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Friday, December 21, 2007

happy blog-o-versary to me!

well i've had this blog for a year now, yipee :)

moment of truth: i've been a bad blogger, commenter & dieter lately. but you know what: i don't care. january 1st i am making some changes but i'm gonna ride out this lazy streak until then. suprisingly i haven't gained, i'm still trying to make better choices and needed a break from those damn points! haha

i think i may sign up for a bootcamp that starts january 4th....still contemplating that one. it would be a good way to start the year!

i hope everyone has a lovely holiday!!! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

smells like christmas!

hi ladies! i've had a busy (and pizza filled weekend) gross! i need to accept that this time of the year is hard and i'm allowed to eat a little bit of crap. well at least i'm allowing myself that.

i've gotten about half of my christmas shopping done! taking wednesday off to work on it. i bought a nintendo wii today at target (couldnt believe they had them) and can't decide if i want to keep it or not? maybe give it to D?

alright...time to relax, hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

back in the groove

i'm totally in the groove this week and loving it. nothing like a bad week to totally make you focused!! got to the gym today and did my cardio. it felt really good. i need to get my strength training in before the week is over. i'm going to try to get that in tommorow.

yummy product find from trader joe's!

110 calories for 18 white cheddar soy crisps...kind of hard to stop munching but perfect to bring in plastic bags for a work snack.

BL is on tonight, can't wait :)

ta ta!

Monday, December 10, 2007

i need my routine back!!

i have been going going going since last tuesday night. it's been non-stop events. (and non-stop eating...yuck. i'm not even going to go over it, moving forward....) i shouldn't complain, i had a lot of fun. but i need my routine back! i only got in 3 of my 4 cardio days and 1 of 2 strength training does. so i didn't complete the challenge. but its a new week and i'm going for the same thing again. 4 days of cardio (with 2 days of strength in there)

work has been busy and i'm about to start the christmas shopping. i want to try to knock it out this week and be done with it. have you ladies finished yours yet?

got to the gym today and did my 30 mins of cardio. they moved a new elliptical into the gym in my building...the kind i like. so that should be a nice addition to my workouts, wont have to go to the other building to do my elliptical workouts!

happy monday :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

busy bee

busy busy week here! it snowed yesterday which threw a wrench in my gym plans....we were dismissed early so that meant the gym here at work closed down...i went and worked from home for the remainder of the day and went straight to my alma mater's basketball game. we had courtside seats, it was a lot of fun! i'm getting out of work early today to go to the redskins game! go skins!! too bad it's going to be freeeeezing cold. oh well...all for the love of the game!

i have completed 2 out of the 4 days for the challenge. i'm going to do some cardio friday and hopefully sunday to close out the week. :)

not much else to say....trying to get all the work in before my two meetings and then i'm out at 1! ay yi yi!
have a great night everyone!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

challenge day one: complete

woohoo! day 1 finished! 30 mins of cardio and strength training. my legs were shaking but it feels good! feel the burn baby :)

and i want to thank katie-o & this post for being inspirational (as she always is!). it was so cold when i left work and i just felt like packing in and snuggling up under the covers at home. but i went to the gym and thought of all the snow katie drove through yesterday to get to the gym. thank you katie!! :)

let the challenge begin!

today's plan: get to the gym during work and do my cardio & strength training! i love this challenge stuff, it really motivates me!

kind of busy here at work but i wanted to let all of you biggest loser fans know that i heard on the radio starting january 1 or 2nd there is a new season of BL coming on! this time with couples trying to loose weight. it's so much easier when your significant other is in on it with you.....helps you to resist temptations and feed off of each others strengths.

back to work....
happy monday!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

low point weekend

hi ladies! so i actually did it, i've had a relatively low point weekend. i've probably used 10 flex points but i usually use 35, so thats a victory. sundays are slow days usually but today i'm going shopping with my sister and we're putting up some christmas decoration so that will be good.

sarah and i are doing another exercise challenge if anyone wants to join. you can set your own objectives but mine is to do at least 4 days of cardio (30-60 mins) and 2 days of strength training, which will be new for me. i hardly ever do strength training and i know how important it is so i'm going to start incorporating it in! be sure to check out sarah's page...she has a great entry about safe amounts of weight to lose & the biggest loser!

after watching biggest loser this week and hearing a lot of talk about sodium, i've started paying more attention. i keep thinking of what kim said, to have around 300 mg of sodium in each meal. well last night we went for sushi and when i looked at the "lite soy sauce" bottle i was shocked to see that 1tbsp of LITE soy sauce had 1500+ mg of sodium! wow. i usually fill up a little dish with it and dunk away. needless to say i didn't use any. i need to do some more research on it.

another NSV: i went out to breakfast with my friends yesterday. why do i always feel like when i do this i need to get an eggbeater omelet, toast, strawberries and usually a bite of my BFs food too! so yesterday i ordered raisin bran w/ skim milk & wheat toast. "thats all your having?" my sister asked and yes, it was. and guess what, i was full all day. i need to eat out less and make smarter choices. that's what i'm working on this week.

happy december :) it's the most wonderful time of the year!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

one of my lamest excuses yet

okay you guys....i was having a GREAT hair day today. i'm talking like the long flowy loose curls like the girls have on tv. it was beautiful. not to brag but my hair has gotten really long and i've finally figured out how to curl it just right to get that "i didn't try that hard" look.

sort of like this

well i have plans tonight to meet up with some girlfriends. i was supposed to go to the gym before i left work. so here is my lame excuse: i told myself i wouldn't go to the gym, i didn't want to mess up my hair and i didn't want to have to redo it.

how conceited! i was actually buying into this excuse for about 2 hours. as i turned out of the parking lot, i felt myself gravitating towards the gym. where i spent 33 good sweaty minutes on the elliptical. the hair is up off my face, but you know what...who cares. i'm not that vain. i just wanted an excuse i could find.

so i did it!! my trip to the gym is done and now i can relax and hang out with my friends.

have a good night!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

blog motivation

i just want to thank all of you who comment and read my blog! it really means a lot to me to have you all as friends and i realized that today. as i was turning out of work, i had the little devil on my shoulder saying "just go home, you can go to the gym tmw"...but what did i do? turned towards the gym...because the angel on my shoulder was reminding me "didn't you promise you would go to the gym to everyone who reads your blog? AND you haven't been in two weeks"....so 30 mins of cardio later, i feel great. and this blog really is to thank for that. it keeps me completely accountable. when i wasn't posting last week, i totally felt a little bit of guilt for not fessing up to my holiday eating flubs! so thank you :)

not much else to say...gotta shower off the sweat & we're going out to dinner for something healthy. last night i made whole wheat pasta with spaghetti sauce (60 cal a serving) filled with boca meat. it was good. i had the leftovers today for lunch.

note to self: cook a big pot of whole wheat pasta and make mini meals to take for lunch and eat for dinner. i need to cut back on the lean cuisines.

alright...have a good night everyone!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

turkey day recap

hi all!! i'm back. thanks to my dear friend katie-o for telling me to get my butt back here. now here come the excuses. some more valid than others. i just got back last night from spending tues-sunday at my mom's house. lots of fun up until the point where i caught the worst. cold. ever.

that's right, i went from sore throat to sniffles to coughing to uncontrollable sneezing fits and now i'm back in the coughing/sore chest phase. YUCK! so needless to say, not much going on with diet/exercise. oh well. tis the season i guess.

i ate alright on thanksgiving, took smaller portions and didn't really go for the appetizers. i had this thought in the back of my head from a statistic i heard on tv. the average american eats 2300+ calories at their thanksgiving meal. GROSSSSSS. so i tried to go easy on the mashed potatoes and deliciousness and heavy on the veggies. all in moderation, right?

i did play football with my family at our annual turkey bowl. haha. it was fun and my team won. i also caught a winning pass and ran around like a crazy person. it was a lot of fun but it definitely reminded me that i need to get back in shape. i will weigh myself tmw but i don't think i've gained more than a pound. thats good right?

done well today on the points front. sorry for the lack of posting...i'm so busy at work. i know that sounds like a BS excuse but its not. i'm so busy and i love it. a lot to do and the days go by so fast!

funny story: last night i told D that i hadn't been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. the first and only thing he said about that was "well, what are your blog friends going to think about that? i'm telling them!" haha....he doesn't know the web URL but i already know what you probably think about it and i am making a promise to you, my blog friends, that i will be in the gym tmw. no excuses. there, happy now D? haha

making some healthy spaghetti tonight with D! :) onwards and upwards (well downwards for the scale)....bye ladies!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

it's the most delicious time of the yearrrrrr

shame on me...what a bad blogger i've been lately. i haven't even opened my google reader in days to read anyone's blogs. i have been SOO SOO busy at work. it's nice bc the week has gone by fast but at the same time, i haven't had any downtime and when i get home from work i don't always want to go near the computer.

anyway...doing okay on the weight front. haven't been to the gym in a week though :( boo!! i didn't weigh-in for the christmas challenge. unfortunately i'm up 1 lb. but thats nothing compared to what it probably should be. i'm in holiday mode and have been since last friday. oops!! this time of year is a diet killer but i'm going to be working from home wednesday & friday so i'm going to try to hit up my parent's treadmills and get a run or two in.

