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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

eat more, weigh less?

so i've posted about this before and wondered if i'm not eating enough. i usually stay within 15-18 points a day (i'm allotted 20). when i go to the gym, i knock off about 5 activity points and then try to eat as much as i can before bedtime. well...i'm in a rut. not really losing weight (according to my evil scale). i've reached the inevitable...the DIET PLATEAU :(

i was bitching about it to my sister this morning on my way to work. she said she eats ALL of her points everday. i said i don't always do that AND i only eat flex points on the weekend. she has diagnosed me with "underpoint eating syndrome" or UES. haha...but seriously, this week i am determined to eat all 20 points a day. i know i've said that before, but i lied. i never really followed through.

today its only 1:30 and i've already had...10 points! WOW. look at me go. i'm going to be having an apple, weight watchers chocolate cake AND maybe even some pudding later...hopefully my scale will budge by the end of the week.

did i mention i need a new scale? i'm getting one tonight...or tommorow.

gym tonight: 25 minutes of running...maybe more? & strength training: arms

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

taco night. mm mm good

tonight i made tacos for my sister and i. she's also on weight watchers.

low fat turkey tacos (not really my recipe, just followed the instructions)
...points in parentheses...
- 2 low carb tortillas (2)
- ground turkey (2)
- salsa (0)
- fat free sour cream (0.5)
- thin slice of avocado (0.5)
- fat free shredded cheddar (1)
- taco seasoning packet (0.25)
= 7.5ish

i also made some black beans for the side dish. i was too full to eat them. the tacos were so yummy! i've never had ground turkey but it was great with the seasoning packet. i'm not big on eating beef but i couldn't tell the difference.

so, i'm a little sore, but not any more than usual. i was more sore when i first ran 30 minutes than i am now. tommorow i am hitting the gym to finish up week 7 of couch potato.

still not drinking during the week...for my 40 day challenge.
i have some weight watchers cheesecake waiting for me in the freezer.
american idol time!! ciao :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

45 minute run :-O

i ran for not 25 mins like i planned....
i ran for 45 minutes!!

woooo!! i can't believe it. i was going to stop at 40 but i thought 45 minutes would sound a lot better haha :) i wasn't tired at all, i didn't feel like i was on the verge of passing out, it felt...wow i'm going to say it...good to keep running.

that's my good news for the night. i'm off to find those
100 calorie hostess cupcakes :)

side note: i weighed myself at the gym. 130. hmm. at home: 134.5. soooo i don't see how that all works. WHY do i care about the scale so much??

you say potato, i say potato

so today is week 7, day 2 of couch potato. i will be dragging my butt to the gym after work. my schedule has changed from 8-4 to 9-5 in the past couple of weeks. i definitely like the extra hour of sleep but i really miss getting out earlier and getting to the gym at 4:15. it's a huge difference. there are twice as many people there around 5.

i don't like working out with people in close vicinity to me. because, ew, sometimes you can smell other people's sweat. and of course sometimes people release gases that i'm not trying to be that close to. one day i would love to have my own treadmill and elliptical machine. it would be oh so nice :) maybe when i get my own place.

okay...enough about me. i had corner bakery for lunch and it was delicious:
10oz tortilla soup (no tortillas) - 4 points & a turkey sandwich on multigrain with only mustard and a little packet of mayo - 4 points = delicious, very filling 8 point lunch that i am still full from. usually i don't eat that many points for lunch unless i am going to the gym later, its a huge motivator to go!!

well hello there cupcake

my mom told me about hostess' 100 calorie pack cupcakes. i saw it on hungry girl this morning too. they look yummy...i need to get my hands on some. i love hostess cupcakes :) well...i love any cupcake actually. i'm an equal opportunity cupcake eater.

so i weighed myself this morning. 132. WHAT! so i stepped back on 133.5. and stepped off. one more time. 133. yes. my time of the month was over yesterday so it was nice to see this number pop up on my scale. i will wait until i see it again before i get excited.

