything and he would cook for me! it was adorable. he even baked mushroom bites in the oven. he didn't make them homemade, they were frozen but they were delicious. the entree was whole wheat pasta. he followed the recipe, but asked for help with the veggies. i showed him how to chop up the onions (ala rachel ray) and crack open the garlic. the pasta sauce was homemade: tomato sauce, garlic, onions, EVOO, white beans & turkey pepperoni. he got the recipe from a 10k run website so i think thats why the beans were in there. I went easy on the beans with my portion and instead added more turkey pepperoni.

turkey pepperoni. 20 slices = 80 calories! & so yummy!

it was served with red wine, it was perfect. then we watched big brother 8. i am officially obsessed and i love that it comes on 3x a week. i was so happy when daniele won the power of veto! i can't stand that jen girl. she needs to get the boot!

oh! one more product find: lays baked light chips: barbeque
i love these, you can have 20 chips for 75 calories. YUMYUM!! if you don't dig olean though, these may not be the chips for you. olean has never given me any problems though.

i'm going to try to make it to the gym today but i have a lot of meetings. if i don't make it, i will try to get a walk in tonight if it doesn't rain. TOTM is right around the corner and i am feeling lazy!

didn't weigh in this morning. probably around 134 due to PMS cravings...i need to get my rear in gear so that i can at least be a decent competitor for katie @ sister skinny!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

half day, picnic & tan lines

half day!

that reminds me of arrested development: "army had a half day" - buster. did anyone watch that show? kind of quirky but so funny!!

today we're having a picnic offsite for work. it's from 11-4. i'm going to go for an hour or so and then head to my pool i think. i don't want to eat that food and i don't really want to hang out with my coworkers. is that bad? they are so different from me, it's hard to explain. i work in the IT department which is filled with "unique" personalities and our gatherings are usually pretty awkward. it's definitely nerd central. i guess i'm calling myself a nerd but i don't think i am. i'm just good with computers, always have been. i do more of a project management job though. anyway, enough about work.

the bridesmaid dress i have to wear aug. 4th is strapless and i've definitely been wearing a halter top bathing suit all summer. i dont have a strapless bikini, well at least not one i want to wear, so i'm going to have to pull down the straps or get creative somehow. has anyone ever done spray-tanning? that may be an option. i've gotten pretty brown (i'm part mexican so i tan easily) and there is definitely a huge difference between the tan skin and the pre-tanned skin. what's a girl to do?

so far i've eat too much peanut butter today. i was eatiing it with an apple and it was too good to stop. probably 1.5 servings, i usually try to only eat half a serving at a time. oh well! it's almost TOTM so that is probably why.

alright, if i workout i'll check back in later! hope your day is going well!! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

weekend & diet style

must eat more fruit!

good morning blog buddies! i'm back from yet another weekend out of town. i was about 2 hours south in my hometown, hanging out with my best friend who is getting married. she had a stock-the-bar party, it was a lot of fun! we brought a HUGE bottle of maker's mark whiskey (which the bride & groom enjoy) and some soco. didn't have any of it, stuck to light beer so that was good. i did have 2 tiny little finger sandwiches though and a bite of my bf's chicken wing. i always have to take a bite of whatever he's eating, and it's so cute because he knows. i pretend like i dont want it but i always take a bite. and thats it, i just like to taste things. i managed to eat well earlier in the day so it wasn't too bad.

sunday was a "cheat day"...i know, i should have probably slowed my roll after my weight gain last week but hey, you only live once and it was sunday funday afterall. i didn't do too bad. went to brunch, ordered a mimosa, hummus & pita/veggies and then ate half of the veggie wrap i ordered. back at home we played with my mom's nintendo wii. have you played that? it's so much fun! my 2 year old little brother is a master at bowling, its really crazy to watch. he's also really good at golf. such a cutie pie.

