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Thursday, January 31, 2008

a.m. yoga

that's right...i got up early to do a 15 min a.m. yoga session (from my on demand channel on tv). it felt great and definitely gave me energy for the day. i am loving this exercise tv on demand, it's the best.

i hit the gym after work and kicked my butt - i did hills on the elliptical and at one point was on the highest elevation - it was so hard, i was panting. i've been thinking about my average workouts and im usually breathing hard but not like killing it. after i killed it on the elliptical i got on the satan machine (stair climber) and climbed 65 flights of stairs! 15 mins of it, it was HARD! i tried to focus on other things, like the tv or the instructors setting up the spin bikes. but wow...i really pushed myself and i need to do it more often. i'm getting too comfortable with my workouts and i am enjoying switching it up lately with exercise dvds/shows and different machines.

tonight we're going to see atonement! i'll let you know how it goes.

have a good one! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

yoga on demand

i don't know if you guys have on-demand stations through your cable company but we do. i recently found the health and fitness on demand station. apparently there is a channel called exercise tv that i had no idea existed. wow. anyway! the on demand is FULL of workouts: yoga, cardio, strength training...even the carmen electra strip tease workout is on there! probably 50+ different workouts that change monthly.

well tonight i did two 20 minute yoga sessions and one "run 1 mile" sessions. the yoga was great, i loved it. i want to keep doing it. the run in place thing was kind of weird but it wasn't just running in place, it was kicking, jumping, moving side to side and doing a modified new kids on the block hanging-tough move....it was not easy and i was panting at the end! i felt kind of silly bopping around in my room but who cares! it was a nice workout and i was sweating at the end!

it's nice to get in these workouts outside of the gym...keeps things fresh and interesting and my legs dont hurt as bad since i've stretched them out. success :)


that dvd from monday: kicked. my. butt! ouch. i feel like someone cut up my leg muscles. i guess that means the muscles are growing but DAMN. OWWW!! anyone read harry potter? when the kids get injured, they can magically regrow bones. i'm thinking it feels something like this. haha.

anyways....happy hump day! enough with my debbie downer attitude. this morning has flown by. scale is sticking at 136.2 which is fine. i was 137 this time last week so i'll take it! and my google tracker is of course keeping me focused!

BL was great last night! i loved seeing bob & jillian compete and brittany kicked butt on the escalator!! i felt bad for her when she cried about bob not picking her & then only losing 2 lbs. that's gotta hurt. esp since last week she lost like 1 pound since they tried to throw the weigh-in. i really could watch that show every night if it were on, its so motivating! i did arm weights for about 10 mins during the show and i feel the burn today. it feels good. not like my legs burn, like a good burn.

alright...back to work! trying to get to the gym today if my bum legs can handle it. i may just walk on the treadmill or try the elliptical. have a great day!

Monday, January 28, 2008

jiggly legs

i did it! i actually did a workout dvd at home. it's been a while and i definitely will be feeling this tmw. my legs were all jiggly when i was finished. i took a 20 min walk to pick up my prescription so that was good too. something i read on sister skinny today was that katie's friend jeanne said to try to be active every single day. that really hit home for me. just moving around, getting up at the office and going for a walk. i need to start more of that. it's either the gym or nothing sometimes and i need to get out of that habit!

tonight i will doing a little spring cleaning...well winter cleaning...on my closet and donating things i haven't worn in the past year to salvation army. there is just too much stuff in there and i need to make room for all the clothes i do wear. i'm officially out of hangers. so that will be good.

have a great night everyone :) stay active!!

i hate math but i love these graphs

it's monday!! and i am feeling great. the scale said 135.6 this morning. i will take it! even if it disappears for a little while...it will come back. that's what i've noticed this month with water weight and fluctuations. if i see the number at one point in the week, i have ended up seeing it stick around by the end of the week or the following week.

i plugged that into my google 15 tracker this morning (get yours here) and look at the graph!

pretty nifty, huh? the numbers at the bottom are the moving average weight changing~ not the actual weight plus/minuses. it took me a while to figure that out. the moving average is a different number. as long as the blue dot stays below the yellow line you're on your way to your goal weight. i love it. it lets me know what i weigh at this time last week which is a great way to keep the whole weight fluctuation thing in perspective.