i had a good weekend. i had a grilled cheese & some guacamole at my mom's house but overall i think i was fine. i didn't eat dinner, i had some no sugar added ice cream instead and some wine while i watched the oscars.

alright back to work...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

takin it back to the old school. cause i'm an old fool who's so cool.

so i'm not sure how many points i've eaten today. but yesterday afternoon i had all 35 flex points that were still unused. went for drinks after work. met up with friends and went back to friend's house to play the nintendo wii. its fun, you can do simulated sports like tennis and bowling. but i'm an old school kind of girl, and i would take original nintendo any day of the week.

today i came down to visit my mom, stepdad & little brother. went to a mexican restaurant for lunch: had chicken nachos & a margarita. oops. oh well. i had a 2 point bagel for dinner so its all good :)

i'm sick of my job and really don't want this weekend to end!!!!
watching SNL....rain wilson from the office is hosting. i love the office :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

workout barbie...but without the unrealistic body image

i definitely had that when i was younger. and like most workout tapes/dvds that i own, i probably only did it once. haha :)

i'm SO happy its friday. work is stressing me out for some reason. it's not the workload, it's the people i work with. we have two new people on our team and since i am blogging at work, all i will say is they are definitely unique people. moving on...

my legs were so sore yesterday! they felt so stiff and the thought of the gym seemed out of the question to me. but i packed my gym bag anyway. and guess what? i went! my boyfriend has been so helpful with motivating me this week, he reminds me how good i will feel when i'm done. god, i love him :) i did 20 minutes on the elliptical and ran 5 minutes, walked 11 on the treadmill = 35 minutes of cardio. not bad and helped make up for the snacking i did earlier in the day. i logged my workout in my exercise log, that i've been keeping for the past 2 years. i have gone 3 times a week since the beginning of december (not including last week). nice :)

exercise suggestion: i was reading in an exercise mag at the gym that you should set realistic exercise goals if you want to stick with your program. if you don't want to go to the gym everyday then you want to exercise 3-4 times a week. plan on 10 minutes of stretching (i do 5-ish), 10 minutes of warmup/light excertion (again, i do 5), 30 minutes of cardio (i do 35-45 mins...sometimtes more), 10 minutes of stretching/cooldown (definitely do not do this). if you have little free time or like to exercise in spurts, try for 15-20 minutes of cardio a day with 5-10 minutes of stretching/warmup/etc. note to self: start working on stretching after working out.

i also read...if you are feeling unmotivated, just make yourself go to the gym and change into your workout clothes. then come out and take in your surroundings. if at that point you still want to go home, go home. 9 out of 10 people STAY at the gym.

so far i've been good on my lenten promise (i gave up drinking during the week...i like wine with dinner and the occasional happy hour but i hate those empty calories). tonight is the weekend though and i will be going out for some bowling & a couple drinks with my boyfriend and my sister :)

hopefully 5pm will get here soon...

good luck to salma on her 25 minute run! you can do it!!

real women have curves

i love this!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

run kelly! run!

that's me on the right. haha...only kidding. i did complete week 7, day one of the couch potato to 5k program!! that means i ran for 25 minutes. but wait...i did more than just that. i ran for 30 MINUTES! yay!! i really am not a natually strong runner and i thought after being sick and out of the gym for a week that i may not have been able to do it. but i did! looks like i may be a runner after all!

i ate about 11 points yesterday before the gym. earned 4 activity points and then ate a small butterless popcorn at the movies with my bf. we saw breach, which is about a security breach in the FBI. good movie! then we got mcdonalds frozen yogurt afterwards so i would say i ate about 18 points yesterday? not sure. haven't weighed myself for 3 days, i've been sleeping over at my bf's...he always sleeps over so i'm trying to be a better gf and i've been offering to stay at his place. it's not bad but my bed is definitely more comfortable :)

enviga: calorie burning drink (CNN article if you're interested). i tried it, in the berry flavor. it's not bad, a light fruity taste like a sparkling diet soda. it was about twice the size of a redbull. on the can it said you would need to drink 3 cans a day to burn between 60-100 additional calories. i don't know how i feel about that.

