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Thursday, May 31, 2007

afternoon delight

not that kind of afternoon delight, get your head out of the gutter!! first off, i just wanted to thank everyone for the sweet and thoughtful comments they made about my pictures. i wasn't sure what kind of reaction they would get but it has all been positive :) i am focused and ready to get skinny this summer. not nicole richie skinny or anything, not to worry.

i saw her on the simple life the other night. she was saying how no one says anything if you gain 20 lbs from being stressed but everyone says something if you lose 20 lbs from being stressed. now, i've been stressed out before, but i have never lost 20 lbs as a result. maybe that's just me.

so on to my afternoon delight! i packed my gym bag (as i mentioned before, i can now use the company gym). there are two gyms to chose from: the big one and the one in my building. of course i chose the one in my building so i could do a quick 25 mins of cardio and get back up to my desk as fast as possible. well i went around 1pm and there was NO ONE in there. (except for this guy who came in, took off his shoes, took off his employee id badge, weighed himself and then immediately left....haha....i dont know why i'm still perplexed by these actions). well i did the elliptical for 25 mins :) yay!

i loved being able to get away from my desk, being able to get some mid-day energy and did i mention get away from my desk?

my old gym is about 15 miles down the road and i have to pay a toll to get there. after working all day, that is often the last place i want to be. hopefully having the gym 2 floors down will motivate me to go more than twice a week. :)

and finally...the scale was nice to me this morning. 133.6. i will take it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

june 1st

hey guys!!

so today was boring, i had my last day of training. they gave us all a gym bag with the company logo on the side. are they trying to tell me something? the good news is i can now use the gym in my building which has a treadmill, elliptical, weights, etc. they also have all kinds of classes during the day that you can take in place of lunch: spinning, boot camp, hip hop dancing. i need to get on that and use this stuff. it's free, i have no excuse. a girl i work with wants to do the bootcamp so i will let you know how that goes.

i feel like i've just been kind of going through the motions with this ww and diet thing lately. i'm at a steady 134 (yes i will change that side panel). the 130 i saw last week must have been from dehydration or it was a fluke. who knows? anyway, june 1st is my day. i am going to go hard until june 30 when i attend that wedding. wish me luck :)

hope you are all doing well. i tried the uncrustables grilled cheese. i liked it, it even smelled like grilled cheese. you know what i'm talking about. ta ta :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

lady in red

my face looks weird in the 2nd one (couple too many corona lights?) so here are two pics! i should have gotten a standing up shot of it but i forgot. anyway it's such a pretty dress and i got a lot of compliments. i got it at new york & company. i've never shopped there before but i'm glad i did. it comes in black and patterns as well. i like how i can kind of see my thigh muscle in the second shot.

my bf and i are setting goals, it was his idea. i want to lose 6 lbs by june 30 and so does he. we have a wedding to go to. i weighed 136 this am but that's after a memorial day of being bad. so i will weigh in again wednesday and try to knock 6 lbs off that number.

hope you all are having a great week. i'm in training at work all day again tmw.....so boring. ta ta!

Friday, May 25, 2007

diet sabotage

oops, i did it again. i used my lower weight as an excuse to be able to eat stuff i shouldn't have been eating. last night i went to a mexican restaurant with my boyfriend. at first, i thought one margarita wouldnt hurt, and of course i had to have some tortilla chips & guacamole. then he ordered fajitas and i had a few pieces of beef (which i don't normally eat), black beans and some rice. oops. needless to say the scale said 133 this morning. oops. i didn't make my goal weight but i think next week i will be right back on track.

i'm going to an engagement party this weekend, i'm a bridesmaid and it should be fun :) my dress is hot, i will be sure to take a picture. i will try to have a responsible dieting weekend but its memorial day, so who knows...i might just splurge a little bit. i definitely will be hitting the treadmill though at my mom's house. have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

almost at goal #1?

i stepped on the scale this morning and saw a number that i havent seen in a while. 130.4. what! i dont believe it. i really think its because i was dehydrated this morning...so the verdict will be in tmw. hopefully i see that magical number, that will mean i made my first goal :) yay :)

i think i will change that side panel tmw if i like what i see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

peanut butter diet?

has anyone heard of uncrustables?