the rest of the day i munched on popcorn, and then had dinner, which included my stepdad's famous strawberry daquiri. dinner was baked ziti, broccoli, and chicken thighs. the chicken thighs were unbelievably delicious! i wish i had taken some leftovers. probably used up all my FPs yesterday but whatever, my weeks start on mondays. i had a great time and loved every minute of it!

this weekend i need to skip the cheat day and be good. the wedding is 3 weeks away and i want to look sexy in that bridesmaid dress! it would be great to get down to 130 by then, but who knows?

how was everyone's weekend? do anything fun?

just for fun: 5 facts about my diet style
1. i eat a huge bowl of steamed broccoli every day to fill myself up before dinner
2. i prefer coke zero to diet coke
3. i love eating frozen cool whip free
4. i'm a sucker for mcdonalds frozen yogurt
5. i eat the same thing for breakfast everyday: english muffin with peanut butter (but lately i've been trying to switch to hummus because the peanut butter is addictive)

what are some interesting facts about your diet style?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

quick weigh-in

finally back down to 132.0

didn't go out like i normally do on friday nights, stayed in and had 2 glasses of wine and sang karaoke with my sister. nerd alert! we both have horrible voices so we can sing around each other and it almost becomes one good voice. lol.

tonight is a "stock the bar/house warming" party for my friends. they're getting married august 4th and just bought a house so everyone is suppossed to bring a bottle of their favorite liquor or wine to stock their bar. so far today i've had an english muffin with roasted red pepper hummus on it. i'll probably eat a light snack and then something for dinner. sunday i'm back on track!

have a great weekend!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

exercise review: ms. kelly's interval workout

ms. kelly's interval workout
duration: 55 minutes
level: intermediate (but can be adjusted to any level)
distance: 4.07 miles
steps: 8,000+

0:00-2:00: walk 3.5
2:00-5:00: run 5.2
5:00-7:00: walk 3.5
7:00-10:00: run 5.4
10:00-12:00: walk 3.5
12:00-15:00: run 5.6
15:00-17:00: walk 3.5
17:00-20:00: run 5.6
20:00-22:00: walk 3.5
22:00-25:00: run 5.6
25:00-27:00: walk 3.5
27:00-30:00: run 5.6
30:00-32:00: walk 3.5
32:00-35:00: run 5.6
35:00-37:00: walk 3.5
37:00-40:00: run 5.6
40:00-42:00: walk 3.5
42:00-45:00: run 5.6
45:00-55:00: walk 3.0-3.5 (gradually go down from 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, etc.)

i guess you could add additional time for warmup or cooldown but i'm on a pretty tight schedule since i workout during my lunch break. you can knock down the walking speed to a comfortable but somewhat brisk pace. the running speed can be bumped up or down, just as long as you feel like you're pushing yourself really hard but not out of breath. it has to be a pace that you can manage to do for 3 minutes, but don't necessarily feel like you could do for longer than that. does that make sense? i guess on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the fastest you can run, maybe a 7 or 8?

this kicked my ass! oh my gosh! but it felt great too! i liked the 2 minute breaks because they definitely helped me rev myself up for the 3 minute runs. and i did knock it down to 5.4 a few times because i didnt want to cramp or get too winded. you may think 5.6 is slow but i feel like i'm going fast, i have short legs remember. if that even makes a difference?

try this out and let me know what you think! cut it down to 20 or 30 minutes if you want!

i know it's not the most original program you've ever seen but i couldn't find anything so i thought i would tailor one to my fitness level! :)

happy friday! feliz viernes!

product find: island way sorbet

served in real fruit shells. my roommate bought these at costco. i tried the lemon, which was 57 calories and came in a lemon "bowl"...it was yummy! other flavors are coconut, pina colada, orange. they came in a multipack, definitely check them out for a nice, light, pre-portioned snack. they range from 57-170 calories. the lemon & orange are the lowest calorie treats.

looks more like this when it comes out frozen:

the scale has finally started to budge. back down to 134 from 139 on monday. wow, i couldnt believe that number. thankfully it went down a pound or two each day but that is something i'm not used to seeing. when i left for vacation i was 132. i guess my food choices were poor but my drinking choices were worse! margaritas, beers, etc. yikes! i need to slow my roll on my next vacay.