fun fact: you burn around 6 calories singing! i will be singing my whole way to the gym tonight :)

my legs are really sore from that run but i am going back to the gym for more tonight! i may just end up walking if it hurts too much but i think working out will actually lossen up these tight muscles.

oh! someone at work FINALLY said something about my weight loss. i've lost 11 pounds since november. this guy i used to work with stopped by today and he said "girl you need to eat something, you are getting too thin!" which is definitely not true. i think he may be the type of guy that enjoys a "thicker lady" if you know what i mean. but then everyone started chiming in. "yea you do look thinner"..."yea she definitely has lost weight!" hello coworkers, where have these encouraging words been for the past month or two? geez.

over and out...for now :)

lily allen!

i love lily allen. her CD is great, very fun and cute. check it out :)

off to a meeting...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

someone reads my blog! yay!

wow, i thought no one read this thing and up until today never noticed i had any comments!

just saying hi to meta! she reads it :) go check out her blog, always a fun read!

girls that eat pizza

back on track...finally!!

so i feel like i'm back on track. one week after the valentine's day splurge, i am focused :) i was definitely under points yesterday, i maybe ate 12 points all day. i know it's not good to do that but i think my body can feast on all the CRAP i fed it this weekend. plus, i felt like poo yesterday, had no appetite. but i think the cold is finally deciding to give up and surrender to the cold medicine.

today i had toast & jelly for breakfast, i'm saving up for my lunch with my bf. we're going to the corner bakery. i love their tortilla soup. it's 4.7 points and i'm getting the cucumber and tomato side salad (1 pt)...so a 6-ish point lunch is good. i will probably have a snack of yogurt or fat free pudding later. i'm trying to stay on the lower end of the points scale because i don't know if i'm going to the gym tonight. i want to, i packed my stuff but i HATE working out when i'm sick. we'll see. after that i'm suppossed to go see the movie "breach" with my bf. so i will be enjoying a small, butterless popcorn (5 points right?)

i feel bad that i haven't worked out in a week...i really need to get my act together. i can only blame this on sickness for so long.

i can't decide what to give up for lent? i was thinking maybe drinking alcohol during the week? i love drinking wine with dinner or while watching my favorite shows at night so that would be a sacrifice. i'm not overly religious, i like the challenge of 40 days though. i would give up soda but diet soda really helps fill me up during the work day.

alright...off to lunch :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

sick :(

hello out there...i've been gone for a while but i'm back! this past weekend was a fun one but i definitely have been nursing a cold ever since. i made some bad food choices but the scale, for once!, is being nice to me, it's 135.5 after a weekend of cream cheese & lox, goat cheese, pizza hut, and beer! the thing is, i ate bad, but i only ate 2 meals a day saturday, sunday, and monday. so i might have gone over point but not by as much as you may think.

my coworkers all went to a free lunch at bertucci's. i passed because i haven't had much of an appetite all morning. i think its the cold. i've only had 2 rice quakes and an apple so far. i know thats not good but i am not going to the gym tonight so i would rather eat more for dinner or maybe not even eat all my points to make up for this weekends damage. i haven't been to the gym since last wednesday. i want to go tommorow if i'm feeling better but working out with a sore throat and the sniffles sucks. i've tried it and it's not for me.

the good news is that no more parties or big events are ahead of me. new years, birthday, bf's birthday, vday and wedding are all behind me. i will try to be good from here on out :) the weather will be getting nicer so i hope to have more motivation to eat right and exercise. i'm a good worker-outter in the spring/summer!

alright....back to work...back to the sniffles. later taters!