i hope all of my american friends have wonderful holiday weekends! and i hope my canadian friends have great weekends :)
and i will try to catch up on the blogs over the next few days & maybe even post again before or after turkey day!!
take care ladies!! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


hi everyone!! not much to say, having a blah week :\ i think it's PMS. oh well, hoping for a maintain on friday's weigh-in!! :)

alright...back to work. just wanted to check in so you ladies didn't think i feel off the wagon. i did have a run-in with some peanut m&m's last night but i was able to put them away after a handful. so thats good :)

happy hump day!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

last chance workout

i am such a dork! but i embrace it :) i totally pushed myself in the gym today bc i know weigh-in is tmw. i don't know what the scale will say in the morning but i feel great right now, that's all i know. did you guys see biggest loser on tuesday when they were doing last chance workouts and the lady was moaning and groaning and jillian was like

"SHUT UP. SHUT UP." haha....i love her.

exercise log:
65 mins elliptical = 600 calories burned

this is going to sound cheesy but you all really do motivate me to get to the gym. the christmas challenge & the accountability have played a big role in me getting back in there and staying OP. so thank you ladies!! i told my boyfriend that i pushed it extra hard tonight bc weigh-in is tmw. he kind of laughed and told me how cute it was that i had blog friends :) haha. he's the best.

the girl next to me asked one of the trainers to tell her how to use the elliptical and i was FLYING away next to her. i saw her glance down at my minutes/calories burned/etc. and i totally remember being that girl. thinking...i can barely do this for 15 mins, how on earth has the person next to me been on this thing for an hour. so that felt good.

another incentive was i'm going for sushi tonight with my sister & her boyfriend and i needed to burn some APs. so done and done. off to dinner. see you ladies tmw and good luck to everyone who is weighing in for the christmas challenge.

lunchin & munchin

it's almost friday!! this week has flown by. i've already gotten in 2 good workouts this week and i'm planning on another one after or during work. haven't decided. i need to do something though! maybe a workout DVD? it sure is cold outside but maybe an outdoor jog is in my future?

i have the munchies today. i'm already up to 9.5 points and its only 12:45. Well thankfully I'm full now and i have grapes in the fridge if i need something sweet later. scale said 137 this morning. i went over my points last night by 4 or 5. i've been playing with eating more points than usual this week which was working. so i will cut back today and only eat 20. see if that works. hopefully i can get back to 136 by tmw. i'll take a half a pound loss, i dont care.

alright...not much to say. i have the after lunch sleepyness going on! ta ta!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

new purchase

i just bought this: pink under armour zip up

what do you guys think? it's super cute and pink and it's very warm for running outside. i loveeee under armour. plus, it supports breast cancer awareness!

i think it will be really warm & cute for the winter months.

okay, enough online shopping. goodnight!

happy hump day!

scale: 136.6

yesss :) back down to the comfortable range. hopefully i can stay around 136 by friday, that would be great. plan today is to hit the gym sometime during work...eat my lean cuisine and try to stay low cal. i may go to happy hour tmw, which i might cancel on bc i forgot about weigh-in. i don't want to mess with weigh-in!!

biggest loser was great last night. i'm glad that girl won the car (i forget her name)...how great. i'm glad isabeau got to stay, i like her. is anyone suprised how they all lost more weight than usual (with the exception of one or two people) working out without electric treadmills/ellipticals/etc....thought that was interesting.

alright, may post later. have a great day and here is a good link for you: grab & go: healthy fast food choices

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

entertainment needed?

well i made it to the gym again this morning. 50 minutes on the elliptical doing hills. about 500 calories. i have to admit, i get bored very easily and to curb my boredom, i always bring magazines to the gym. they help a lot but i definitely go through them fast and magazines are kind of a waste of money, ya know? i have a subscription (that i've bought through coworkers/boyfriend's little sisters school sales) to self, fitness, glamour, lucky & shape. wow, i know. but they go for about $10 on amazon.com (or though the sales for the schools) so i don't think that's ALL that bad. considering i would spend $3 for one copy if it caught my eye at the grocery store.

so my question is, what do you do to stay entertained at the gym? i know, it's bad that i need to be constantly entertained but....i guess it's a generation X thing. i listen to my ipod and sometimes there is something good on tv but i think i need to start reading a soft-cover book on the elliptical. i'm reading harry potter 6 right now but that thing weighs like 6 lbs, i know that won't be making it to the gym with me, and i doubt i could keep it stable while elliptical-ing. :) my dad's gym has individual tvs on all the ellipticals/treadmills....and you can watch 50 channels! i'm jealous!

going shopping later with my boyfriend....i need to find a cocktail dress for this black tie dinner his work is putting on at the ritz carlton. yay baby!!! :)

scale crept down to 137.2 - lets get to 136 by friday! woo!!

and can't wait for biggest loser tonight! i can't get enough of that show

Monday, November 05, 2007

day 1 of 4 complete!


did 32 minutes of cardio: 12 minute run, 20 min uphill walk at moderate pace = about 200 calories :)

kind of off topic but: has anyone seen this picture of katie holmes running the NYC marathon?? she trained for 3 months. isn't that too short of a period of time? i have no clue but i know my friends are training for a marathon now and have for a while now....

and no sports bra!...um hello....that is just really strange to me.

good weekend, cheese fries & the challenge

monday came too fast! i definitely had a great weekend, tried to stay low on the points side....but defintely dipped into some flex points. i did manage to stay at 136.4 on the scale both saturday & sunday, so that's good! hopefully i can be an even 136 by friday's weigh-in!

i'm not sure that the outback steakhouse i ate for dinner last night helped. i had about 10 cheese fries....which isn't too good but at least i tried the whole "everything in moderation thing". my sister has gained a few lbs and wanted one last supper before she starts her diet today. even though i've been dieting, i helped her out with those 10 cheese fries. but i stopped myself and didn't go back for more. it was nice to have that control. by the time my chicken sandwich came out (without the bun), i was full, so i didnt eat it. couldn't have been that bad. the scale was up a little this morning but i'm confident it will be back to 136/137 tmw :)

not much else to say. just a warning though for people who use dottie's weight loss zone restaurant guide for points: i found 2 restaurants where her points listing was off. corner bakery & subway. i ordered the chicken & dumpling soup from subway. on her site she says its 2 points. well after one bite i knew that was too good to be true and it came out to be 3.5 points when i checked subway's website. i know that's not a huge difference but to me it's significant. however, at corner bakery she said something was 15 points and 480 calories when really it was way less and probably 9-10 points so i guess it goes both ways. just be sure to double check the nutritionals on the restaurant website before you eat it!!

i must confess, i didn't succeed at my own challenge! i only worked out 4 of 5 days last week. but hey, i'm happy i tried. i like the challenge. this week i'm going to aim for 4 workouts, i think i can manage that!! :)

hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. i'm definitely getting to the gym today!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


you guys, the scale said 133.8 this morning. i'm not even kidding. normally this would excite me but i know its impossible that i went from 137 yesterday to 133.8 this morning. it's just not possible. it's probably from the 3 glasses of wine i had last night :O - i'm definitely paying for it right now at work. needless to say, i was probably dehydrated so i'm not counting it. it was nice to see 133 again though! for my christmas weigh-in i'm going to say i'm down 1 lb. only bc i don't know how much i really weigh and don't want to jinx it by saying 2 lbs. i'm weird, i know.

so....not feeling that great but at work. i'm going to attempt to get to the gym tonight. i definitely feel like crap though :( it's my own doing, i am totally accountable for it but it still sucks.

hope your weighins went well! have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

how is it already november?

challenge: day 3 of 5 complete!
25 minutes elliptical
7 minutes treadmill

it's almost friiiiiday! :) which means it's almost the weekend but it ALSO means that it's almost christmas weigh-in #4. i weighed this morning. down 1 lb, so that's good. let's hope it stays that way for tmw. i've been bouncing between 136-139 these 2 months and i'm pretty sick of it! i've gotten my gym time in lately, which feels amazing and i can definitely see the flab melting away. it's so weird how 5-6 lbs will totally change the way i feel, the way i look, and how my clothes fit. i think it has to do with being short (5'2)....5 lbs for me is like 10 lbs for the tall girls out there.

i had a good workout today. i went on my lunch break to the "nice gym" on our work campus. those elliptical machines are great, it doesn't hurt my knees like other ellipticals. and it adjusts with steeper intervals, which i like. i realized once i was all changed that i forgot my towel. um...yuck. lately i've been pouring sweat on the elliptical....so i didn't go for as long as usual and didn't do any inclines. then i walked on the treadmill. i didn't sweat that bad. i took a quick rinse and used an extra (clean) t-shirt that i had in my gym bag to dry off. why does that make me feel like such a hobo? it was clean!! but i'm glad no one saw me wiping my bod with my boyfriend's tshirt. lol ;P

halloween went by smooth & easy. i did have 2 "fun-sized" snickers. fun-sized....lol. for some reason, i think those aren't "as bad for you" as some of the other candy. my exbf (who was training to be a personal trainer....back when we were in high school....lol) once told me that if you couldn't eat a regular meal, you should eat a snickers bc it was high in protein and low on the glycemic index. i don't know why that's stuck with me but for some reason i feel like baby snickers aren't that bad.

wow, look what i found: "1 Fun Size candy bar (Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers, etc.)...that comes to 80 calories. You will need to walk 0.8 miles, 1.29 kilometers, or 1600 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps."