i saw these things at target yesterday. i've had the peanut butter & jelly while babysitting some rugrats back in college. they were good...you can't really go wrong with PBJs. well yesterday i saw uncrustables grilled cheese. and since i am instinctively drawn to anything with the word "cheese" on it, i gave it a look. it was only 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, 0 fiber for 1 = 3.5 points. now this may not be the healthiest snack you could pick, of course fruits & veggies are better, but hey, sometimes i want something cheesy and bad.

i did not buy these cheese filled wonders, but i will give them a try. i had to go home and check the points amount before i made my decision.

today has been good. i had oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast, which i figured to be about 4 points. it definitely filled me up, i feel so guilty eating peanut butter though. i need to try that PB2 or whatever it's called. does anyone have a good peanut butter substitute?

speaking of peanut butter, has anyone seen the jif peanut butter to go. bad news, do not even think about it. 360 calories a serving! i will take my spoonfuls over this anyday.

and lastly...the peanut butter diet. i will not be going on this, as i have absolutely no self-control when it comes to peanut butter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another good day

two great days of eating in a row. i need to get better about journaling. while i'm sure you do not care about all the peanut butter i ate today, i am going to write it down here so that i don't have to write it out by hand. because ever since high school, it hasn't felt very natural to write for long periods of time. haha :)

light english muffin - 2
1 tbs natural skippy - 2
(p.s. this is such a yummy, filling, and healthy breakfast that i am loving lately)

1/2 chicken breast - 2
whole grain rice - 3

kashi oatmeal - 2.5
peanut butter scoop added to oatmeal (really who does that?) - 1
(i'm addicted to pb...i don't know why i buy it)

pre-dinner snack
brocoli with lots of butter spray - 0.5
1/2 mix of single serving no pudge fudge brownie - 1

= 14 points
- burned 500 calories at the gym - 5 APs?

out for sushi with my boyfriend but only getting:
california roll - 3
veggie roll - 3
maybe a glass of red wine - 2
= 17-18ish points

if i can stick to that i will be golden. and if i have an extra glass of wine, i should be right at 20.

my best friend is having her engagement party this weekend. i have already tested out my new dress & i have gotten some killer reviews. so i'm excited. maybe i will post a picture and show you all that i'm not some creep that eats too much peanut butter. haha :)

alright...the sushi queen is off for her weekly feeding
have a good one!

Monday, May 21, 2007

the hunger has subsided

so for the first time in a week, i am not starving. i am not on the lookout for my next meal and i am NOT craving taco bell. SUCCESS!

i also went for a 35 min power walk around my neighborhood. it felt good. yay for progress.

tag, i'm it!

i've been tagged by the ever so lovely katie-o, of the sisters skinny! one of my favorite blogs.

i am going to tag:
1. anne
2. sarah
3. perfuncto
4. jodi
5. shelley

objective of the game: (source: diet pulpit)
"The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers. They can be daily reads, or personal favorites. They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain fascinating that you stumbled into recently."

5 links:
1. fit sugar ~ daily fitness blogs, and one of the fabulous "sugar" websites
2. the daily puppy ~ i'm a sucka for a cute puppy dog
3. i'm not obsessed ~ i love celeb gossip
4. gushy grams ~ just saw this earlier, way cute
5. custom glam girl ~ you can design cheap custom t-shirts, good for gift giving

there we have it, my first game of tag :)

weight front: doing okay. not as good as i could be doing but hey, i'm trying! actually i went to a bbq last night and instead of eating anything (except for a mini cupcake) i drank beer. probably not smart but i wasnt hungry. then i went to my boyfriend's mom's house for dinner and said i wasn't hungry and ate a fruit kabob. as i type this, i realize that isn't healthy but i was bloated from eating crap on saturday and figured if i was going to drink beers, i could treat them as enough calories to "nurish me". as i type this i realize how stupid that sounds, but i am not erasing it. it will keep me accountable for stupid reasoning under the influence. haha.

my scale is officially broken. i went to step on it this morning and it read 27.0 instead of 0.0. um....i dont even want to see the end result of that so i got off before it could scream an evil and false number at me!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

fat day

i feel fat today. its almost TOTM and now its a waiting game. not to get into too much detail but after my last birth control goes in my mouth, im on the lookout for aunt flow. i'm also starving today which doesnt help. yuck!