Friday, February 16, 2007

in a diet funk

hey guys! and girls :)

i have a confession, i am in a funk. a diet funk. i have been eating healthy but i've been eating too much healthy food (with the exception of the melting pot). i've been overpoint almost every day this week...by like 5-10 points. i have no more flex points.

(not my picture)
no, i didn't eat that exact jumbo slice, but i did have a couple of bites of one. after a night out, full of beers and sushi, my boyfriend and i made a late night pizza run to the jumbo slice. i had a few bites of his pizza.

needless to say i'm bloated and i feel fat and i weighed 136 this morning. whatever. i'm PMSing and sick and its cold and snowing outside so i think that is contributing to my funk. i'm going to try to be good but next week is a new week and i won't beat myself up for this.

TGIF! i could not get out of bed this morning...i was so stuffed up.
ok, time to stop complaining! thanks for listening :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

coke zero = delicious

if you haven't tried coke zero you're missing out. it's better than diet coke in my opinion. cherry coke zero isn't bad either!

todays menu:
breakfast: 2 slices ww toast (1), 2 white cheddar rice cakes (1)
lunch: 4 cheese lean pocket (5), 2 white cheddar rice cakes (1), sugar free pudding snack (1)
snack before gym: healthy choice chicken and wild rice soup...maybe

total so far: 9

happy day after valentine's day!!

i finally got the snow day i was hoping for! yesterday was very busy for me. went to the gym, the mall, target, developed pictures, got pretty and went to the melting pot for dinner!!

i got a workout in before dinner. 63 minutes of cardio (43 treadmill, 20 on the elliptical. i burned about 400 calories which gave me more leeway with dinner. i got a cramp about 7 minutes into running so i walked for rest of the time. i'm going back to the gym tonight after work.

scale: okay, so i weighed myself at the gym after my workout. the doctor's office type scale with the level in the middle. it said 131.5. i went straight home and weighed myself: 134. which should i go by?

i was really looking forward to the melting pot and i saved up all of my points...yes ALL of my points for dinner. i had 2 pieces of weight watchers bread/toast for breakfast and was so busy that i waited until 6:30 to eat. i was kind of scared because i had no idea how to even begin to calculate points for it. i half jokingly asked my boyfriend how many points he thought dinner/desert was and he kind of laughed and told me not to worry about it, since i had so many points saved up. but secretly i tried to figure it out :)

valentine's day dinner menu: the melting pot

drinks: bottle of charle's krug (peter mondavi family) cabernet sauvignon -- delicious, you have to try this if you like wine

appetizer: swiss cheese fondue flavored with champagne, nutmeg, other spices with bread, granny smith apples and veggies to dip

salad: strawberry and feta salad served over mixed greens, arugula with a pear dressing. served with the melting pot's garlic & wine seasoning on the side, delicious ;)

entree: broth & burgundy fondue with lobster tail, shrimp, potstickers, filet mignon, chicken, 2 different kinds of beef, and veggies with side sauces: teriyaki, sweet & sour, mustard-type sauce, cream cheese/chives/sour cream dip, horseradish, cocktail sauce

desert: white chocolate & chambord fondue served with the most delicious cheesecake i've ever tasted (ORGASMIC), brownies, marshmellows, pound cake, strawberries, pineapple & a champagne toast!

IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! the desert was my favorite but everything else was delicious too...it was my first time there and i was definitely impressed!

afterwards we stopped by my bf's mom's house, hung out, then went home & drank some champagne! it was very romantic :) he got me a great present, which i loved! having a boyfriend like him is such a blessing, he's perfect!!

tonight my friend from florida comes into town and tommorow night my girlfriends from high school are in. needless to say, party time. but you know what i realized? there is always something and as long as i can be good the other days of the week and step up my gym time, i think i will be just fine :) i think i probably have about 10 flex points left for the week :)

i brought a lean pocket for lunch and it's calling my name.
later taters

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

let it snow!