yesterday i actually enjoyed the olive garden. i ordered the soup, salad and breadsticks. did NOT eat any breadsticks and asked for the dressing on the side. i ordered minestrone soup (2 points) and barely dabbed my fork into my dressing. i also ordered coffee which was delicious. after i ate one andie's mint (yummm) i figure it was about a 3-4 point meal? not too bad for a place where everything on the menu seems to be 15-25+ points!

i'm going to try to get to the gym around 11am today, hopefully no one will have control of the tv because i want to watch The View. perez hilton is guest hosting and i am a sucker for celebrity gossip. it's sad, i know but i love it!

i will check back in later with the exercise routine i decide to do, still on the search for some good interval training :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

exercise review: treadmill mountain hike

duration: 40 minutes
calories burned: 275
level: intermediate

so recently i've been looking for a structured, interval-training type of activity to do. katie from sister skinny recommended the fit sugar: treadmill mountain hike which includes:

00:00-05:00 Warm-Up Speed 2.0, Incline 0.5%
05:00-07:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 2%
07:00-09:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 4%
09:00-11:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 6%
11:00-13:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 8%
13:00-15:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 10%
15:00-17:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 12%
17:00-19:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 14%
19:00-20:00 Speed 3.5-4.0, Incline 15%
20:00-22:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 14%
22:00-24:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 12%
24:00-26:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 10%
26:00-28:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 8%
28:00-30:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 6%
30:00-32:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 4%
32:00-34:00 Speed 3.0-3.5, Incline 2%
34:00-40:00 Cool-Down Speed 2.0, Incline 0.5%

i tried it out and it was tough! my calves were BURNING! i did 3.5 speed for the first half of the routine. then i bumped it down to 3.0 after the 15% incline kicked my butt. i also modified the warm-up/cool down. instead of going 2.0, i went 3.0-3.4. going 2.0 felt too slow. like ricky bobby says, "i wanna go fast!"

in the middle of the workout you have to go 3.5-4.0 on the 15% incline so i was basically doing a slow jog uphill, it was tough. i was panting, my friends. sweat dripping. i would definitely recommend it, i was sweating hard! i'm definitely a fan of treadmill hiking, except the 15% incline was a little insane. back in skinny jeans created a more beginner version of the hike so give that a try too if you want! but i definitely sweat more during my "hike" than i sweat from my 30 minute treadmill jogs. i guess i'm not pushing myself hard enough.

tommorow i'm going to look for another interval workout routine, perhaps it will incorporate running/walking, i like those. but definitely give this one a try if you want to climb an imaginary mountain!! :) thanks katie! if you have any links, send them my way!!

i want to try to do more exercise reviews in addition to product reviews! what a great excuse to get moving!

non-scale victory & the evil scale

yesterday was a good day. ate all my points and didn't go over. went to the gym. then went out to sushi with my sister and only ordered 1 california roll with no mayo. which is about 3-4 points. i didnt get miso soup like i usually do or pick at her philadelphia rolls (stuffed with cream cheese). i contained myself for once! non-scale victory over sushi!

after dinner i went to the movies. i planned ahead and brought smartpop microwave popcorn in my huge purse. we saw harry potter. it was good but i think the books are better.

the scale isn't being friendly to me. it's almost like i can't believe that i've gained 4 lbs in a week and a half. is that even possible? i keep telling myself it's water weight but i just feel fat...my pants feel snugger. i don't like it. so my rear is back in gear, officially. i will give myself the same amount of time (a week and a half) to get these pounds off. if it took that long to "gain" them then surely i can lose them in the same amount of time.

for lunch today we're having a work meeting at the olive garden. i am not a fan of the olive garden. i checked out dottie's weight loss zone: olive garden page and i'm not impressed. i decided i'm going to have some oatmeal before we leave and then only order minestrone soup. don't worry, my coworkers will have something to say about it. i just really wish that the people i work with would not criticize what i eat because i'm not sitting there telling them how bad the fettucine alfredo they're slurping into their mouths is.