onward and upward!! i mean...downward. :)

have a great day! going to try to get to the gym later despite having on a really cute outfit & hair do. like i said, not an excuse!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

great weekend

hi everyone :)

so, got my shopping cardio in this weekend. you ladies thought i was kidding. i wish i was. my mom is a power shopper. we shopped for 5 hours on saturday and 6 hours today. we grabbed snacks on the way but were definitely moving. did anyone go to old navy this weekend? they had a RIDICULOUS and i mean RIDICULOUS sale. i got 2 dresses, a jacket, pair of work pants, pashmina scarf, 2 sweaters, jewelry, shirts and so much other stuff and probably spent around $150 - it was a steal. i guess the sale was just this weekend and we definitely took advantage of it. it was great! we had a lot of fun.

we stopped at 7-11 to get sodas and i saw that they had individually wrapped weight watchers muffins & chocolate & lemon cakes. i got the ww blueberry muffin which i've never tried before (3 points) and it was so yummy. big, moist and didn't taste diet-muffiny at all. soo good. it's nice to see that places like 7-11 have jumped on the diet/ww bandwagon. finally.

D knows how much i love my 100 calorie cupcakes and when i told him about the 100 calorie streussel muffins he was on the hunt. he found them for me today!! he is so sweet. he said he could only find the banana (1.5 points) & the blueberry (1.5 points) so i will continue my search for the cinnamon. i tried the banana - pretty damn good! nice and sweet with a crumbly top. i'm a fan. i bet the blueberry will be yummy.

the scale said 136.4 this morning. i saw 136 last week but then stayed in the 137s so we'll see what it says tmw. so far i'm averaging about a pound a week. which i know is normal and i'm happy it's moving downward!

alright...off to enjoy the rest of my sunday night!
ta ta!

Friday, January 25, 2008

fabulous friday

yay it's friday! and i had a half day. doesn't get much better than that. i left work around 11 and made it to the gym. i did 50 mins of cardio and then strength training. my legs are HURTING! but it hurts so good. lol. i did make my goal of getting to the gym 4x this week. woohoo!

my mom is coming up this weekend so that should be nice. lots of shopping cardio is expected.

oh hey - i got the senseo: share senseo. i paid the $15 shipping and handling and it arrived about a week later! i haven't tried it yet but its black, sleek and very cool. i'll let you know how it goes.

and p.s. i'm still loving the muffins (see below)....they are definitely a new favorite.

have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


you know when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you're NOT sucking in and you think....wow....look at me! that's how i felt this morning as i did my shimy dance to put on my tights. i have a really cute little jumper dress on, hair loosely curled, feeling pretty sexay. haha :) the title of today's blog, let me explain: i love that commercial where the guy is going to mcdonalds and is buying his coworkers snack wrapp. i hear it on the radio all the time. he says he's going to get someone a bbq snack wrap because they're zeist-ay. and he's going to get someone a honey mustard snack wrap because they're a-tang-ay and he's getting someone another because they are sauc-ay. he then says he's getting someone al three because they're zeistay-a-tangy-aucy! hahaha...i know, i'm a nerd but that makes me laugh each time he says it. anyone seen it? anyone? no? the cheese stands alone.

ANYWAY! going to go against the voice in my head that doesn't want to mess up my hair and get to the gym today. i have no excuse besides the cute hair do and as i've said in the past, if that's the only thing i can come up with, it's not good enough.

i had banana/bran muffin today for breakfast with some oatmeal (around 8am) and i am still full (it's 11am)....i love those muffins!! thanks again carolyn for passing that on to me :)

does anyone watch project runway? of course, me, the queen of all that is reality television does. it was good last night - kind of glad to see victorya go. she just wasn't a fav of mine. i think my favorites are christian, sweet pea & jillian. anyone else watch?? if you don't - you should. re-runs are on bravo constantly.

alright...back to work....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i <3 muffins

hi everyone!!
today has gone by fast - didn't get to the gym, took the day off but i'll back in there tmw and friday hopefully. i have a half day on friday so i want to go straight from work.

i just made the muffin recipe that carolyn gave me for anne's bran banana muffins. 1pt a piece! so yummy! and the chocolate chips really make them taste sinful.

anne's 1 point bran/banana muffin


1 1/2 Cups All Bran
1/2 C Skim Milk
1/2 C Water
1 C Flour
1/4 C Splenda
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 ripe banana
3 egg whites
1/2 cup applesauce
1/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

Combine All Bran, water and milk and let sit for 20 mins.
In another bowl combine flour, Splenda, soda, powder and cinnamon.
Add egg whites and applesauce to All bran mixture. Add banana. Mix well. Add dry ingredients and All Bran mix. Fold in chocolate chips.
Bake at 375 for about 18-20 mins.