so i woke up this morning to a snow storm taking place. has work been cancelled? not yet! but good news is the scale said 135 :) which is great considering the HORRIBLE food/drink choices i made during my birthday weekend!

i was up around 7 so i had time to take my time, get ready, and had some cereal. i bought some yummy low point food items yesterday!

it definitely didn't look like that but i had "weight watchers flakes n fiber with oats" with 1/2 cup of skim milk (3 points). it wasn't very delicious. but it wasn't bad either. i'm still full and it's almost 10:30 so that's good. i would recommend it though. sometimes you have to get your fiber in and there are 9 grams in one serving and i had two!! one point a serving cereal, you can't go wrong.

nestle carb select fat free hot chocolate. now this wasn't bad, it would have been better with fat free cool whip but i don't have a lot to work with here at my job. it definitely has a sugar-alcohol after taste but for the hot chocolate craving it does the job! and it was 0 points (25 calories!) i saw a fat free version that wasn't carb controlled and it was 50 calories, i bet that would tase better.

thomas' 100 calorie english muffins! haven't had it yet but i have a good feeling about it. 2 points, i will let you know how it tastes!

edy's slow churned no sugar added chocolate chip cookie dough (2pts = 0.5 cup)
very rich and creamy, not much cookie dough and the pieces were pretty hard and salty...not bad though, i definitely would love to try another flavor!

i also stocked up on healthy choice chicken with rice (2), quaker ranch rice quakes (1), apples (1), white cheddar rice cakes (1), light laughing cow cheese (1), wonder lite wheat bread (1pt = 2 slices).

so i'm feeling good, back on track. tommorow night is the melting pot with my boyfriend so i will probably try to eat very little during the day. i am going to bring veggies to snack on and eat a salad with veggies for lunch and try to keep it as low point as possible. i will figure out my game plan for the actual dinner tommorow. friday my girlfriends are coming in but that shouldn't be too bad, we'll see.

gym tonight to run or do elliptical or BOTH? depends on the weather though...

Monday, February 12, 2007

birthday weekend bloat

monday morning alarm = back to reality. my birthday weekend was a lot of fun. i ate, drank and slept a lot. i wasn't counting points but i know i went over this weekend. and that's okay. i am back on track today and it's that time of month: PMS time. the week before when all i want to do is eat! today i've had toast, 100 calorie popcorn pack and lots of cough drops so i'm doing okay. i really want some sort of soup for lunch. i don't know what they have in the cafeteria today but i'm going to check it out.

wednesday, valentine's day, my boyfriend is taking me to the melting pot. i know the nutritionals/points for that place are probably horrible, so i don't even want to know. it's not a normal occurence, i don't eat there every week so i'm going to splurge :) this weekend my friend from florida and my friends from home are coming for the weekend, so that night will probably be full of empty calories. oh well, i'm young, i'm not going to completely deprive myself but i am going to try to be good the other days of this week!

it's suppossed to snow pretty bad tommorow...snow day? :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

birthday present to myself

ImageChef.com - Create custom images

well today i had the day off which was nice. went to breakfast, had a couple of bites of pecan pancakes (boyfriends) and an eggbeater omelette loaded with feta. i'm not counting points today but i do have 35 flex points dedicated to today. so far so good, i havent eaten since breakfast, i'm still full.

well, i finally looked in the mirror and was like DAMN. i have this big black belt that i bought to go around my waist. i wore it a couple of times but was always pulling it down because i thought it accentuated my beer belly. and maybe the reason i was so surprised is that i haven't really worn very tight fitting shirts in a while, i'm a big fan of cardigans and the empire waist shirt haha :)

well i just put on a form fitting red v-neck from H&M and the size 4 black pants from target (which by the way are looser now and more comfortable...see below). i then decided to try the black belt around my waist. whoa nelly, HOT DAMN.