how far to walk off the trick or treat candies

interesting. well i had 2 mini snickers yesterday at a work party. and now i'm over it. luckily i'm not big on candy so i don't feel the need to splurge on the leftover candy at our house. a few bites definitely satisfied my "candy sweet tooth". now ice cream/froyo...that's another story.

this week has been good points/exercise wise. i plan on going to the gym again tmw during work & then doing a long walk or some sort of activity over the weekend! i'm loving these exercise challenges, they really do motivate me!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

hi ladies! happy halloween!! i wish it were happier for me. i must have come down with a stomach bug last night. i was throwing up and feeling like crap. i wasn't going to come to work today but i did. i'm feeling okay, but i definitely have no appetite. i had toast for breakfast and i might grab some soup for lunch. not sure.

gym: depending on how i feel after work, i may get some light cardio in, i really don't know. :\ - blah! i hate feeling like this :(

i hope you all have wonderful halloweens! i won't be doing much for it bc of how i feel. try to stay away from the candy everyone!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

exercise class?

challenge: day 2 of 5: complete
40 minutes on the treadmill: 16 min run, 24 min walk on an incline ~ about 250 calories

yipee! off to a great start this week :) i'm pretty sore from yesterdays elliptical session so the running was tough but the walking felt okay. i'm taking a 20 min walk later on with my coworker to a meeting so that should be good for some activity! i'm going to try to do some weights tonights while i watch the biggest loser. i can't wait for that show, kick neill off!!

there are two gyms where i work. a small one in my building which has treadmills, two (old & not my regular kind) of ellipticals and some weights. in the main building there is a bigger gym with tons of ellipticals (the kind that i love) and treadmills, satan machine, pretty much everything. they also offer classes. i think tmw i am going to try to get some elliptical time in and then do the body conditioning class....i'm kind of nervous, i've hardly ever done group exercise classes but hopefully it will be fun!

time for my lunch...have a great afternoon/evening blog buddies!

Monday, October 29, 2007

back on track

so of course, another weekend where i didn't make the best choices. but alas, i am back on track!! i'm below my points (going to have a little snack in a bit) and did 60 mins on the elliptical at the gym. that felt really good.

if you don't know, last week i challenged sarah to 5 days of working out. well mission accomplished. this week i'm doing it again! do you want to join? i think we have carolyn, randi, and lily doing it. all you have to do is post on your blog (of if you don't have one, leave a comment) once your day is complete. pretty much any physical activity counts. i try to do 30-60 mins of cardio & weights. see mine here:

day 1/5: complete
60 minutes on the elliptical = 550 calories

so if you want, you should definitely join. it's a great motivator to get to the gym!

off to shower after my sweaty workout. hope you are all have a great start to the week :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

no pain no gain?

WRONG! i am so sore right now from the cardio/weights i did this week. and what do i get for it? a GAIN. oh well.

so time for honesty: 1.2lb gain.

scale: 138.2

hmm. i don't even know how that happens after this perfect eating/exercise week. i drank 12 glasses of water yesterday people!! i never do that. my clothes fit better, so that's a plus. but shouldn't the scale reflect this? i exercised A LOT this week. more than usual. oh well. i feel good about the choices i made, i haven't dipped into flex points. i have given up my nightly glass of wine (except for last night). so....whatever. i'm over that scale! let the challenge continue :)

today i plan on hitting the gym during or after work. havent decided. 2 meetings on my agenda so who knows. i don't have any plans this weekend except date night with D tmw night. i actually might just stay in and watch a movie tonight. it might sound boring but sometimes that's all i want to do is sit, in silence and relax. i feel like i'm always surrounded my noise...at work, sometimes at home...so it's nice to just have "me-time". maybe i'm a loner, but that's okay.

well hopefully next weeks weigh-in is better....i think i might do the 5 day challenge again next week? or possibly 4 day...what do you think? anyone else want to do 5?? i love a good challenge!

have a great friday! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

day 4: part 2

so in addition to my 55 mins of cardio i did today (see below), i went on a 23 minute walk this afternoon...had to go to a meeting but whatever, also walked up and down ALL the aisles at the grocery store. i got some major mileage on my pedometer! 16,700+ steps so far. i'm proud of myself.

just wanted to remind myself of how good this feels.

note to future self : when you start to slack off, remember how good you feel right now, burning all those activity points and being in control.

enjoying a glass of wine (as a little reward) with my BF & watching some thursday night tv.

crossing my fingers for tmws weigh-in! either way, gain or loss or maintain, i will be happy bc i know i worked hard this week.

note to friday morning weigh-in self : try to keep that in mind. lol :)

day 4: complete & my chili find

day 4 of 5: complete
55 minutes on the treadmill, ran 18 = 365 calories

i feel like that should be more calories but oh well, i will take it! it felt good to run today. one more day and the challenge is complete. next week i want to challenge myself again. i may cut it down to 4 days since 5 is a lot but who knows. maybe another 5 days of working out are in my future!

has anyone had boca chili? um, YUM!! now, i'm sure this recipe could be homemade but since i'm a busy working girl, i enjoy a good frozen lunch. here are the stats:
150 calories for the whole bowl
20g of fiber. yes, 20
1g of fat. again, yes, 1g.
= 2.3 points.

UM. WOOOW. the nutritionals alone make this a winner and the fact that it is totally filling and a good portion size is even better. it's definitely yummy. i topped mine with some reduced fat cheese & fat free sour cream.

i've been pounding water today since christmas weigh-in is tmw. i think i've been holding on to some water weight. i peaked at the scale today and its gone up a lb. not fair. i've been PERFECT this week. like no joke, flawless. havent gone over my daily points, exercise every day. so mr. scale better be nice to me tmw morning!

have a great day ladies!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

day 3: complete!

day 3 of 5 complete
50 minutes on the elliptical = 450 calories

yess :) score!

not much else to say. just truckin along. it felt great hitting the gym today and i was SWEATING profusely. ew. the ride home was kind of stinky. lol. and the rain certainly didn't help. i will be back in the gym tmw, and hopefully again on friday. can't wait to rock this challenge out. carolyn joined too, so that's great!

what did you think of biggest loser last night? that was pathetic, neil needs to go home. +17 lbs, who does that!! and who cheats on that show. it's turning into something negative and it needs to stop. p.s. i love jillian, she's the best.

i did weights last night while watching biggest losers & a few planks too. i can feel it today, but i definitely need to step up the strength training.

alright...see you tmw! happy exercising challengers!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

day 2: complete!

day 2 of 5 complete for the exercise challenge. yess :) it feels good.

i looked back on my exercise logs from 2005 and 2006. i exercised steadily throughout the year but when i reach september, october, november, the exercise slows down and almost stops. i'm glad i'm catching this now before the holidays.

so today was good points wise and even better gym wise. i did 40 mins on the elliptical so i burned 400ish calories. i'm going for a walk/run with my sister later. i'm excited, she usually doesn't exercise and can remain slim (lucky bitch) so it's nice to see her showing some interest.

i'm hopeful for the weigh-in friday. i am going to try to workout every day until then. and maybe once this weekend? not sure yet. as long as i get at least 5 days in, i will be good.

biggest loser is on tonight, i love it! so motivational.

and lastly....cute halloween wallpaper to download: click here

Monday, October 22, 2007

workout challenge: day 1!

hi everyone! hope your monday is more exciting than mine! not much to do on the work front. this gave me an opportunity to hit the gym! 35 minutes of cardio, yeeees! it feels good to be back in there. i challenged sarah to workout 5 days this week. so between now and next monday, i need to do 4 more sessions of cardio/weights. i think i can do it :)

went to the football game yesterday. this means beer & hot dogs. bad, i know. but i was good on friday and saturday, which doesn't happen often. so six good days last week :) hopefully i will see a loss or maintain on friday. i would be happy with that.

not much else to say. i'm enjoying my fake gingerbread latte/coffee creation. i used gingerbread coffeemate. YUM! :) back to "work"...hehe

Friday, October 19, 2007

christmas weigh-in: week 3

christmas weigh-in time! drumroll please.......

scale: 137

woo! yes :) awesome! i saw that on wednesday too so i feel pretty good about it. that means i'm down -2 from last week! sweet. i have to admit though, i wasn't particularly wonderful last night with the eating. all because of this:

apple pie ice cream
oh. my. god. this is so delicious. i will be bringing it to thanksgiving dinner and have it as my desert. it's 120 calories for a 1/2 cup. it has pie crust & apples in it. and it tastes JUST like apple pie. i'm not kidding you guys, this stuff is good. the cashier at the grocery store was like "apple pie ice cream? wow, thats WEIRD"....well guess what's not weird lady, how delicious this stuff is. i love it. you need to try it.

anyway, so yesterday i went over points by 5 or 6 or 7? i'm not sure. i did have a NSV though. went to the movies by myself! i've never done that before. so that was a fun experience. but the NSV was bringing a 100 calorie bag of popcorn & some lay's light chips. about 3 points worth of snacks and delish.

randi's blog challenge: why i'm awesome
(hopefully i don't sound vain...but oh well, all in good fun!)