YUMMY and very filling. i had two and i'm stuffed. i want to bring some to work tomorrow too. anyone else have yummy muffin/cookie recipes that are low point? i have all this leftover flour & baking stuff now and i want to use it up.

what did you guys think of BL? i was confused by how the whole night went and mad that the pink team was voted off. not fair at all. i really liked bette sue, she was funny.

alright - off to watch project runway! good night!

google 15

do you ladies (& gents) use the google 15 toolbar?

google 15

i do - i love it. i weigh in daily (butt naked every morning on an empty stomach). know, i probably shouldn't but i think its helpful to me to stay focused. i track what my weigh is in there and it actually helps me to stay motivated - scale wise. i like to look at what i weighed this time last week...which i find is always more. so it helps me to see the big picture! even if the scale isn't necessarily budging.

p.s. i'm in the most boring meeting right now. trying to act like i'm doing something important. lol ;)

i'll check in later!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

tuesday check-in

hi all!

not much to report. had a great 50 min elliptical session at the gym tonight. i'm trying to step up my game and i've been to the gym twice already this week. i want to go two more times this week i think.

had leftover breadless chicken parm for dinner. YUMMY! for lunch i had a new smart ones frozen meal: fruit inspirations: honey barbeque chicken with mango and orzo rice. it was pretty good. 5 points. i loved the orzo but could take or leave the mango/sauce combo.

the flatbread melt was yummy - kind of like the panini but definitely good.

scale holding steady at 136 :) i'm happy with that.

BL is on....i'm tivo-ing idol, i'll catch up on that tmw. have a great night!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

another OP weekend

hi everyone!

today is MLK day so i'm off. slept in, D cooked some delicious egg beater/reduced fat feta cheese scrambled eggs for me and light wheat toast. it was very yummy :) i'm loving that we're both on this diet together. he's down 9, i'm down 6. back to my comfort zone of 136. the highest i saw on the scale january 1 was 142.6 - and it definitely scared me. it feels good to be back down.

stayed OP this weekend, only dipped into about 12-15 flex points over the 3 days so that's good. i made some delicious chicken yesterday - breadless chicken parm as i was calling it. i put some chicken tenderloins (99% fat free) in the oven at about 375 with some EVOO & salt & pepper. once those cooked i topped them with store bought spaghetti sauce, little bit of fat free ricotta (which i would cut out next time, since you could barely taste it) and some skim mozzarella cheese and cooked until it melted. it was SO yummy, i surprised myself. and the chicken was so juicy.

at the store i picked up the new lean cuisine flat bread melts: chicken philly & chicken pesto so those will be nice additions to my lunch rotation, i will let you know how they taste :)

i also snagged some new cherry chocolate diet dr. pepper. GROSS. it tasted like tootsie rolls. i'm not a fan.

light dinner tonight with D & his mom. i'm just going to get some soup i think, nothing fancy, i think we're going to panera. and then i might eat some leftover chicken parm from last night. yum!

have a great day!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

sunday workout

got to the gym!! :) 40 mins of cardio

have a great sunday!

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productive sunday

hi everyone!

down a half a pound and feeling good. the scale has either been holding steady or dropping. it feels great. especially during TOTM! my commitment these past 3 weeks has really been paying off.

today i'm going to D's gym, he got me a day pass to see if i like it. it's near my house and only $28 a month so i may join. i go to the two gyms at work for free but on the weekends i can't go because they're closed and sometimes i need to get home from work to beat the traffic and use that as an excuse. also it would be something for us to do together - he's been going a lot lately. if i like it, i think i might join.

so aside from that we're watching football today. no work tmw!! :)

have a great 3 day weekend if you have one!

Friday, January 18, 2008

free senseo coffee pod!

go to sharesenseo.com to fill out a survey to be eligible for a free seseo coffee pod - single serving coffee maker. i received my tracking info from DHL tonight and it should be here by next week. i will let you know how it turns out but so far so good :) it's worth the $15 shipping if you ask me!

take that TOTM!

just got in 60 mins on the elliptical. good way to start off the weekend :)

it's the weekend baby!

cramps & bloating are not good for dieting but thankfully i've fended off cravings. i just had some chocolate quaker mini delights 90 calorie pack, yum. i love those things. and i have a fat free pudding for this afternoon in case my chocolate cravings :)

getting to the gym today - so i will make my goal of 3x this week! next week it will be 4x - so that should be good. scale is holding steady - even during TOTM. i really think giving up wine/drinking has been such a help (obviously).