i look hot, sorry, i have to say that...i was getting so discouraged by my scale and thought that you couldn't really tell i've lost weight. well guess what, you totally can in this outfit and i don't care what that damn scale says (still 134 this morning)...i feel great in my outfit. and i can't wait to see if my friends have noticed tonight.

going to benihana's then out to a club/lounge/bar to drink with my friends. going to stick to beer though because liquor makes me crazy/sleepy!

happy birthday to me!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

birthday eve!

well my 24th birthday (AHH!!) is 30 mins away. i had a really nice night with my bf and sister. bf is currently napping on the couch haha. it involved king crab sushi, jumbo lump crab meat sushi and shrimp. yum! it was probably 5-6 points i think.

went to the gym today. i REALLY didnt want to go but i told myself i could walk for 30 mins instead of running. well the run started off pretty rough. i went 7 mins and then had to walk, i just had no energy and my body kind of ached from the run on monday (i didn't realize how much it worked my muscles!). walked then ran and so on...i ran a total of 17 mins and walked 18. not bad, but i really want to do day one of week 7 soon.

tmw is free day, but im going to try and be good. having eggbeaters and/or toast for breakfast. haircut at 1:30. mall to find something to wear for going out. shower/get ready. dinner at benihana's and then out on the town with my friends! i can't wait for benihana's, so yummy :)

alright....time for bed, i have a long (birth)day ahead of me!

double your fiber, double your fun?

food find: arnold's double fiber bread

my roommate bought this and i had a slice yesterday for breakfast with some sugar free jelly. 1 slice of thick grainy bread = 1 point! it was really good. i'm going to have to stop "borrowing" it from her and buy some :)

tommorow is my birthday and i am sad to say i did not make my goal of 130...unless 4 pounds fall off between now and then. oh well, i tried and i did run for 30 minutes straight which is a huge victory for me!!

last night i went to dinner for my boyfriend's birthday, we're two days apart. AWWW. i love him so much. anyway, went to cheesecake factory with his family. it was my first time there but i tried to do a little research before i went and found that one piece of their cheesecake is 19-23 points! yikes. it's a good thing i don't really like cheesecake. i was happy to see in their HUGE menu that they had a "weight management" section...haha. i heard that the chicken oriental salad or whatever it is called is like 1000 calories so i stayed away from that. i ordered:

the cheesecake factory's weight management spicy chicken salad
grilled chicken with spices on the outside
pico de gallo
(came with rice but i said no rice)
spicy balsamic dressing on the side
grilled jalapeno peppers

i'm guessing it was maybe 5 points for the whole thing? i used very little dressing but i think the peppers were cooked in butter or oil? it was good, i wouldnt go there for it but it was a healthy option. i did try my boyfriends miso salmon and OH MY GOODNESS it was maybe the best salmon i've ever had. it was served over white rice with a thick creamy miso sauce. i had a little bit of sauce on my bite (factored that into my 5 points).

it was funny though, i tried to order all quietly and when they brought my food the server says "who had the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CHICKEN SALAD?" haha...my boyfriend's sister asked me why i'm even dieting. i love hearing that but i still want to lose 10 lbs :) hopefully by this summer. i seem to lose weight slowly....so that is a better goal right? haha

today starts week 7 of couch potato. i can't believe i've been doing it for almost 2 months! it will be my last workout of the week, i am doing NOTHING tommorow (took the day off) and eating WHATEVER i want. well, in moderation of course.

we're going to benihana's for our joint birthday dinner tommorow, i can't wait! i'm getting a drink out of one of these mugs, maybe they will put red wine in it for me? i hope they make the rice into the shape of a heart :) next week for valentine's day we're going to the melting pot. YIKES! oh well, i'll figure that out next week.

anna nicole smith died? that is so odd, i wonder what happened?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

country road...take me home

so it will actually be I-95 but still! i'm going home for the night to go to my stepmom's father's wake. i tried to stay low in points so far because i don't know what i will be eating on the 2 hour car trip or while i'm down there. my sister is on WW too and she's kind of obsessed so she won't let me get away with any bad things. she looks great, she went from 158 to 143 i believe, and that lucky bitch is tall too :) jk i love her.

menu so far:
breakfast: yogurt (1)
lunch: my subway turkey wrap (4)

i was 134 this morning. back to normal. for my birthday i want to see something lower. i have 3 days for that wish to come true!!

see you tommorow!