going to the gym today after olive garden...i need to get in 30 mins of cardio. yesterday i only did 25 so i need to step it up so that i am at my comfortable weight.

i mentioned that i made the no pudge fudge brownies on tuesday night. i made the whole batch and have since regretted it. i blew a good 3-4 points yesterday munching on them. i immediately got rid of them so they wouldn't tempt me. my recommendation is to only make the single servings, it's too easy to go overboard if you don't.

have a great thursday, friday is almost here!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

happy hump day!

i've been good on the diet front today, yay me. i'm going to head down to the gym around 2 so hopefully i can get this ball rolling. the scale said 135 this morning, i'll take it. and no i'm not changing my side panel...i will change it on friday :) denial, what a crazy thing. haha

that's not it, but doesn't that look yummy! zuchini with a chicken burger, yum!

last night for dinner i made trader joe's chili lime burgers (2pts) which were sauteed in EVOO (1pt), served on a whole wheat potato bun (1pt) and sauteed yellow squash (probably 1pt since i used EVOO). it was so yummy! my boyfriend loved it. then i made us no pudge fudge brownies for desert (2pts for one)! YUM! healthy and delicious dinners are such a treat. and i love cooking so that doesn't hurt either.

i need to find a running plan that i can do. i did couch potato to 5k and loved it. i need something structured like that. anyone have any they would like to share?

okay it's past two and i'm not at the gym yet. i'm gonna finish my redbull and get on it! later alligator! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

don't stop! get it, get it!

i did it, i forced myself to work out. 46 minutes of cardio baby! i dropped 2 lbs in the process. man, why am i so hung up on weight?

the weird thing is that when i started doing it, my legs felt so heavy. could one week of sedentary living really have made me feel so out of shape? once i got over the hump, i sailed right through and even got a little bit of an exercise high. i was feeling those endorphins! so far i've eaten well today and gotten my exercise in, i'm feeling better about these lbs that creeped up on me.

i could feel myself starting to not care. the excuses were filling my head: just get back on track next week, work out tmw, it's only a few lbs, it's probably just water weight. i could have totally let myself have a free week but i (hopefully) have snapped out of it and am back on track :)

p.s. is anyone else having a problem with posting a title for the blog entry? it didn't work earlier either. weird.
hello there everyone! i'm back, after another long and diet-damaging weekend, i am back! i have to be honest, i didn't post yesterday because i was feeling fat, bloated and in no mood to review what i've been eating/drinking this past week. yuck! this weekend was no exception. as i clicked around on my favorite weight-loss blogs i've noticed that people are having similar issues. bad eating habits and loss of motivation! i'm with you! i feel the same way. is it in the air?

i don't want to type out what i saw on the scale this morning. it was more than my usual "ate too much over the weekend weight" of 136. and laugh all you want, maybe you think that's an acceptable weight. but my personal comfort weight is 132-134. so my head is back in the game. i'm lying, it really isn't. probably because i know that this weekend i have another party to go to and you know what, i just don't feel like being good! well part of me does and the other part of me doesn't. i'm going to try either way though.

i'm forcing myself to get down to the gym today. i haven't been in a week. yikes! come on kelly, let's do this thing! i'm in a wedding august 4th. part of me thinks monday would be a better day for me to start kicking it into high gear. as i type that, i'm thinking, but why not today? ahh! i just need a break, i think that's what it is.

alright, you ladies try to be good and i will try to...that's all i can do is try! :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

fabulous friday & product reviews

hi everyone! gearing up for another out-of-town weekend. thankfully it's just saturday. i need to get back into my routine.

there are a couple of yummy new products that i tried that i wanted to share with you.