1. i can run for 45 minutes without stopping (even though i haven't done it in a while)...but i used to hardly be able to run 5 mins without giving up
2. people at work always ask me about my working out & ask for tips about working out
3. my jeans feel looser :)
4. i like my body. especially my curves. i like how they look in clothing.
5. i tell my boyfriend that i grew new muscles in my legs. i might be the only one who can see them but that's all that matters
6. people say i'm tiny. i don't agree but it's a nice compliment.
7. i'm in the same weight range i was in high school
8. i've been working out for the past 2.5 years (taking weeks off here and there). i keep a log on my computer
9. i don't feel like an oddball at the gym, i know what i'm doing and i go often enough that i see the same people.
10. not diet related but still, this make me feel awesome: i'm very tech savvy. but i'm definitely not a nerd. this week i upgraded my bf's new laptop with more memory, after the geek squad guy at best buy told me not to bc i would probably fry the motherboard. HA! i did it! i did it! :)

so i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. i will probably post tmw, not sure. going to the skins game on sunday so that should be fun! go skins!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

grocery obsession & a new challenge

i have a confession. i go to the grocery store almost every single day during the week. last night i was strolling through bloom at a leisurely pace with my cart, just checking out new products and eyeballing nutritional information on things i would never buy like: donuts, muffins, banana split ice cream, oreo cookies, etc. and i realized, it was very peaceful. i love being at the grocery store. especially at night when its nice and quiet. i looked for at my pedometer 2,000+ steps just from being there. wow! physical activity and i didn't even realize it. i hope my love of everything grocery isn't strange but that's okay if it is.

so, i've had my quick & cheesy quesadilla recipe 3 times this week. and OMG, its just so good. 3 points people! and its very filling! i think the melty laughing cow cheese is the best part, it's just too delicious. you need to try it.

totm finally arrived. i thought it was here bc i had cramps but no. it's here today. so katie, we may now be back on track! haha :)

over the summer sarah & i challenged each other to get in 5 days of exercise in one week. it was very challenging and fun. i challenged sarah again last night so starting sunday, i am going to get in 5 days of exercise. i love a challenge! wanna join?

scale said 137 yesterday. and 137.8 today. sooo what will it say tommorow with TOTM? who knows...and i dont feel like caring about it. just for this week. no numbers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

quick & cheesey quesadilla receipe


2 - la tortilla factory tortillas (small 50 calorie size) - 1 pt

1 wedge of laughing cow light garlic & herb - 0.5 pt

1 small sprinkling/palm full of monterrey jack cheese - 1-2 pts

spray pan with pam
spread the laughing cow wedge on one tortilla
sprinkle cheese on top of the laughing cow cheese so everything is spread evenly
top with other tortilla
lightly brown on both sides, flattening out each side, to smush the cheese
cut into four pieces
dip in salsa & fat free sour cream

YUM!!!! this was SOOOOOO good and filling. i wasn't hungry afterwards and could hardly finish the last piece. definitely try this one out! i copied a recipe from sandra lee and added smoked salmon to it as well. very yummy but i think the plain cheese is faster, cheaper & just as delicious.

as i was googling for pictures of laughing cow, i came across "laughing cow squeeze" which is available in the UK! bring it across the water laughing cow!!

other than that, its TOTM. so....i'm ignoring the evil scale. hopefully it's water weight. i need a break from it too, katie!!

back to the gym today? lets hope so....

Monday, October 15, 2007

lasagna & product finds

another monday, another day to get back on track. i have to say i did pretty well this weekend. last night i did indulge a little bit but i was pretty good for the most part!! i'm glad to be back in a routine. i need to get better at packing my lunches though.

today for lunch i tried a new product! eating well: spicy thai noodles. only 2 points and easy to heat up at work. it tasted really flavorful and there were tons of herbs & spices floating around. it was like low fat ramen noodles. i would definitely buy it again. i think it's a safeway brand....but it is called eating well so check out the soup aisle for that!

last winter roni's page introduced me to spaghetti squash. i love her spaghetti squash lasagna. SOOO good. i need to make that this week. i need to figure out how to get the zuchini thinner though so it cooks through more.

also, since it's breast cancer awareness month and being a girl, i love the color pink, here is another product i just bought:

bausch & lomb: renu multipurpose saline solution. it comes with the pink contact case! i don't know about you but i am always getting my case confused with my boyfriends so this will be great. and so cute! :) plus $0.75 from each one goes to breast cancer research. so that's definitely a reason to buy this!

alright....finishing up some work & then heading home. i have a headache so i won't be at the gym today but i plan on getting back tmw!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

weekend control

hi everyone!

weight: 138.4

that's good! i can handle that. scale was up to 139 yesterday morning. i feel like i can lose these 4 lbs and get back down to my comfort zone. i am proud of myself, i stayed in last night, ate some lean cuisine mac & cheese (which i add hot sauce to and it totally feels delicious). i think i may have used 4 flex points, which is great since i usually use about 10-15 on friday nights!

going out tonight but nothing too crazy. and no more eating out this weekend. i've had too many restaurant trips lately and i need to start cooking more or picking up some subway if i really don't want to make anything.

so i will try to have some control for the rest of the weekend and start dropping some pounds. they have overstayed their welcome! haha

have a great weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2007

slacky mcslackerson

hi everyone!

slacky mcslackerson here!! this week has not been the best. starting with a 9 course meal on tuesday (i know...more on that in a minute), followed by a girl's happy hour on wednesday that turned into a beerfest & then out to dinner for BF's mom's birthday last night at bonefish....i just feel like a slug! i hate this, i am normally not like this. i haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and im really getting frustrated with my bad choices.

i brought my gym bag today and im ready to get in there once again. im ready to start eating dinners at home and i need to definitely cut back on the flex points that i keep making up. 10 here, 10 there....way over 35 pts most likely.

so tuesday was our 2 year anniversary. we went to a swanky restaurant located in the mandarin oriental hotel. it was SO nice, we were waited on hand and foot. it's the kind of place where you just order the chef's six course meal and hope for the best. and it was AMAZING. gluttony at its finest. and of course the chef sent out extra plates with extra bites. i couldn't resist and since it was quite pricey i felt like i should just got for it. we had: sea bass, salmon, beef carpaccio, duck mouse (gross), lamb, lobster (omg so delicious), 5 assorted cheeses, guiness bread (wow!), wine, champagne, root beer ice cream thing & then chocolate "pudding" which was more like a gooey delicious chocolate cake. so basically, i ate everything on the planet that night.

wednesday was the girl's happy hour and i totally let myself indulge in appetizers, without a care in the world. last night was bonefish and i definitely gave in to the calamari and bang bang shrimp. i haven't been like this is so long, i feel so out of control. and i know that i'm done with the "eating crap" period. im ready to move on. today, so far so good.

so my christmas weigh-in: 139 - yes, that's right. up a lb. and i'm wondering how its not up 5 lbs but hey, i'll take it. i'm getting back on track starting today. i know its a friday but i have a very low key weekend planned.

hope you are all doing better than i am. i've been eating/drinking crap since july. weddings, vacations, birthday dinners, anniversary.....it's got to stop! every event is not an excuse to pig out! it's time to turn this around before i gain too many LBs. i'm so bloated and i hate this feeling. time to make a change.

did anyone watch the office last night? i love that show! andy was too funny with his conference call serenade. lol. take a chance on meee....haha. i love it.

have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

i <3 nyc

i'm back! and not sure how much i weigh and happy about it! lol. i'm so sick of that damn scale. by the feel of my clothing though, i feel the same. we went to NYC for 2 days and then home to see my family for 2 days. in NYC i did well with eating (did a little drinking though out at the bars). on friday we walked a good 60+ blocks. we walked for at least an hour and a half and all day i went 20,000 steps (9 miles) so i know that burned off the NY pizza i had! and get this, i only had one slice. yay me.

guess who i saw in NYC? josh hartnett!!

we brushed shoulders with him while walking in SoHo. OMG. so cute. i had stare, i couldnt help it. i was totally a tourist and loved every second. i also saw some girl who i recognized from america's next top model but i don't know her name. she was on a few seasons ago. so that was fun, i love a nice celeb siting!

thanks to everyone for the happy anniversary wishes. we are doing our anniversary dinner tonight. my boyfriend planned it himself and its at a super fancy restaurant with a 6 course meal prepared by the chef. needless to say tonight will not be very OP. i have eaten very low point so far today to save up for the grubbing i will be doing tonight. but i am looking forward to getting back OP tmw! no more vacations until thanksgiving so that's good.

alright, hope everyone is having a good week and i will be back in the gym tmw :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

mini vacay!

hi everyone! today is my anniversary with my boyfriend. 2 years together! the best 2 years of my life!! :) i had the day off and i am loving every second. i'm off until tuesday for a mini vacay with my boyfriend! :) i was super busy at work, sorry for the lack of posts. but i will try to stay OP during the vacay. crossing my fingers that there are no temptations!

for my xmas challenge weigh-in i'm just going to say 138 again, which is a maintain. i wont have access to a scale in our hotel or a computer.

alrighty...have a great week ladies! good luck with your weigh-ins :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

OP on a friday & christmas weigh-in

hi everyone! :)

my xmas challenge weigh-in
week one
starting weight: 138.8
1st weigh-in: 138.0

hey, thats good! i still can't belive the scale has gone up so much since the summer but i will admit i had a fun time getting there :) mexican food, pizza, beer, and basically just letting myself slip are to blame. i'm glad i have taken control though.

weight this morning: 137.2 :) yipeeeee - hopefully next week's weigh-in will be even better and i know this because last night i was totally ON POINT! no flexies. on a friday too! i don't remember the last time that happened.

it's partially because i went to the dentist and couldnt feel my mouth for 4 hours, thus preventing me from eating. but when i had the chance to eat i had a gardenburger on a light english muffin with a little bit of hummus. 3 pts and it was very filling. i called it an early night i'm very proud of myself. weekends are my weakness!

this morning i've had a light english muffin with a little bit of natural peanut butter & some coffee. i'm going to the mall and running errands with my sister today so that should be some good activity for the day!