Monday, February 05, 2007

no way: I RAN for 30 minutes straight! yes, me!


i ran for 30 minutes straight :) i finished week 6 of couch potato. i thought running for 20 minutes straight last week was hard and I DID IT! it feels so good to say that.

it was only suppossed to be a 25 minute run but i ran for the entire cooldown! woo! it felt great! maybe it was all the munching i did today but i definitely felt like i could have kept going. this is so huge for me, i feel like a runner now. like i belong with the cool kids on the treadmill.

the funniest part was halfway through, around the 11 minute marker, i was feeling like i wanted to stop. but then i started thinking about my stepmom who just lost her dad, i need to celebrate the things i am able to do. i need to live in the now. i need to push myself to be better. to go further. to run faster. as cliche as that all may sound, it really was inspirational.

all of the sudden this girl got on the treadmill next to me, a girl who was in my sorority. probably 110 pounds, tiny little girl. she starts running at 6.5 (i'm going 4.8) and runs for maybe 5 minutes and then stops and gets off the treadmill. she didn't see me next to her, i don't think she even looked. but i felt like i had totally blown her out of the water and it felt great!!

as far as meeting my points, i am definitely on target. right now i'm on 17 points and i'm suppossed to go meet my boyfriend for ONE beer to visit our friend who is bartending.

food find:

boca breaded *SPICY* chicken patty - 3 points

YUM! i had this for dinner on a wheat bun with fat free american cheese and light mayo - 5 points total :) it was definitely delicious and the spice was key, i loved it! had a glass of wine with dinner and a weight watchers ice cream cone.

will weigh myself tmw...i weighed the same when i got home from the gym as i did this morning. that doesn't sound right to me.

why am i so obsessed with the scale? my jeans were loose yesterday, i had to keep pulling them up! but that scale has so much power over me for some reason. GRR!

did anyone see oprah today? people looking younger than their age. wow, very motivating to stay fit!

on point ALL weekend & ready to EAT! :)

hey everyone!!

hope you all had a nice weekend, i know i did. well, i did it, i finally stayed on point all weekend. i was pretty proud of myself.

friday night: went out for drinks with friends, used 15 flex points
saturday: stayed on point, stayed in
sunday: went for a 60 minute, 3 mile walk. made healthy guacamole and AC La Rocca pizza for the superbowl and of course there were beers. used the rest of my flex points, maybe not even all of them.

and this week, i've decided to EAT MORE. that's right. i'm hoping that eating more will speed this weight loss along. like i said, i saw 133 on saturday morning but that number has since disappeared. i'm so tired of being disappointed by my scale. i go over all my healthy eating since the day after thanksgiving and can't figure out why it's so hard to hit the 130 mark. the ONLY thing i can think of is that i don't always eat all my points. some days i eat 15, some it's 17. i rarely eat all 20 points, unless i go out partying with my friends, in which case i usually drink them.

so this week, i will eat all 20 points every day. and when i go to the gym, i will subtract the activity points and eat even MORE. you think this would sound wonderful but i don't know, it's almost like losing control. once i start eating, my body doesn't want to stop. when i limit myself, i have more self control. does that make sense?

anyway...food find: diet ocean spray

now usually i do not like diet juice drinks but this was delicious! it also comes in orange flavor which my sister said was good too. only 5 calories a serving! yum!!

