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Saturday, September 29, 2007

OP on a friday & christmas weigh-in

hi everyone! :)

my xmas challenge weigh-in
week one
starting weight: 138.8
1st weigh-in: 138.0

hey, thats good! i still can't belive the scale has gone up so much since the summer but i will admit i had a fun time getting there :) mexican food, pizza, beer, and basically just letting myself slip are to blame. i'm glad i have taken control though.

weight this morning: 137.2 :) yipeeeee - hopefully next week's weigh-in will be even better and i know this because last night i was totally ON POINT! no flexies. on a friday too! i don't remember the last time that happened.

it's partially because i went to the dentist and couldnt feel my mouth for 4 hours, thus preventing me from eating. but when i had the chance to eat i had a gardenburger on a light english muffin with a little bit of hummus. 3 pts and it was very filling. i called it an early night i'm very proud of myself. weekends are my weakness!

this morning i've had a light english muffin with a little bit of natural peanut butter & some coffee. i'm going to the mall and running errands with my sister today so that should be some good activity for the day!

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, i'm going to try to not use too many flexies tonight, i like the way i'm feeling right now.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

5.5 lbs?

scale this morning: 135.2 -- which im not TOO excited about bc i had a few glasses of wine last night so i know this is probably just dehydration. but hey, it was nice to see :) weigh-in for week one of the christmas challenge is tmw. my starting weight will be the highest weight ive seen this week: 138.8 ~ i'm hoping for a loss!!

i read in SELF magazine that the average weight gain between summer and christmas for women is 5.5 lbs. wow, so it's not just me! that's close to what i've gained since the summer. i need to get it in check though and i really feel like i am :)

i have a work happy hour tonight :\ i'm going to order sushi and red wine. so i should be good to go!
have a great night! the office & greys are going to tivo for me, can't wait to chat about them!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

exercise log: 9/26

45 minutes on the elliptical = 400 calories burned
20 minutes walking on the treadmill = 100 calories burned
= 500 calories burned & 65 minutes of cardio


90 days until christmas!

scale is down! i know, i know, shouldn't weigh in everyday. this girl will never learn. but hey, better than what i saw yesterday. i need to be honest. yesterday i saw 138.8!! AHH!! wtf!! thats what i was thinking. ive stayed at 136 for the past month, whats with the 2.8 lb gain? TOTM is over finally, so i expected to lose. im realizing that i really went off track in august and this month. im so glad to be back ON track. hopefully my body will forgive me and the weight will melt off? i can only hope.

well today i saw 138.2 - so at least that's good, right? i need to stop with the scale, i can tell my clothes feel better, even since monday. like i said, i will never learn.

i did some arm weights while watching the biggest loser last night!! i love that show! jerry looks so great now. anyway, i tried what bob said about lifting weights (stand on a balance ball or one one foot to work more muscles. well i stood on one foot, man, it was hard! but i did it and can definitely feel the burn today. i really like lifting weights but sometimes after i do cardio i just want to leave the gym and shower off. i hate the feeling of being sweaty. you'd think i'd be over that by now, but no.

anyway...possibly hitting the gym again today. if not, definitely tmw. my legs are SO sore from yesterday. i really pushed myself hard and it felt great. we have a work luncheon at a chinese buffet (yuck...i dislike buffets, too many people around food i would be eating) but i scanned the menu (not the buffet, they have a regular menu) and they have sushi, steamed pot stickers & wontons and a vegetable grilled thing that you can hold the sauce on so i will probably get one of those. or maybe 2 ;)

i don't know what my starting weight is going to be for the christmas challenge. i guess 138.8? so, so far so good. down 0.6. gotta restart somewhere i guess....hopefully friday i will at least be down to 137.

alright back to work...have a great day ladies!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

exercise log

today's activity: 60 minutes on the treadmill

30 minute run (15 mins uphill)
30 minute uphill, moderate pace walk

= 450 calories
= 9,000 steps

hopefully this will somewhat make up for the fact that i skipped the gym yesterday :)

shopping is my cardio?

the scale went up this morning. wtf! i hate that damn thing. but oh well...not much i can do about it. i was perfectly on-point yesterday and i think i only ate about 16-18 pts....so i dont know why it went up but dinner was kind of heavy so maybe it was that. hopefully i can just maintain by friday. thats all i want at this point. and no, im not revealing that evil number that i saw this morning. hopefully i will not be seeing it again.

i had a slimfast for breakfast....not sure how i feel about those things but i was in a rush and it seemed like a good idea. i found myself getting snacky around 10am. i looked in my drawer here at work. and nothing looked good. i almost ate a luna bar but then realized i wasn't really "hungry" and would prefer to eat my lunch earlier, because i know it will be more satisfying than a luna bar. so NSV. i didnt give in to mindless snacking, drank a cup of coffee and now feel fine. i think the mental part of being at work and wanting snacks takes over my brain sometimes. but i need to really cut that out.

