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Monday, June 08, 2009

i love spin class and...

BOOT CAMP! i love it. i do it once a week and it's such an amazing workout. its 60 mins long and the guy who teaches it always switches up what we do. he's kind of a jerk...he does tend to yell some of the class but it's motivational somehow. you always feel like he's going to call you out any second. but i do love it. it went from being so painful and hard...to being manageable now. same goes for spin class. the first class i didn't think i would ever do it again but i stuck with it and i LOVE it.

i'm "down" to 139...so that is amazing....i packed on a little over 10 lbs this past year and i'm glad to see it gone....i wasn't happy even saying that number (149) outloud. i'm also down 5% body fat, which is great too :) i feel strong, which i like best.

here are the rest of my may workouts & part of june:
5.14 - 45 spin class
5.15 - 60 min body pump
5.16 - 60 min yoga
5.18 - 50 min elliptical, 10 min treadmill walk, 60 min step interval
5.19 - 60 min boot camp
5.21 - 65 min treadmill walk, 45 min spin class
5.22 - 20 min abs/butt class, 60 min body pump
5.23 - 45 min spin class, 60 min yoga
5.26 - 30 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical, 60 min boot camp
5.27 - 35 min treadmill, 27 min elliptical

6.1 - 35 min treadmill hills, 15 min elliptical
6.2 - 60 min boot camp
6.5 - 60 min body pump
6.6 - 45 min spinning, 60 min yoga

alright time to grill out....ta ta for now!