we saw juno last night - so cute & funny! go see it now!

don't have big plans for the weekend. i want to do some clothes/shoe shopping. and hit up tarjay (target).

have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

snowy day!

it's snowing! we got off work around noon and i have to work from home the rest of the day. the plan is to get a workout dvd in and some arm weights so i will do that after i finish up my work.

not sure if anyone is interested in this but there is a site that offers you a free senseo coffee machine (click) - its the single serving coffee makers. you get the machine, coffee and other stuff, the catch is you have to pay the $15 S&H. i paid mine and i'll let you know if it actually comes. i read on fatwallet.com that it's not a scam, several people received theirs. so i'm looking forward to it! :) and if it IS a scam, oh well i'm out $15 i guess!

scale is going down down down...even if it's almost TOTM. nice. my pants feel a lot looser too. love this feeling!

alright...back to work!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

we need a change. YEA. do it today. YEA

haha - sorry - i have the biggest loser theme song stuck in my head.

got to the gym tonight: 50 mins on the elliptical! ohhhh yea :)

off to watch BL! night ladies!

back to the gym...finally

good morning! :)

diet is going really well, exercising is picking back up, feeling good! i went to the gym yesterday and rocked out on the elliptical. it felt good! i'm going back today. i feel motivated now that i feel like i have the food part under control again. the scale is being nice to me, the pants are fitting looser than they have in a LONG time. so i'm motivated, and it feels great!

can't wait for BL tonight, i seriously love that show. it motivates me to get buff. my sister and i are suppossed to sign up for a boot camp as soon as she gets home from her business trip, so hopefully she won't back out on me. TOTM is around the corner, i'm going to try to not give in to any crazy cravings i may have.

alright, i'm boring today. just wanted to check in. ta-ta!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

fighting temptations

we had a working-lunch meeting today for a client who wants to do work for us. they provided pizza and when i saw the bag that accompanied the pizza i ASSumed there would be salad in there. but no. my "lunch" was a diet pepsi. i ate when i got back to my desk around 1 but i sure was hungry and the more hungry i felt, the more i wanted that delicious pizza. but i said no, and i'm so happy i did.

plans for this weekend: NONE! going to visit my mom, which means we will do some shopping/errands but nothing too crazy. we might get mexican food but since i have about 27 flex points left for the weekend, i might indulge in some chips. but not too many. going to try to get a run or two in this weekend too. we'll see....

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend! and remember: just say no....to pizza you didn't order

toodles poodles

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

to do: go to the gym: DONE

i got to the gym today and did 30 mins on the elliptical. it flew by.

note to self: get back in the gym you lazy ass!

just keep swimming....just keep swimming

remember when dory says that line in the movie finding nemo? just keep swimming...just keep swimming. i feel like that sometimes with this whole diet/exercise thing. that little voice that just tells me to just keep eating right, getting to the gym and avoiding temptations. it's hard but it's nice to be back in the zone. i'm down a lb today....so that's always a good feeling to step on the scale and see a lower number than you expected :)

biggest loser couples was great! no one lost hardly any weight though which makes it more real to me for some reason. you don't always get on the scale and see 5-10 lb losses, it's not realistic. maybe if you're severly overweight but you know what i mean. i can't believe bette-sue fell off the treadmill, ouch! i can't lie, i did laugh, it reminded me of the video on anne's page. haha

i bought some rice quakes, apple slices, a fiber one bar and 100 calorie pack of cupcakes for snacks. i doubt i'll eat it all. lunch is at subway and tonight i might do a chicken breast/veggies/one serving of risotto. we have a delicious organic risotto at my grocery store that is 3pts a serving, so creamy and delish.

have a great hump day!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

motivation comes in all forms

hi everyone! :) happy tuesday (this lady at work adds happy-whatever to every day of the week...unfortunately it's rubbing off on me!)

first off: you have to read katie's post, it made me giggle. second off, this being OP thing is great, i'm lovin it. i'm going to try to get back to my flex points though. i didn't do any last week, needed a jump start, but now im back to normal i think. i packed some yummy goodies for snacks/lunch today: almonds, sliced apple, chunky natural peanut butter and my favorite 100 calorie cupcakes. they are my afternoon treat and i will never give them up.

weight is heading downward, slowly but surely. those holiday pounds sure were fun to gain but now i'm ready to get back to normal. the clothes are feeling A LOT better, i just need to see that # drop sometime soon.