yesterday i made low-fat guacamole...my mom makes the best guac so i put a low-fat spin on it

-2 avocados (643 calories)
-salsa (25 calories)
-fat free sour cream (small container: 200 calories)
-reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese (2 servings: 160 calories)
-guacamole powder mix (10 calories)
=1038 calories / 6 servings
=173 ~ 3 or 4 points/serving

not too bad, and i only ate about half of it...so let's say 10 points
i used guiltless gourmet black bean chips to dip in it, YUMMY!

going to the gym tonight.

menu so far:
breakfast: yogurt (1), toast (1), peanut butter (0.5), jelly (0.5)
snack: string cheese (1), 100 calorie pack wheat thins (2)
lunch: smart ones teriyaki chicken (4)
snack: weight watchers chocolate cake (1), handfull of nuts (1)
=12 points and it's only 2pm!

activity points at the gym will help so i can eat a 5-6 pt dinner

Saturday, February 03, 2007


hey hey! i weighed myself this morning, after a night of drinking. 133. i don't know if thats from being dehydrated from beer or what but i will take it. i'm not going to change the side panel until i see it again on the scale.

i had the best pizza last night.

it was thin crust and delicious! 2 points for one slice, and the pizza yields 6 slices. a 12 point, big pizza if you were in the mood. i'm definitely getting one for super bowl sunday. i also want to make a 7 layer bean dip that i saw on weight watchers online.

my plan for tommorow
-gym: 45-60 minutes of cardio
-superbowl sunday: pizza (see above), chips (guiltless gourmet), dips (low point 7 layer), and beer (lite beer or wine)! i have saved 20 flex points for tommorow :)

have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

yummy smart ones

i just had the best smart ones entree for lunch. it wasn't a bowl like the one above...it was in a normal dish. it was teriyaki chicken with vegetables. it was filling and delicious and ONLY FOUR POINTS :) gotta love that.

i usually stay away from smartones because they ones i would eat are all 6-9 points, yuck! i like 3-5 point lunches or dinners because i'm a snacker. if i ate a 9 point lunch all the time i would barely have room...as in points room...for all my delicious snacks. apples, almonds, ww chocolate cake, ww ice cream, guiltless gourmet chili lime chips, oh my!

i'm feeling kind of lazy and don't want to go to the gym today, but...i'm going to suck it up i guess.

still stuck at 134 :\

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that's me...if you believe it, it will come.

my ultimate goal was to make 130 by my birthday. i currently have 8 days to make that happen....to lose 4 lbs. doesn't seem realistic but hey, i'm going to try.

i've been noticing a pattern when i read over past blogs...i do really well during the week, i go to the gym, stay OP. but the weekends sabotage my efforts. by monday i'm up 2 or 3 lbs of water weight. it's always back to normal by thursday or friday but that isn't good enough. i'm not actually going anywhere. it's like running on the treadmill. you're running 2 miles but you're not actually going anywhere. that's how my weight loss feels. and i don't know if it's my scale or not. my bf weighed himself on it and was like "WHOA...that is not right" and later weighed himself at the gym and said he weighed 5 lbs less. so i don't know. it may be time to chuck the old scale?

today i'm doing week 6, day 2 of couch potato.
-jog 10 minutes
-walk 3 minutes
-jog 10 minutes

sounds easy enough...and fast...i will probably stay on the treadmill to get 30-45 minutes in. tuesday i did 60, so why not try that again? i may do 45 and then do some strength training. i need to start doing that more.

i have 3 weddings to go to this year (i'm a bridesmaid in one!! YEA!!). i have a beautiful dress, which will be showing off my arms. i would love for them to look toned...or have some sort of definition. we will see!!

i saw smokin' aces last night with my bf. it was good, kind of gorey but good! i would give it 4 stars. alicia keys did a really good job, i didn't know if i would believe her as an actress. the girl she played along side of, from hustle and flow did a really good job.

bye for now!