trader joe's chili lime chicken burgers
these come in frozen raw patties that are huge, in a pack of 4. i believe it was $3.59 for the box. not too shabby. i brought mine home frozen and had to cook them longer. they were good, but the trader joe's guacamole/salsa mixture that i put on top of them made them even better! the guac/salsa is called e=mc guac or something (i'll have to get back to you one that). it's good and you get two plastic containers in one package. the best part is it doesn't expire for 3 weeks so i don't feel like i need to use it immediately.

annie chun's miso soup

this was huge and yummy! the bowl was heavy, which i liked. i felt like i was getting a lot of bang for my buck. it only took a minute or two to prepare/cook. i've never had miso soup that had noodles in it but this was good. only 4 points too, even better! it took a while to eat bc the noodles were slippery but i definitely enjoyed that too. it filled me up

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! i'm going to the bachelorette party tmw so i will be back on sunday! i haven't exercised this week bc of the crazy vacation & cold that won't go away. i'll be back at it next week :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

long weekend and the sneeze disease

somehow i ended up with one parting gift from my vacation: a killer cold. sore throat, sneezing, coughing, yuck! that is not the way i wanted to wrap up my vacation. luckily i'm starting to feel better but i definitely have had sneeze attacks all morning. gross!!

so my much anticipated long vacation went by way too quick. i weighed myself this morning. 136. not too shabby after a wedding/family reunion/taste of chicago/4th of july weekend! i'm sure it's water weight. i'm usually between 132-134 so i'm sure this will creep down. the only problem is i have ANOTHER bachelorette party on saturday night. aghhh! but i figure as long as i get my rear in gear today, tmw and saturday morning that i should be able to splurge a little on the cocktails saturday night. i'm really looking forward to it though, my best friend is getting married and i'm so excited for her!

the wedding was fun, i definitely drank more than i ate, which wasn't a lot. i wasn't impressed by the food at all. it was a pretty lavish event but i felt like the food was too fancy for my taste. i like delicious food but i'm not really into cold veggie spring rolls that are not fried and smuthered in peanut sauce. not my cup of tea. and we all i know how much i love me some peanut-flavored items. the salad had candied pecans in it and some sort of funky cheese with a raspberry dressing. normally that would be delicious but this one wasn't, i barely took a bite of it. the entree was chicken and steak with mashed potatoes. i didn't eat the steak though and only had a few bites of the chicken. i did however gobble up my garlic mashed potatoes. yum! they served an apple streudel type of desert item (still wondering why...since there was wedding cake). i didn't like the streudel and never made it over to the cake! oh well, i drank some champagne and my cocktail of choice: vodka, soda water, splash of cranberry and a lime. it's yummy and very diet friendly.

sunday we had brunch. i'm not much of a breakfast eater so i had cereal and fruit. we then got on a plane and made our way to chicago for the family reunion. since we arrived late there was nothing to eat so my aunt ran to the store and bought a rotisserie chicken. yum. spent the next few days eating homemade goodies: potato pancakes, scones, etc. the taste of chicago was probably where i ate the worst. my dad is a very slender guy and he loves to eat. well that translates into him buying a sample of almost every food item there and insisting we all took a bite: crabcakes, chicago style hot dogs, deep dish pizza, calamari, chicken tenders, fried catfish, pecan pie, italian ice, ice cream. i only took one bite of each! but there were many bites taken. haha. but i definitely impressed myself with my ability to turn down delicious fried goodness that i didn't need. we also walked a lot so that was good. the only area i could have improved in was the drinking...definitely enjoyed some beer & wine while we were there.

the fourth of july was fun, drank beer, ate a bratwurst, some potato salad...hey, you gotta do it. it's what george washington and the founding fathers would have wanted. freedom to eat crap! haha jk :)

oh well, today is a new day and more importantly next week is a fresh start for me. i'm enjoying my summer but i prefer long, slow weekends and i don't have too many of those to enjoy this summer. i'm not complaining...it's just that i love sleeping in my own bed and plan what i eat. oh well, life is too short to not indulge once in a while.

hope you are having a great day and i can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs!! :o)