can i complain more? i'm tired. haha. i stayed up too late. i can't believe melinda got voted off AI. well, actually i can. i'm rooting for jordin. melinda was a great singer but she had no personality...she was just kind of boring to me.

anyway, today is going by so slow. i've already eaten my lean cuisine and all my yummy snacks. for some reason i cannot quench this hunger! AHH!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


have you ever had motivation, out of nowhere? all day at work i told myself i wasn't going to go to the gym, i was just going to go straight home from work. but as i was leaving i found myself driving towards the gym instead of home. part of my brain was trying to talk me out of it. but somewhere there was an inner voice telling me "just go. no one has ever left the gym regretting they went. you will feel better if you do 30 minutes of cardio" and i did. 30 minutes and it flew by! yay :)

off to get some sushi with my handsome man. i am the sushi queen after all :) goodnight!

Monday, May 14, 2007

national women's health week

scale: 132.5 - very nice

i can't believe the scale is being nice to me, on a monday to boot! i went to bed bath & beyond last night to look for a new one. the one i liked a lot turned out to be $99. i guess i have expensive taste. i couldn't find the scale like my grandma had so i will keep looking. why are they so expensive? i think i may look at walmart, i'm seeing good reviews online for a couple of their scales.

today has been busy at work. i got my 8-4 schedule back which makes me SO happy. i love getting out early, esp. in the summer :)

hope everyone has a great day. still up in the air on whether to hit the gym after work but i will be doing some sort of physical activity tonight! today starts: national women's health week: http://www.womanshealth.gov/WOMAN/

i'm doing it, you should too!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day!

happy mothers day to all the blogging mommys out there! i hope you have a wonderful day and treat yourself to something delicious :)

i've been good this weekend, it feels great. usually on sundays i am regretting something i ate/drank over the weekend. but i just got back from being at my grandmas, and i made sure to get my exercise in. we went to a mexican restaurant on saturday and instead of my usual weekend frozen margarita, i had a corona light! AND i took my little brother to the park for 2 hours before that and made sure i got plenty of walking and running in.

so i had a good weekend and i hope you enjoy the rest of yours!
scale: 132.9 <--at my grandmas house, so i dont know how mine will react tmw.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

t g i w!

today is my friday! i am going on a trip tmw to see my mom and grandma and just to get away! i have vacation time to burn and since i am getting "rehired" my vacation time starts over! yay! sorry, don't mean to rub it in but i haven't had more than a day off since christmas so i am really pumped.

going to the gym tonight after work. i will probably just work on cardio and maybe some weights? my flight leaves tmw night but i took the day off to sleep in, get some laundry done, go back to the gym and then just relax! i love sleeping in and on the weekends i'm so used to waking up early that its hard to sleep past 9. ohhh college, how i miss you!

as i said earlier my scale said 133 this morning. yay me :) i've definitely cut back and don't have my glass (or two) of wine with dinner. i think that makes a big difference. i read that after calories from fat that calories from alcohol are the hardest to burn off. yuck! my plan for the weekend: stock up on healthy groceries at my grandma's house. go for at least a 30 minute walk the 3 days i'm there and try to stay active by going to the mall or running errands! i want to be a bum but i will have to fight that urge. i will definitely be enjoying my weekend though and i hope you enjoy yours!!

celebrity weight loss

how i lost over 125 lbs: ricki lake

check it out. she's 123 lbs now! i don't know why these things fascinate me but they do! i love weight loss success stories!

scale: 133 :) woohoo. i promised myself i would be good this weekend! hopefully i will start losing more.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

celebrity fit club & motivation

does anyone watch celebrity fit club on vh1? i've watched every season...it's a great tool for motivation. well this season is no exception. remember marsha from the brady bunch? well maureen mccormick (marsha) is on this season and she started off at around 154 i believe. only two episodes have aired this season and as of the current episode she was 131.