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, i'm going to try to not use too many flexies tonight, i like the way i'm feeling right now.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

5.5 lbs?

scale this morning: 135.2 -- which im not TOO excited about bc i had a few glasses of wine last night so i know this is probably just dehydration. but hey, it was nice to see :) weigh-in for week one of the christmas challenge is tmw. my starting weight will be the highest weight ive seen this week: 138.8 ~ i'm hoping for a loss!!

i read in SELF magazine that the average weight gain between summer and christmas for women is 5.5 lbs. wow, so it's not just me! that's close to what i've gained since the summer. i need to get it in check though and i really feel like i am :)

i have a work happy hour tonight :\ i'm going to order sushi and red wine. so i should be good to go!
have a great night! the office & greys are going to tivo for me, can't wait to chat about them!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

exercise log: 9/26

45 minutes on the elliptical = 400 calories burned
20 minutes walking on the treadmill = 100 calories burned
= 500 calories burned & 65 minutes of cardio


90 days until christmas!

scale is down! i know, i know, shouldn't weigh in everyday. this girl will never learn. but hey, better than what i saw yesterday. i need to be honest. yesterday i saw 138.8!! AHH!! wtf!! thats what i was thinking. ive stayed at 136 for the past month, whats with the 2.8 lb gain? TOTM is over finally, so i expected to lose. im realizing that i really went off track in august and this month. im so glad to be back ON track. hopefully my body will forgive me and the weight will melt off? i can only hope.

well today i saw 138.2 - so at least that's good, right? i need to stop with the scale, i can tell my clothes feel better, even since monday. like i said, i will never learn.

i did some arm weights while watching the biggest loser last night!! i love that show! jerry looks so great now. anyway, i tried what bob said about lifting weights (stand on a balance ball or one one foot to work more muscles. well i stood on one foot, man, it was hard! but i did it and can definitely feel the burn today. i really like lifting weights but sometimes after i do cardio i just want to leave the gym and shower off. i hate the feeling of being sweaty. you'd think i'd be over that by now, but no.

anyway...possibly hitting the gym again today. if not, definitely tmw. my legs are SO sore from yesterday. i really pushed myself hard and it felt great. we have a work luncheon at a chinese buffet (yuck...i dislike buffets, too many people around food i would be eating) but i scanned the menu (not the buffet, they have a regular menu) and they have sushi, steamed pot stickers & wontons and a vegetable grilled thing that you can hold the sauce on so i will probably get one of those. or maybe 2 ;)

i don't know what my starting weight is going to be for the christmas challenge. i guess 138.8? so, so far so good. down 0.6. gotta restart somewhere i guess....hopefully friday i will at least be down to 137.

alright back to work...have a great day ladies!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

exercise log

today's activity: 60 minutes on the treadmill

30 minute run (15 mins uphill)
30 minute uphill, moderate pace walk

= 450 calories
= 9,000 steps

hopefully this will somewhat make up for the fact that i skipped the gym yesterday :)

shopping is my cardio?

the scale went up this morning. wtf! i hate that damn thing. but oh well...not much i can do about it. i was perfectly on-point yesterday and i think i only ate about 16-18 pts....so i dont know why it went up but dinner was kind of heavy so maybe it was that. hopefully i can just maintain by friday. thats all i want at this point. and no, im not revealing that evil number that i saw this morning. hopefully i will not be seeing it again.

i had a slimfast for breakfast....not sure how i feel about those things but i was in a rush and it seemed like a good idea. i found myself getting snacky around 10am. i looked in my drawer here at work. and nothing looked good. i almost ate a luna bar but then realized i wasn't really "hungry" and would prefer to eat my lunch earlier, because i know it will be more satisfying than a luna bar. so NSV. i didnt give in to mindless snacking, drank a cup of coffee and now feel fine. i think the mental part of being at work and wanting snacks takes over my brain sometimes. but i need to really cut that out.

instead of the gym, i went to the mall yesterday. surprisingly i felt thin while trying clothes on. maybe im not as fat as i feel. i bought a new work shirt from forever 21. some of their stuff is teeny-bopper-ish but they have cute sweaters and stuff for work. its a navy blue mockneck sweater that buttons down on the side of the neck. hard to describe but it was only $14! i'll take it :)

not much else to say....going to the gym today. i feel guilty for not going yesterday and plus, i need it. i love the gym but the devil on my shoulder keeps telling me i dont need to go....go tmw....go for a run after work (which doesn't always happen). i need to listen to the angel on the other shoulder. "get on the elliptical, you like it. more than you like the muffin top that we will be seeing soon if you don't do something!!" haha :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

tarjay & healthy groceries

ohhh tarjay (target)...how i love thee. my sister and i spent about an hour and a half there yesterday. and most of our time was spent in the grocery aisles. i stocked up on healthy food and i'm excited for this week and ready to start doing the damn thing. :) some things i bought: nature's own honey wheat light bread, pickles, special k, crystal lite water bottle packs, 24oz bottle of water, coke zero, 100 cal key lime pie yogurt, 100 cal lemon cream pie yogurt, coffeemate pumpkin spice, fat free pringles (can't resist them), and some lean cuisines. all diet friendly, nothing bad. NSV!

i have 8 lbs to lose by christmas for the christmas challenge. can i really do it? i hope so. i'm going to really try. this morning the scale is down to 137.2. which is good considering on friday it was up to 138....i've never weighed less on a monday than i did on a friday morning. but it also could be due to TOTM. if i can see 136 tmw i will be happy. i actually had a great weekend eating wise. i may have indulged in too many beers friday night but i got myself back on track and saturday was not a complete waste. i babysat with my sister and we split a small microwavable pizza. yesterday we split a greek style pizza from trader joes (150 calories for 1/3 of the pizza). yum!! so delicious. had some red wine but mostly just had pizza as a cheat food.

today's sandwich i brought for lunch:
2 slices nature's own honey wheat bread (80 calories) = 1 pt
99% fat free turkey = 1 pt
spicy mustard = 0 pt
2 pickle slices on the side = 0 pt
20 sour cream & onion fat free pringles = 1 pt

and i have to say, i am stuffed right now. more stuffed than i am when i eat my lean cuisines. i need to start packing my lunch more. gym today after work. i really have no excuse not to go. i carpooled with my sister and i get off at 4 and she gets off at 5 so i might as well get a run in or hit the elliptical :) motivation is still in full force.

product find: pumpkin spice coffeemate
i keep this at the office, i love it! 45 calories a serving, which is way better than starbucks. but definitely not as tasty. it's a nice fake-out though!

alright....back to work! happy monday and let's get this christmas challenge started :o)

Friday, September 21, 2007


blah. that's how i can explain how i'm feeling about this weeks progress. actually i felt really good about it until i stepped on the scale. why do those numbers mean so much to me?

weighing in this morning did not bring me as much joy as i expected. but it is still TOTM so next week will hopefully be better! long gone are my days of seeing 132 though, let me tell you that. the scale said...gulp...137. yikes. ouch. what! damn. those were the thoughts in my head. but you know what? deal with it and move on. i've been a good weight watcher this week. i did go out to dinner last night and eat some mexican food so that could be the reason but like i said, i'm trying and i've made huge progress by already getting in 3 workouts this week and being on-point (except for last night when i used some flex points). but i'm back in the gym this afternoon and not giving up. motivation is key. baby steps.

