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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

summer challenge: on target

hi everyone!

i'm on point this week for carolyn's summer challenge. i challenged myself to get to the gym 3x a week, although i'm secretly trying to get there 4x. last week was a success and so far i've gotten in two LONG elliptical sessions this week:

tuesday: 60 min elliptical
wednesday: 65 min elliptical

i've been keeping an exercise log since 2005 and i looked back on it and this time last year and the year before i definitely spiked up my exercise. i'm sure it had something to do with summer but i think the nice weather motivates me to be more active. i love it. and i'm really impressed by the long elliptical sessions. i used to do about 30-45 minutes but since i've been incorporating reading my book into it, the time flies by. and its definitely not a slacker workout, im panting and sweating and maintaining my pace. and im almost done with my book! i'm reading eat, pray, love and i definitely recommend it.

going to sister dinner tonight (with my sister of course) hopefully either crapplebees (haha - i do like the WW menu) or maybe bonefish grill or possibly sushi. there are healthy items at all places, i just need to make sure not to over indulge. the 550 calories i burned give me a little leeway but i'm not going to eat like it does.

alright....have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

happily motivated

good morning, it's such a beautiful day! :D its already 60 degrees. i really love this weather and it motivates me to keep on exercising and eating right. the good news is i'm in a dress that i wore when i was 5 lbs thinner at this time last year and to me it looks the same. so i dont know, maybe i've gained muscle?? haha...yea....i'll keep telling myself that!

yesterday was a good day and hopefully today is too! i'm planning to get to the gym and do the elliptical 30-45 mins.....or longer. i was in the zone yesterday and definitely could have kept going. next week i'm gonna switch it up and do the treadmill but i'm really into this book and i want to finish it. eat, pray, love - yes, it's good. i like the way she writes. i'm on the part where she's in india (this lady travels to italy, india & indonesia to find herself. well in india she's trying to learn that pain is just a physical feeling and you can recognize it as a sensation but then disregard it and move on. i tried that when i was on the elliptical on the tough hill parts. i just tried to focus on the sensation but know that it would eventually go away or i would get used to it. does that make any sense? it was an interesting concept though.

she also talks about how you can do anything, you just have to visualize yourself doing it and if you want it badly enough it will happen. so i am going to visualize myself 10 lbs lighter by this summer. hehe. ;)

have you all ever tried "lean gourmet by michelina" frozen dinners? they are so cheap here - probably $1.25 each. and they are so yummy. they even have WW points on them. how great is that. click to see their website - i had the bbq chicken and mashed potatoes in the fridge here at work and someone ate it! WTF! at least i have another but come on people, thats ridiculous.

okay...back to work! :) have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

65 minutes

i did 65 minutes on the elliptical today ~ 550 calories :D

yay!! back in the groove!


today's plan: going to the gym for 30-45 mins of cardio after work.

and oh yea, i took my weight off this page. for the record i'm 139 but i'm not going to let the numbers bother me bc i'm feeling really motivated lately. and that number up there is just annoying!!

have a great hump day :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


i did 50 mins on the elliptical today, it was great!! woohoo! i was sweating up a storm. i totally lost track of time bc i was reading "eat, pray, love" - 50 mins flew by before i knew it. it's a great book by the way.

hope everyone is having a great day!! :) getting back in the swing of things at the gym and it feels good.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

wedding weekend!

hi everyone!

still here, still alive. unfortunately i've gained about 2 lbs but that's okay. i got back to the gym this past 3 weeks and i went 3x this week which is the most i've gone since february. baby steps!

going to a wedding this weekend and wearing the dress (see below). so excited. i got some super cute carlos santana shoes to go with!

hope you're doing well, have a good one!