instead of the gym, i went to the mall yesterday. surprisingly i felt thin while trying clothes on. maybe im not as fat as i feel. i bought a new work shirt from forever 21. some of their stuff is teeny-bopper-ish but they have cute sweaters and stuff for work. its a navy blue mockneck sweater that buttons down on the side of the neck. hard to describe but it was only $14! i'll take it :)

not much else to say....going to the gym today. i feel guilty for not going yesterday and plus, i need it. i love the gym but the devil on my shoulder keeps telling me i dont need to go....go tmw....go for a run after work (which doesn't always happen). i need to listen to the angel on the other shoulder. "get on the elliptical, you like it. more than you like the muffin top that we will be seeing soon if you don't do something!!" haha :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

tarjay & healthy groceries

ohhh tarjay (target)...how i love thee. my sister and i spent about an hour and a half there yesterday. and most of our time was spent in the grocery aisles. i stocked up on healthy food and i'm excited for this week and ready to start doing the damn thing. :) some things i bought: nature's own honey wheat light bread, pickles, special k, crystal lite water bottle packs, 24oz bottle of water, coke zero, 100 cal key lime pie yogurt, 100 cal lemon cream pie yogurt, coffeemate pumpkin spice, fat free pringles (can't resist them), and some lean cuisines. all diet friendly, nothing bad. NSV!

i have 8 lbs to lose by christmas for the christmas challenge. can i really do it? i hope so. i'm going to really try. this morning the scale is down to 137.2. which is good considering on friday it was up to 138....i've never weighed less on a monday than i did on a friday morning. but it also could be due to TOTM. if i can see 136 tmw i will be happy. i actually had a great weekend eating wise. i may have indulged in too many beers friday night but i got myself back on track and saturday was not a complete waste. i babysat with my sister and we split a small microwavable pizza. yesterday we split a greek style pizza from trader joes (150 calories for 1/3 of the pizza). yum!! so delicious. had some red wine but mostly just had pizza as a cheat food.

today's sandwich i brought for lunch:
2 slices nature's own honey wheat bread (80 calories) = 1 pt
99% fat free turkey = 1 pt
spicy mustard = 0 pt
2 pickle slices on the side = 0 pt
20 sour cream & onion fat free pringles = 1 pt

and i have to say, i am stuffed right now. more stuffed than i am when i eat my lean cuisines. i need to start packing my lunch more. gym today after work. i really have no excuse not to go. i carpooled with my sister and i get off at 4 and she gets off at 5 so i might as well get a run in or hit the elliptical :) motivation is still in full force.

product find: pumpkin spice coffeemate
i keep this at the office, i love it! 45 calories a serving, which is way better than starbucks. but definitely not as tasty. it's a nice fake-out though!

alright....back to work! happy monday and let's get this christmas challenge started :o)

Friday, September 21, 2007


blah. that's how i can explain how i'm feeling about this weeks progress. actually i felt really good about it until i stepped on the scale. why do those numbers mean so much to me?

weighing in this morning did not bring me as much joy as i expected. but it is still TOTM so next week will hopefully be better! long gone are my days of seeing 132 though, let me tell you that. the scale said...gulp...137. yikes. ouch. what! damn. those were the thoughts in my head. but you know what? deal with it and move on. i've been a good weight watcher this week. i did go out to dinner last night and eat some mexican food so that could be the reason but like i said, i'm trying and i've made huge progress by already getting in 3 workouts this week and being on-point (except for last night when i used some flex points). but i'm back in the gym this afternoon and not giving up. motivation is key. baby steps.

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. not much planned...probably celebrating a friend's birthday tonight and then babysitting tmw night with my sister. so that should be low key and hopefully low cal. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

row, row, row your boat

so yesterday i found myself all alone in the gym. mind you, my gym is one of many in our office complex and this one in particular only has a few treadmills, elliptical machines and weights. nothing fancy but probably could only accomodate 10-15 people who were trying to get their cardio on. i first hopped on the elliptical for 10 mins. then the treadmill for 18. blah. i was bored. i didnt want to do it. and then in the corner of my eye i see the rowing machine.

it was old, wooden, and i have no idea how many calories i burned. it basically only measured time and distance. i was only going to try it for 2 mins (to give me an even 30 mins of cardio...because i'm anal retentive like that). so i hopped on and before i knew it, i was on there for 7 mins. and omg did it burn. my arms were on fire. but a good burn. a biggest-loser-running-in-the-sand-carrying-a-log-over-your-head burn (i imagine). i was so into it, it was awesome. i don't know if i would do it if other people were in there (i'm a shy worker-outer), i was panting pretty hard...turns out (according to sparkpeople.com) i burned around 70 calories, but not bad for 7 mins sitting down, right? but it just reminded me that i need to switch it up every once in a while. try new things.

