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Friday, December 21, 2007

happy blog-o-versary to me!

well i've had this blog for a year now, yipee :)

moment of truth: i've been a bad blogger, commenter & dieter lately. but you know what: i don't care. january 1st i am making some changes but i'm gonna ride out this lazy streak until then. suprisingly i haven't gained, i'm still trying to make better choices and needed a break from those damn points! haha

i think i may sign up for a bootcamp that starts january 4th....still contemplating that one. it would be a good way to start the year!

i hope everyone has a lovely holiday!!! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

smells like christmas!

hi ladies! i've had a busy (and pizza filled weekend) gross! i need to accept that this time of the year is hard and i'm allowed to eat a little bit of crap. well at least i'm allowing myself that.

i've gotten about half of my christmas shopping done! taking wednesday off to work on it. i bought a nintendo wii today at target (couldnt believe they had them) and can't decide if i want to keep it or not? maybe give it to D?

alright...time to relax, hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

back in the groove

i'm totally in the groove this week and loving it. nothing like a bad week to totally make you focused!! got to the gym today and did my cardio. it felt really good. i need to get my strength training in before the week is over. i'm going to try to get that in tommorow.

yummy product find from trader joe's!

110 calories for 18 white cheddar soy crisps...kind of hard to stop munching but perfect to bring in plastic bags for a work snack.

BL is on tonight, can't wait :)

ta ta!

Monday, December 10, 2007

i need my routine back!!

i have been going going going since last tuesday night. it's been non-stop events. (and non-stop eating...yuck. i'm not even going to go over it, moving forward....) i shouldn't complain, i had a lot of fun. but i need my routine back! i only got in 3 of my 4 cardio days and 1 of 2 strength training does. so i didn't complete the challenge. but its a new week and i'm going for the same thing again. 4 days of cardio (with 2 days of strength in there)

work has been busy and i'm about to start the christmas shopping. i want to try to knock it out this week and be done with it. have you ladies finished yours yet?

got to the gym today and did my 30 mins of cardio. they moved a new elliptical into the gym in my building...the kind i like. so that should be a nice addition to my workouts, wont have to go to the other building to do my elliptical workouts!

happy monday :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

busy bee

busy busy week here! it snowed yesterday which threw a wrench in my gym plans....we were dismissed early so that meant the gym here at work closed down...i went and worked from home for the remainder of the day and went straight to my alma mater's basketball game. we had courtside seats, it was a lot of fun! i'm getting out of work early today to go to the redskins game! go skins!! too bad it's going to be freeeeezing cold. oh well...all for the love of the game!

i have completed 2 out of the 4 days for the challenge. i'm going to do some cardio friday and hopefully sunday to close out the week. :)

not much else to say....trying to get all the work in before my two meetings and then i'm out at 1! ay yi yi!
have a great night everyone!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

challenge day one: complete

woohoo! day 1 finished! 30 mins of cardio and strength training. my legs were shaking but it feels good! feel the burn baby :)

and i want to thank katie-o & this post for being inspirational (as she always is!). it was so cold when i left work and i just felt like packing in and snuggling up under the covers at home. but i went to the gym and thought of all the snow katie drove through yesterday to get to the gym. thank you katie!! :)

let the challenge begin!

today's plan: get to the gym during work and do my cardio & strength training! i love this challenge stuff, it really motivates me!

kind of busy here at work but i wanted to let all of you biggest loser fans know that i heard on the radio starting january 1 or 2nd there is a new season of BL coming on! this time with couples trying to loose weight. it's so much easier when your significant other is in on it with you.....helps you to resist temptations and feed off of each others strengths.

back to work....
happy monday!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

low point weekend

hi ladies! so i actually did it, i've had a relatively low point weekend. i've probably used 10 flex points but i usually use 35, so thats a victory. sundays are slow days usually but today i'm going shopping with my sister and we're putting up some christmas decoration so that will be good.

sarah and i are doing another exercise challenge if anyone wants to join. you can set your own objectives but mine is to do at least 4 days of cardio (30-60 mins) and 2 days of strength training, which will be new for me. i hardly ever do strength training and i know how important it is so i'm going to start incorporating it in! be sure to check out sarah's page...she has a great entry about safe amounts of weight to lose & the biggest loser!

after watching biggest loser this week and hearing a lot of talk about sodium, i've started paying more attention. i keep thinking of what kim said, to have around 300 mg of sodium in each meal. well last night we went for sushi and when i looked at the "lite soy sauce" bottle i was shocked to see that 1tbsp of LITE soy sauce had 1500+ mg of sodium! wow. i usually fill up a little dish with it and dunk away. needless to say i didn't use any. i need to do some more research on it.

another NSV: i went out to breakfast with my friends yesterday. why do i always feel like when i do this i need to get an eggbeater omelet, toast, strawberries and usually a bite of my BFs food too! so yesterday i ordered raisin bran w/ skim milk & wheat toast. "thats all your having?" my sister asked and yes, it was. and guess what, i was full all day. i need to eat out less and make smarter choices. that's what i'm working on this week.

happy december :) it's the most wonderful time of the year!!