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. not much planned...probably celebrating a friend's birthday tonight and then babysitting tmw night with my sister. so that should be low key and hopefully low cal. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

row, row, row your boat

so yesterday i found myself all alone in the gym. mind you, my gym is one of many in our office complex and this one in particular only has a few treadmills, elliptical machines and weights. nothing fancy but probably could only accomodate 10-15 people who were trying to get their cardio on. i first hopped on the elliptical for 10 mins. then the treadmill for 18. blah. i was bored. i didnt want to do it. and then in the corner of my eye i see the rowing machine.

it was old, wooden, and i have no idea how many calories i burned. it basically only measured time and distance. i was only going to try it for 2 mins (to give me an even 30 mins of cardio...because i'm anal retentive like that). so i hopped on and before i knew it, i was on there for 7 mins. and omg did it burn. my arms were on fire. but a good burn. a biggest-loser-running-in-the-sand-carrying-a-log-over-your-head burn (i imagine). i was so into it, it was awesome. i don't know if i would do it if other people were in there (i'm a shy worker-outer), i was panting pretty hard...turns out (according to sparkpeople.com) i burned around 70 calories, but not bad for 7 mins sitting down, right? but it just reminded me that i need to switch it up every once in a while. try new things.

i really want to work on running more outside since the weather is nice. i kicked my own butt last night and it felt great.

christmas challenge here we come! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

biggest loser inspired me

after going to the gym today and doing cardio (including the rowing machine...more on that tmw) & strength training...i came home today after work, changed back into my workout clothes and went for a 20 min run! this occurred right after i watched my tivo-ed biggest loser season 3 episode. wow. i was so motivated. if they can do it, i can get off my ass and go for a jog in this beautiful weather.

non-scale victory of the day :)

i heart pumpkins

pumpkin spice lattes are back at starbucks. omg. my favorite. i ordered a tall skim, no whip pumpkin spice latte today before work. i checked out dwlz.com - 4.5pts for a tall! whoa. i thought it would be around 3. from now on i am getting the "short"...its the tiniest size at SBX (im a nerd) and it's not up on the menu but you can order them. i'm thinking that would be around 2.5 pts. yum.

aside from the pumpkins in my latte and the pumpkins i've seen around town, it really is starting to feel like fall. part of me is happy that its sweater season and jacket season...i can hide the couple of pounds i've gained quite nicely. but the other part of me is still motivated. i know, suprising. i'm going down to the gym around 12:45 (i ate some food a little while ago and need it to digest). look at me, back in the gym. it feels great and i love it. AND i have my ipod today, which i did not have on monday. i didn't realize how dependent i am on my iPod for working out and staying in the zone.

still haven't weighed in. i will on friday. i'm thinking im still around 135-136 which is fine. just need to keep trucking and get back to normal!
happy hump day everyone :)

p.s. can't wait to watch biggest loser!! i tivo-ed it! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

easing my way back in the saddle

hi everyone.

guess what? i went to the gym yesterday! woo!! and it wasn't as hard getting back into it as i thought. i was able to run the same as usual and not feel too out of shape. victory! :) i'm going again tmw. i was going to go today but after a day in a training session, i decided not to push it but will definitely be there tmw!!

not much else to say, i'm a bad blogger lately and i apologize.

plans tonight: going to dinner with my boyfriend and then hopefully watching the 1st season of brothers & sisters (on DVD today!) with my sister. i'm weighing in friday, i'm going to watch what i eat and get to the gym and stop obsessing about that damn scale.

guess what...lindsay lohan works out at katieo's gym!! ah! so crazy. can't wait to hear fun stories if she sees her there :) did i ever tell you i love celeb gossip? i know, so stupid and pointless but hey, its entertaining. poor britney though. ANYWAY!

BB8: it doesnt really matter who wins at this point but i'm thinking daniele will take it home.

alright....later taters.

Friday, September 14, 2007


weight: 136.6

i was thisclose to not posting today. like i've been saying, my heart really isnt into counting points or working out lately and i've said time and again that i am getting back on track. well i'm on track during the week (except for a few happy hours here and there) but on the weekends i'm bad. well this weekend is the last one. monday i am back on track and i have made a bet with my boyfriend. i haven't come up with it yet...maybe clean his room or something if i don't do it...but i need some kind of motivation. this has got to stop.

i weighed in at 136.6...which isn't bad but its more than my usual and my jeans are TIGHT. im also PMSing so i am kind of using that as an excuse. hopefully i will be done with aunt flo by monday. if not, still going to the gym and still eating right. i always feel slimmer after my period, i dont know what it is. and hardly any cravings. so i think this might just work. i also want to work on dropping 10 lbs by christmas with carolyn and anne so i need to get that started sooner than later!!

i haven't seen last nights BB8 yet so don't tell me who leaves! im going to watch it when i get off work. tonight: going out for drinks/dinner with my girlfriends. saturday: possibly out for dinner with my sister and her friend. and sunday = football. but monday, that's the key i think. focus on that and let myself have one last weekend hurray. sounds like a plan? i hope so!!

have a great weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

better blogger

so i haven't been posting as much as i should but i'm trying! i've been good this week and my pants even feel looser. i will admit i had 3 slices of pizza over the weekend...accompanied with beer...but i wasn't as bad as usual. that's an improvement right? i didn't weigh myself yesterday or today but think i might just post my friday weigh-ins from here on out? i will still weigh everyday though. i think i'm finally getting back into my groove.

my sister and some girlfriends went to "ladie's night" at the melting pot tonight. if you don't know what the melting pot is, it's basically a fondue restaurant that serves a 4 course meal. i said i wasn't going to go, i don't need to eat that, i'm not in the mood to eat that and i'm actually back on track. my sister gave me a guilt trip about how i need to go out and have fun our girlfriends but ya know what? if i can resist melting pot, i think that's a good thing. i know she just wants me to hang out but sometimes the peer pressure is too much.

so i am staying in tonight. i had some brocoli, 3 pieces of sushi and i might have another light snack. my desert is my new favorite ice cream: dreyer's slow churned "american idol: hollywood cheesecake" flavor. Oh. My. God. it is absolutely amazing. i think it's limited edition but that's probably a good thing. it's cheesecake flavored ice cream swirled with strawberry sauce and graham crackers. 140 calories a serving and to die for. better than most "real" ice cream if you ask me.

so i'm getting my eating down and i think it's time to get back into the gym...why haven't i been in 2 weeks? who knows! i've been full of excuses but no more!! tmw is the day. (crossing my fingers i stay motivated)

also a big thank you to my girl carolyn who posted some lovely things about me in her blog! she is such a sweet girl and we are very similar in where we are in our lives right now. thanks girl!! check out her blog now, she's truly a weight-loss inspiration :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

she's alive!

hi everyone....sorry for my absence. i guess i didn't realize how long it's been since i last posted. my reason? going off plan, not exercising and basically just doing whatever i wanted food/drink wise. clothes started to get a little tighter, the scale went up and i became really disappointed with myself for letting myself go. but i'm going to catch it before it gets any more out of hand. the scale is up to about 138 and im not happy about that. that means 3 lbs in like 3 weeks but im pretty sure its water weight. the lbs have been falling off these past few days. so i just need to stick to it. no more weddings, bachelorette parties, for a while and only one more concert! phew!!

not much else is new with me. another one of my friends was married over the weekend so that was nice. i'm just working and living life. my cubicle was moved to a new location so i haven't been commenting on too many blogs at work since there is a lot of traffic behind my desk. i read them all though!!

i have two product finds that i am LOVING

ms. t's perogies

3 good sized perogies for 4 points. they are delicious with fat free sour cream, yum! i love these. apparently they sell mini-perogies that are 7 for 3 points, i definitely need to find these!

american idol: take the cake ice cream

this ice cream tastes like birthday cake. yellow dough with blue frosting and sprinkles. it's very yummy and around 2pts a serving, i love it!!

BB8: i think jessica is going home tonight. and then after her probably eric or jameka unless they win POV which i doubt. i'm not sure what the whole "double elimination" means....so that should be fun to watch!

alright that's it for now, back to work but i will check in tmw and hopefully make it to the gym tonight :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

bad weight watcher :(

hi everyone!! yes, i am alive and well but the bad news is, i've been a BADDDD weight watcher. i think i finally just got tired of watching the points and exercising and totally let myself go for about 2 weeks. but alas, i am back. i've been good since tuesday and plan on keeping that up. i'm missing my routine and being back in the groove. these weddings and BBQs have gotten out of hand!

sorry for not posting but i will be back tmw with some product finds and will be back to my blog reading!!! thanks for caring ladies :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

it's almost friday :)

hi everyone! i am a boring blogger this week...nothing exciting to post. well the good news is i'm down to 135 (closer to the higher end but i try to focus on the whole number...lol. who am i kidding? it said 135.8 this morning, ahhh who cares. i'm trying! i need to get back down to 133-134 though, i know this, i've mentioned it, it needs to become a reality!

going to the gym today after work, i have to pick my sister up at 5 so i only have time for 30-40 mins of cardio but it's better than nothing right?! not much else planned.

BB8: i think jen is going to go since jameka isn't an immediate threat, what do you guys think? i wonder when the game show that daniele and amber went on will air, i want to watch it! speaking of amber, how weird is it that she keeps getting these "visions" and thinks god is telling her things.....i was watching the live feed and she was talking about how she really wanted to do "america's next top model". lol. jameka was like "well top model maybe, you could try but you should aim for catalog modeling." this may be really superficial but she looks nothing like any model i've ever seen, catalog or not. not a fan.

alright off to the gym...have a good day!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

gone running....

hey everyone!

i've been a good little dieter all day, i even hit the gym already and did 30 mins on the elliptical and a short 6 minute treadmill walk (had to get back to work). i need to get back in my workout routine. do i get bored with the same old routines? do i exercise too much and then get sick of it? i need to figure out what's made me avoid the gym for the past 5 days...hopefully i'm back on track now.

my new favorite thing is to bring magazines i haven't read yet to the gym with me. it makes my time on the elliptical fly by, it's awesome. i try to stick to the $1.99 in touch weekly/OK magazine/jane etc. so it doesnt get too pricey but i've already subscribed to SELF and Glamour magazine. the subscriptions were only like $12 each on amazon.com. what a steal.

while i was looking through the new issue of jane (with eva mendez on the cover) i opened up to find my very own "gone running" sign inside the magazine.

it was an actual sign and the hands on the clock actually move! there is a hole for one of those suction cup things too. how cute! definitely worth the $1.99 if you ask me, i'm definitely going to put it up here at work :)

scale this morning said 136...ugh...get me out of this diet funk! and make TOTM go away! oh, and make me stop snacking.

please grant those three wishes, thank you diet gods.
haha...alright, off to a meeting! have a great day :)

morning read: sugarstats

fitsugar: sugarstats

how many calories you burn when being a couch potato/exercising/etc...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

boring post ahead

hi everyone! it's a rainy, boring day here at work. i was okay this weekend but TOTM definitely influenced my food choices. oh well. i can only start over on mondays which i what i did. haven't weighed myself all weekend, took a break from that. i did get to the gym 4 days last week and plan on going today as well. even though i REALLY don't want to and the rain is putting me into a grumpy mood. oh well, i have my magazines and will try to get there after work. we'll see.

hope everyone had a nice weekend!! not much else to say, ta ta.