WELL...she was recently featured in OK! magazine. she is now down to 116 lbs. and she's 50 years old. she looks AWESOME. here is a picture of the cover. in the article she talks about how she cut back on sweets, started working out 3-4 days a week and just worked on portion control! how great, she's my new diet idol. she's just about my height (she's 5'3, i'm 5'2) and at a weight i would love to be at.

anyway, check out the magazine or the show, they're both great motivators!

happy tuesday!

sorry i wasn't able to post yesterday...i was so busy! i'm getting a promotion and i had to have an "interview" with the HR department. it went smoothly. more moola here i come!! $$.

the good thing is, i can stop paying for the gym. right now i belong to gold's gym. it's a nice facility but sometimes i feel bad paying so much. it's definitely a motivator to actually go there but at the same time "why can't i just run outside?". well once i get promoted, i will go from a consultant to a full time employee. which means...i get to use the gym that is on the first floor! ideally i would love to use it before work but even after work would be fine. theres a women's locker room and everything. from what i could see from peering in the window, there are a couple of elliptical machines, treadmills and crosstrainers and of course a lot of weight machines. its a good size gym and i'm so excited for that! right now i have to pay a toll to go to my gym everyday after work. those $1s add up!! hehe

i've been good so far this week on the diet front! i weighed 133.5 this morning. last night at the gym i weighed 131. my bf says i need to stop obsessing about the scale. i think my clothes look better and i am definitely seeing more definition in my legs. i just have a scale addiction i guess!

hope everyone is doing well! back to work i go :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

work pet peeve

there is one thing i thought was an unspoken rule when it comes to public restrooms.

if you and i are in the same bathroom and there are 5 or more stalls...do not go into the stall next to me. respect my "personal" space and at least move down a few stalls. especially if you are planning on taking a dump.

that is all.
(i'm at work...i needed to get this off my chest)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

think like a thin person

hey all

so in between commercials for america's next top model i thought i would post really quick. i went to the gym today after work and did 46 mins of cardio and weights :) yay! i need to start incorporating more strength training into my workouts.

i was reading O magazine and read about the beck diet solution. it looks at dieting in more of a psychological way. learning how to cope with hunger, etc. the creator of the diet challenges the lady who wrote the article to go from after to breakfast until dinner without eating....for one day. umm...what? but the goal was to teach her how to "not fear hunger" and learn that it will eventually subside. she said that people are so scared of being hungry or famished that they try to feed that feeling. if they learn what "hunger" really feels like they will know how to differentiate between real hunger and cravings. anyway, i will not be starving myself but i see where she's going with this. maybe after munching after dinner, you can focus in on that feeling and move forward.

anyway! check out the article: think like a thin person, o magazine

scale at the gym: 132.5

fabulously focused

weight: 133.5!

i'm so focused this week. where is it coming from? i think it's the beautiful weather :)

i went for a walk last night with my sister. tonight i'm going back to the gym and doing weights & cardio. i might only do 25-30 minutes of cardio bc i might take another walk with my sis tonight when she gets home from work. we're trying to go for a walk every week night.

thanks to jodi for this tip: it's $0.31 ice cream scoop night at baskin robbins from 5-10pm! my favorite is rainbow sherbert and for a 4oz scoop its 3.5 points! yay :) i might have to stop by before american idol. i think chris and phil are leaving tonight, who knows though! my money is on jordin.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

lean pockets & leg muscles

happy tuesday everyone! just got back from the dentist. they said i may need to have a root canal this summer but to check back if i'm still in pain. i was having a tooth ache but she couldn't figure out why. if it still hurts or gets worse, root canal here i come :( oh well, at least i got the teeth cleaning portion out of the way. let me tell you, that electric scraper she used, that was horrible. my mouth was fine when i left but now my teeth are tender and sore. i guess that will keep me from mindlessly snacking.

anyway, i made a discovery last night in the frozen food section. lean pockets egg, cheese & ham. YUM! and only 3 points. i will definitely be picking those up. i got the 4 pack for $2.50. not bad for portable egg & cheese! i did come to find out that my beloved four cheese pizza lean cuisines are 6 points. all this time, i thought they were 4. so i am officially switching to the

whole grain supreme pizza....only 4 points!

weight watchers points for lean pockets

going for a walk today after work my sister. yay for a walking buddy. she never used to exercise but now she wants to be more active. she's blessed with naturally long legs & skinny limbs...bitch. jk!!

i, on the other hand, have started to love my new muscles in my thighs. i love how strong they feel and how firm they've become from running :)

okay enough about me...