i have a friend's bachelorette party in march. all my high school girlfriends will be there. i see them a few times a year at events such as this and holidays. i am using the party weekend as my motivation to drop these LBS. because you know every event you go to is an unspoken competition. am i right ladies? who has lost/gained weight, who has the best jeans, cutest shoes, new haircut, etc. i'm fine in the clothes & shoes department but i definitely want people to ask my FAVORITE question of all time "have you lost weight?" or my second favorite "have you lost MORE weight?" muahah (evil laugh necessary) - maybe that is the wrong reason to want to lose weight. and actually it's not my reason, it's motivation.

alright...back to work. the heels i'm wearing are killing me. the fact that i've guzzling water from my nalgene isn't helping the situation. luckily none of you are here to see me walking -5 mph and wobbling down the hall in these ridiculous things! :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

1 or 2 point tortilla soup

i tried it this weekend, so good. take the progresson light southwestern style vegetable soup, take 2 tortilla chips (or more if you want, just make sure you count the points) and smash them into tiny bits and add to soup. tasted like delicious tortilla soup to me! add chicken if you want too.

i'm hooked!!

100 calorie pack muffins


hostess 100 calorie pack muffins
according to hungry-girl.com these are 1 point. banana, blueberry & cinnamon. i will be trying ALL of these when i get my greedy little hands on them.

i love the 100 calorie cupcakes, i have 1 every afternoon at work to feed my sweet tooth. yum, can't wait!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

OP weekend!

wow....i am surprised at myself this weekend. i've never NOT used flex points. usually my weekends are FULL of flex points. but i have to say this weekend, i've been right on point. i like this feeling.

did you all see the biggest loser couples first episode? all the contestants use nalgenes - which are plastic re-usable water bottles. well this season they are getting rid of water bottles and using nalgenes. i was telling D about it and he bought me one!

it's a pretty blue with a narrow top to drink out of. i've already drank 2 today! i love it and it was so cute how D listens to the little things i say :)

ready for an OP week and ready to get my gym time in. i'm aiming for 3x this week. start off slow and then do 4x next week maybe. the scale has dropped off 3lbs of water weight, thankfully...i was starting to worry for a while there.

hope you all had a nice weekend, later taters :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

on point!

hi everyone! work has been so busy! my boss is out so he put me in charge and needless to say the workload has doubled. but i like it, i enjoy staying busy at work. this also means i haven't been to the gym this week but i'm not worried about it. i'm trying to focus on getting my food under control this week (been OP completely since wednesday) and so far so good. i cut out the alcohol and cheat foods that i was treating myself to before and i think that will definitely make a difference.

i'm going to work on getting to the gym next week. i don't want to start it all up at once, one day at a time seems to be working for me. the scale, screw the scale. that's all i have to say about that. my pants are still tight, as was expected. it didn't take me 3 days to gain weight and it's not going to be 3, 5 or 10 days for me to lose it. it's going to take time and i'm trying to accept that. i'm just so impatient! i'm hopeful though that i will be OP this weekend and will try not to dip into ANY flex points. i can't remember the last time i didn't use ANY flex points. i don't think that's ever happened..

i'm totally loving biggest loser couples. i like bette sue. i can see how she would be annoying but i thought she was so funny when she called bob a booger. haha! im not sure how i feel about everyone else but i do love me some jillian & bob. i'm kind of glad kim's not on this season. she annoys me.

tonight we're going out for seafood, shouldn't be too bad right? steamed shrimp and mussels maybe? no butter! i'll have to check out the menu. then we're going bowling. usually i spend friday nights out at the bars with friends, so this will be a nice and welcome change of pace for me i think.

have a wonderful weekend :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy 2008!!

new year and definitely new resolutions. i'm starting tommorow and i can't wait. i'm going to weigh in and then stay away from the scale until next wednesday.

my resolutions:
- run a 5k (and maybe 10k after that)
- lose 10 lbs
- get to the gym at least 3x a week
- lift weights
- read more
- finish a bootcamp
- post more blog entries
- be accountable for what i eat and drink (including wine that seems to always get the "2 point" label in my head even though it's probably more than that

so happy and excited for another new year! :) what are your resolutions?

so excited for biggest loser couples tonight, definitely will help with my motivation. i've been enjoying the biggest loser 2 marathon on today, i love that show!!

alright....that's it for now. see you tmw on day 1 of getting back into my routine. FOR GOOD this time.