Friday, August 17, 2007

you've got a point there, nike

munchkins & concerts

tgif everyone! what is it with offices and donuts, geez! but today someone brought munchkins in.

if you've never heard of them, munchkins are little baby donuts that dunkin donuts sells. according to dwlz.com they are 1 pt a piece for the plain glazed ones. they are tiny though but they are DELICIOUS! i've had 3 and that is where i am stopping. i usually reset donuts bc i can't take one and only eat half but i can eat a few munchkins and be satisfied. yummy. anyway...not trying to get anyone drooling or craving donuts. sometimes you need a treat though.

this week has been great. each day i've seen a loss on the scale. even though it was usually a small amount i'm happy with it. i went from 135.6 yesterday to an even 135 today. yay! moving back down. i did cut out my nightly glass/glasses of wine so that may be the key to my weight loss. i know i've said it before but there is something so nice about relaxing after work with a glass of red wine. it needs to be cut back though, i know.

tonight i'm going to an outdoor concert with my BF, sister and her BF. guess who is playing? i bet you never will. it's styx, def leppard and foreigner! WOO! i love 80s music :) and foreigner has sooo many great songs. i made a mix CD last night and foreigner filled up half of it. sunday i'm going to see the projekt revolution tour: linkin park, taking back sunday, my chemical romance. i only like linkin park but it should be a good show!

the plan for tonight is to have fun and have a "free" night but i'm back on plan tmw and sunday. i can do it!!

BB8: the cheese may stand alone here but i am SO happy dustin got voted out. i feel like dick is just a bully. he says mean things but its a defense mechanism i think. he tries to make waves and he does but i dont think he truly hates any of the people in the house. yay for daniele getting HOH. i like her a lot. jessica is starting to grow on me too but i still think eric is a twirp. its not fair though that he has to vote in ways that america wants, it ruins his alliances. but good for him for getting so far! i think daniele will nominate amber and jameka. jameka really isnt a threat though and i think she knows it. so does amber. my vote for who wins: daniele. she seems really smart, wins a lot of HOHs and now that she has a new alliance, i think she's golden. who knows though!

well i hope everyone has a great weekend! until monday...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

dividing up points

how do you divide up your points throughout the day? i try to do 3-5 points for breakfast, 3-5 points for lunch and then i usually have around 10 pts left for the rest of the day. is that too many? i guess sometimes i want to leave myself points to play with if i want an extra snack or something around dinner...i don't know. so i'm curious, how do you spread you points out? or do you not plan at all and eat what you feel like eating as long as it's point friendly?

i just got back from working out (45 mins of cardio!) woo! this makes it day 4 in a row of working out, this is great. anyway, as far as points go...i am back down to 2.5 points and eating a low point lean cuisine (chicken and roasted potatoes = 2.5 pts and so yummy) & 100 calorie hostess cupcake pack for lunch. i may have some froyo around 3 or so....i think i need to figure out a better way to divide my points up though.

product find: fruity cheerios

i am LOVING these! 100 calories per serving (3/4 of a cup) and they are sweet, fruity, and delicious. they taste like fruit loops but healthier. they are yummy and a great snack. and if you eat them slowly, like one or two at a time. it lasts forever! i tried eating them one at a time while i watched BB8 the other night and they lasted for a good 20-25 mins. it was kind of weird though, just eating one at a time and not a whole handful.

speaking of BB8...tonight is going to be good! i can't wait :) i want dustin to go home. do i stand alone on this one? i just like the drama ED brings but i do agree, he really is a mean guy and takes things way too far.

alright...back to work! take care :) hope your weeks are going well!

scale: 135.6 :)

also: check out new links to the right ----->

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

smooth sailing...

hi everyone! smooth sailing once again today. still on track and feeling great :) i weighed in at 136.2 (i know, i need to change that sidebar, i think i'm going to take it down). 136 is good considering it said something higher on monday. lol. it also means i'm back in my "comfort zone". i would like to drop back down to 133-134 before i feel completely back in the groove though.

tonight is date night. my BF and i are going to dinner, getting kabobs, which should be relatively healthy. i will be trying out the healthiest looking item i can find. i have 10 points left for the day (pre-workout) and all my flex points left for the week, so i'm doing well!

BB8 was good...looks like jessica is confused about her alliance and thinks shes a pawn. i would like ED to stay, he makes for good tv. the rest of them are BORING. even though, he really does live up to his name.

alright off to the gym!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

getting my groove back

hi everyone! just checking in quickly to say hi. i had a great day yesterday. hit the elliptical for 35 mins on an incline, it was tough but it felt great! i stayed OP and got all my water in too! :) i plan on going back to the "nice gym" today afterwork. there are 5 buildings on my work's campus and there is a small gym in my building which i go to during the day. the other gym is about a block away in another building. it's a lot nicer, they have pretty much every machine and better ellipticals. i think i needed a change of pace/scenery as far as my workouts go. so this is a nice change. i packed some magazines, my ipod and i'm ready to hit it up after work :)

didn't weigh myself this morning, which was probably a good thing.

product find: fuze slenderize

i had the strawberry melon and the cranberry raspberry. yummy, huge and only 10 calories :) i would definitely recommend this.

hope you're doing well and finding some motivation like i am. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

just another manic monday

good morning! here i am on another monday, trying to get some caffeine into my system and starting fresh. this weekend i went to 2 BBQs. enough said. the best i can do is try and that's what i'm doing!

not much else to say...going to 2 concerts this weekend. looks like i like doing things in twos. but i will try to be good during the week and then try not to drink too many beers at the concerts. one of the concerts is on sunday, so hopefully that will be tame since i have work the next day.

not much else to say...i went to costco this weekend to pick up supplies for our BBQ. omg, i could get lost in there. i saw they have a huge box of fiber one bars for $9.99. i might go back just for that. we did get yummy turkey burgers though that were only 200 calories a piece. not too shabby! gotta love costco.

scale: no comment, i need to focus on getting my habits back in check before i rely on a number to make myself feel like i'm doing things the right way. i get so discouraged by the damn scale!

hopefully getting down to the gym today, i packed my stuff! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

office temptations & vegan soup

hi everyone! i'm still not completely back in the groove as far as dieting goes. i think my body wants a summer vacation from this diet stuff. ha! oh well, i try to stay on point. yesterday someone brought in panera. im not sure of what kind of bagel i had but it was whole grain i believe. it was really flat and lacked all the goodness of a real bagel. so i'm guessing it was a good choice. i probably shouldn't have eaten it but i figured better do so early in the day if i'm going to do it. for lunch i had dr. mcdougall's vegan chicken flavored ramen noodles (more on that later). dinner was not so great. had some girlfriends over and we made dinner. munched on hummus & whole wheat pita chips, brie cheese & then shrimp stirfry. and maybe a little too much wine, which seems to be a reoccuring theme at these get-togethers.

i almost forgot, i took a 50 minute walk yesterday, it was so hot outside but i'm glad i at least did some physical activity.

today i've been good. someone brought in dunkin donuts. usually i do not partake but i told myself i could have a few bites of a chocolate donut. i ate half and put the rest away. it was hard, but i had to do it lol. the scale is still at 135. my comfortable weight range is 132-136ish...so that's no good. like i said, for some reason i don't really care. i know it sounds bad but im being honest and from other blogs i've read, i'm not the only one with the summer-blues. haha

two new product finds.

dr. mcdougall's vegan tortilla soup

200 calories for the whole thing

apparently this dr. mcdougall character has his own diet book. i was unaware of this and picked it because it was low calorie, easy to make at work and i love me some tortilla soup. i am by no means a vegan. either way, it tasted great! lots of baked chips. i will DEFINITELY be eating this again. i bought it at bloom for $1.49 in the organic section. they also sell them on dr. mcdougall's website.

dr. mcdougall's vegan chicken-flavored ramen noodles

200 calories for the whole thing

how do they make things chicken flavored without the chicken? hmmm. anyway this was pretty yummy. tasted like ramen to me! i would definitely buy it again :)

big brother: i'm kind of glad eric might be leaving. he gets on my nerves. i do not, however, think it's fair that he has to be america's player. it screwed up his alliance. but if either him or kail go home, i'll be happy. it's past due if you ask me for kail. i like daniele & ED. i like how they play the game. i think jameka looked CRAZY when she was crying and rocking back and forth. that's a little too much spirituality for me. who else...jessica, she is definitely fake. i can't stand that fake voice she does and would be happy to see her leave. i dont have much of an opinion on dustin and amber is just a crybaby but she's likeable. anyway, we will have to see tonight but my vote is for eric.

