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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

riding the wave

hi everyone!

still happily in the zone. i had a first this week...i went to a cardio class by myself. and what a class it was. i did BOOT CAMP on tuesday. it was sooooo hard. it made spinning and every other "hard" class i've been doing seem like a piece of cupcake! omg, so hard every muscle in my body hurts (esp my butt & thighs). we did weights, sprints, a lot of ab work & squats. AHHH! it hurts so bad. did manage to get to the gym today but i just walked on the treadmill...it was not fun.

tomorrow i may join my sister for spin class at 5:30am. INSANE.

workouts since we last spoke...
5.5 - 65 min treadmill hills
5.6 - 65 min elliptical, 60 min zumba
5.7 - 70 min elliptical, 60 min body pump
5.11 - 65 min treadmill walk
5.12 - 70 min elliptical, 60 min boot camp, 16 min walk
5.13 - 35 treadmill walk

down 2 more lbs :) wedding dress here i come!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

rainy day won't get me down

hi everyone!

i had a great weekend, my mom & grandma came up to visit and we bought my wedding dress! it is absolutely gorgeous. it fit like a glove and was so flattering (thanks to built in bra/corset thing)...i would feel comfortable wearing it today! but i hope to lose another 15 lbs before then (i'm getting married at the beginning of november).

this past week i've lost 5 lbs!!!! i can't believe it, the past few weeks i've lost 1 pound here, 1 pound there, but 5! and the number has stuck around so that is great. it motivates me to keep going. i definitely think it has to do with adding a second workout to my day (zumba, spinning, body pump) last week:

4.27 - 35 min elliptical, 10 min treadmill walk
4.28 - 68 min elliptical, 20 min treadmill, 60 min zumba class
4.29 - 38 min treadmill hills, 65 min elliptical, arm weights, 55 min spinning
4.30 - 60 min body pump, 12 min elliptical
5.1 - 45 min spinning
5.3 - 50 min treadmill hills, 20 min elliptical
5.4 - 65 min elliptical

this past friday my sister and i woke up at 6am to go to a spinning class and it was awesome. what a great way to start the day. i don't know if i could do it every day but once or twice a week could definitely work.

i hit the elliptical for 65 mins today and i'm going to a 60 minute step class tonight with my sister. OH! did i mention i'm in a wedding this weekend? well i am and that is motivating me to kick it into high gear this week so it looks nice on me.

alright....off to the gym on this rainy monday! have a nice evening.