have a good one!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

dr. praegers = delicious

hi everyone! just another boring tuesday...work work work. not much to report. scale: 135. come on scale, keep going.

product find: dr. praeger's spinach cakes

yum!! 2 points for one and since you broil it, it's extra crispy and delicious :) i cant wait to try the potato pancakes and the pizza bagel!

check out all the dr. praeger's products. looks promising!

not much else to say...i might go down to the gym in a little bit, need to find some motivation. have a great day everyone!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

wedding pictures!

here are pictures of me at my best friend's wedding....

well one is beforehand with my 3 year old little brother
(you can totally see my tanlines but who cares!)
don't mind the pull-ups diaper...it was like 10am

here i am with my boyfriend dustin :)

my arms look flabby, but hey, that's what you get for slacking off all summer!!

scale this morning said 136....hopefully bloat from the weekend. i'm back on track though!

this afternoon i forced myself to go to the gym after work. i saw one of my coworkers there who is "not in shape" .... i dont know how else to say that. well, i dislike her, mostly bc of her attitude and work ethic. she was trying to brag to me and say she taught spin classes. i'm not trying to stereotype but i know spin classes are intense and there is NO way she teaches them. so i got on the treadmill and for some reason, she got on the treadmill next to me, even though there were 5 other free treadmills. i RAN. i ran my heart out, i was panting, digging for strength. it was...AWESOME. i pushed myself so hard. i dont know why, maybe to show her that i do it on a regular basis or to outdo what she was doing (which was walking and biking by the way...nothing wrong with that but she tries to paint herself out to be the picture of fitness and....she definitely isnt). anyway, i did 15 fast minutes of running on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

i haven't pushed myself that hard in a long time.

hopefully i see her at the gym tmw :)

p.s. please don't think i'm catty and judgemental. i just really dislike this girl and i was so happy to kick her ass in the gym.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

eat, drink, and be merry!

happy thursday! everyday this week has been a happy-something day for me. sorry, i'm boring. haha

last night's happy hour was fun! i stuck to bacardi & diet and then had a vodka/soda water/splash of cranberry. yum! the only one who did not make it out alive after this event was my car. pepe's battery died. yes, his name is pepe. i've been thinking about getting a new one....i just don't know. i've never made a car payment before (i was a spoiled teen/college student, what can i say) but i need to figure out if that will fit into my budget.

anyway, the scale said 135 this morning. i didnt munch at happy hour so who knows? i went to potbelly today and had a sandwich for lunch. do you have potbelly? its kind of greasy but the only bad thing on it was mayo and cheese. oh well, the wedding is two days away, i'm not worried about it.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and be prepared to see a more focused kelly after this wedding madness has come and gone! i look forward to being back in a routine and not going out of town every weekend to eat/drink/be merry. i think i'll just stick to the be merry part ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

happy hour & big brother

i can't believe it's already wednesday! this week has flown by! so i ate well yesterday. had a few more raisinettes than i would have liked but counted the points. i probably used one flex point but that's okay. they were yummy :)

product find: garden burger: the original veggie burger
100 calories - approx. 2 pts
mushrooms, onions, brown rice, rolled oats, a blend
of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, parsley and a hint of garlic.

what have i been missing! seriously, RUN out and get these. they are so good. so yummy, i ate it without a bun, with cheese, salsa, ff sour cream and slice of avocado. it could have been eaten with just the salsa, it was that good!! yum, i can't wait to have one later today! they tasted like they may have been fried at one point. i dont know about you, but that makes it all the more delicious to me. haha.

i have my stuff and plan on hitting the gym today. i am meeting D at subway for lunch. i like getting the turkey mini-sub on wheat - only 3". that way i can get some baked lays and not feel like i stuffed myself.

i forget whose blog i read this on but they said they were a "finisher" meaning they always finish whats on their plate or in front of them. that is totally me. i want to eat every last bite. my sister on the other hand, takes two bites and she's done with it. she goes back to it later usually but in one sitting, she never cleans her plate.

tonight i am meeting up with my sorority sisters from college for drinks! that should be fun but i am setting my limit at 2 or 3 light beers. sometimes when we get together i feel like i'm back in college and my inhibitions go out the window. shots? sure! more beer? yes please! that behavior needs to stop.

big brother time:
i spent yesterday evening watching my tivo-ed "big brother after dark" and then the real episode at 9. i'm obsessed with that show. i'm sad nick might be going home (i'm guessing he will be). they need to get rid of jen! jameka is crazy for her reasoning behind saving that girl. so far i really like daniele, nick, eric, jessica is harmless, dick is entertaining but mean! i dont know if they showed it on CBS but he poured ice-tea on jen's head. that is so disrespectful and uncalled for. she's a b!tch, no one likes her but he needs to leave her alone!!

jameka is alright, i dont like how she brought god into the game, i can't stand jen, zach is a WEIRDO and i hope kail goes home. did that cover everyone?

is anyone else as OBSESSED as i am with BB8?

scale: 134

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

on point & feeling great

hi everyone!! it's been a busy day at work and i am SO looking forward to this weekend. i was OP yesterday and hit the gym. so far i'm OP today and will probably go for a walk later or do a workout dvd. i forgot my towel today so thats what kept me from the gym here at work. plus i just don't really feel like it! honesty is the best policy.

my plans for tonight are to go home, get some laundry done, eat dinner and then i might go watch a movie with D. i REALLY want to see hairspray. has anyone seen it? i made D see dreamgirls with me and he hated it. he slept through part of it though. but he passed on my invite to hairspray. haha. i completely understand but i still need to see it!

tommorow i am meeting up with some of my sorority sisters from college for drinks. i'm going to try to stick to rum & diet coke or a light beer. thursday night i'm heading home for my best friend's wedding. friday is the spa day/rehearsal dinner and saturday is the wedding!! i can't believe she's getting married. well i can believe it, she's amazing, but i just can't believe we're old enough to be doing that! immature i guess but i still picture us in high school/college mode. i guess it's time to start growing up. but i am thrilled for her and the wedding is going to be blast! i will not be counting points this weekend and it will be the end of the "summer events" i have planned so that's good. i do have a few concerts to go to but that's no biggie. this will be my last out of town weekend until september and it will be nice to be back in a routine.

Monday, July 30, 2007

happy monday!

hey everyone! i'm back from a weekend at the beach. it was a fun trip and the scale is only up 2 lbs (scale said 135) so not too shabby! not much else to report. the tan lines are looking good, i wore a strapless top this weekend so that helped! i'm ready for the wedding on saturday! i will try to take some pictures to post here :)

i went to the gym today and did 40 minutes on the treadmill. briskly walking on an incline. i feel like i should have pushed myself hard and gone for a run or did the elliptical but i wasn't really feeling the gym today. anything i do is better than nothing today!

hope everyone had a great weekend!! back in my routine for the week, off friday and wedding on saturday!! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

countdown to fun!

good afternoon & happy hump day!!

scale: 134 (after the gym)

days left of work: 2
days until my weekend beach trip: 3
days until my best friends wedding (hehe): 9!

i've definitely been on a roll this week. i hit the gym for the third day in a row and did 65 minutes of cardio! yay! not much else to say, considering i was at the gym so long, i better get back to work...in the meantime, new product reviews from yours truly :)

product reviews:

picture source: heat, eat, review

trader giotto's (joe's) eggplant parmesan
the eggplant in this is grilled, not fried! the sauce is great and it's very cheesey but the seeds in the eggplant were kind of weird. it was a good lunch though, i would probably buy it again. only $2.29 and around 5 points. it said to microwave for 9 minutes, which i did. it completely burned the sauce around the rim, gross. next time i would probably do it for 6-7 minutes.

lean cuisine pork stir fry
roasted pork,edamame and water chestnuts in an asian style garlic sauce over whole wheat pasta. this was okay. the pork was yummy but the sauce didn't do anything for me. the pasta would be great with a marinara sauce. i love that it's whole wheat pasta!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oatmeal re-review

i reviewed "quaker weight control oatmeal" before and i believe i said something along the lines of "the maple & brown sugar tasted like dirt". well i had a extra packet in my desk and i have discovered if you add 2 splenda to the oatmeal, it tastes great. what a difference a little fake sugar makes! so don't count this oatmeal out. and oatmeal, i'm sorry for dissing you so hard. you're delicious and the fact that you have the ability to control weight, well thats amazing right there.

today is going good. i started it off with my favorite summer coffee: starbucks iced coffee with a lot of skim milk and 4 splendas. yum! not the canned iced coffee, i've never tried that. i saw 133 on the scale but im not convinced. i think i was dehydrated. oh well, we'll see tmw. we had game night at my house last night and played trivial pursuit: pop culture. usually i kick ass, but last night i was not pulling me weight. i need to practice more i think. haha.

i'm going to the gym around 11:30. hopefully no one is hogging the tv. i work out in the tiny gym at my office. there are probably 4-5 treadmills, 2 ellipticals (one has been broken for a good 2 months now), weight machines and 2 bikes. there is one tv near the treadmills and whoever gets their first picks whats on and retains control of the remote. it's not a rule but that's how it works. so hopefully i can get there in time to take control and watch ellen. she cracks me up and before i know it 30 mins has past.

not much else to say. tuesdays are boring...filled with meetings. blah. have a great day everyone!!