i really want to work on running more outside since the weather is nice. i kicked my own butt last night and it felt great.

christmas challenge here we come! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

biggest loser inspired me

after going to the gym today and doing cardio (including the rowing machine...more on that tmw) & strength training...i came home today after work, changed back into my workout clothes and went for a 20 min run! this occurred right after i watched my tivo-ed biggest loser season 3 episode. wow. i was so motivated. if they can do it, i can get off my ass and go for a jog in this beautiful weather.

non-scale victory of the day :)

i heart pumpkins

pumpkin spice lattes are back at starbucks. omg. my favorite. i ordered a tall skim, no whip pumpkin spice latte today before work. i checked out dwlz.com - 4.5pts for a tall! whoa. i thought it would be around 3. from now on i am getting the "short"...its the tiniest size at SBX (im a nerd) and it's not up on the menu but you can order them. i'm thinking that would be around 2.5 pts. yum.

aside from the pumpkins in my latte and the pumpkins i've seen around town, it really is starting to feel like fall. part of me is happy that its sweater season and jacket season...i can hide the couple of pounds i've gained quite nicely. but the other part of me is still motivated. i know, suprising. i'm going down to the gym around 12:45 (i ate some food a little while ago and need it to digest). look at me, back in the gym. it feels great and i love it. AND i have my ipod today, which i did not have on monday. i didn't realize how dependent i am on my iPod for working out and staying in the zone.

still haven't weighed in. i will on friday. i'm thinking im still around 135-136 which is fine. just need to keep trucking and get back to normal!
happy hump day everyone :)

p.s. can't wait to watch biggest loser!! i tivo-ed it! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

easing my way back in the saddle

hi everyone.

guess what? i went to the gym yesterday! woo!! and it wasn't as hard getting back into it as i thought. i was able to run the same as usual and not feel too out of shape. victory! :) i'm going again tmw. i was going to go today but after a day in a training session, i decided not to push it but will definitely be there tmw!!

not much else to say, i'm a bad blogger lately and i apologize.

plans tonight: going to dinner with my boyfriend and then hopefully watching the 1st season of brothers & sisters (on DVD today!) with my sister. i'm weighing in friday, i'm going to watch what i eat and get to the gym and stop obsessing about that damn scale.

guess what...lindsay lohan works out at katieo's gym!! ah! so crazy. can't wait to hear fun stories if she sees her there :) did i ever tell you i love celeb gossip? i know, so stupid and pointless but hey, its entertaining. poor britney though. ANYWAY!

BB8: it doesnt really matter who wins at this point but i'm thinking daniele will take it home.

alright....later taters.

Friday, September 14, 2007


weight: 136.6

i was thisclose to not posting today. like i've been saying, my heart really isnt into counting points or working out lately and i've said time and again that i am getting back on track. well i'm on track during the week (except for a few happy hours here and there) but on the weekends i'm bad. well this weekend is the last one. monday i am back on track and i have made a bet with my boyfriend. i haven't come up with it yet...maybe clean his room or something if i don't do it...but i need some kind of motivation. this has got to stop.

i weighed in at 136.6...which isn't bad but its more than my usual and my jeans are TIGHT. im also PMSing so i am kind of using that as an excuse. hopefully i will be done with aunt flo by monday. if not, still going to the gym and still eating right. i always feel slimmer after my period, i dont know what it is. and hardly any cravings. so i think this might just work. i also want to work on dropping 10 lbs by christmas with carolyn and anne so i need to get that started sooner than later!!

i haven't seen last nights BB8 yet so don't tell me who leaves! im going to watch it when i get off work. tonight: going out for drinks/dinner with my girlfriends. saturday: possibly out for dinner with my sister and her friend. and sunday = football. but monday, that's the key i think. focus on that and let myself have one last weekend hurray. sounds like a plan? i hope so!!

have a great weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

better blogger

so i haven't been posting as much as i should but i'm trying! i've been good this week and my pants even feel looser. i will admit i had 3 slices of pizza over the weekend...accompanied with beer...but i wasn't as bad as usual. that's an improvement right? i didn't weigh myself yesterday or today but think i might just post my friday weigh-ins from here on out? i will still weigh everyday though. i think i'm finally getting back into my groove.

my sister and some girlfriends went to "ladie's night" at the melting pot tonight. if you don't know what the melting pot is, it's basically a fondue restaurant that serves a 4 course meal. i said i wasn't going to go, i don't need to eat that, i'm not in the mood to eat that and i'm actually back on track. my sister gave me a guilt trip about how i need to go out and have fun our girlfriends but ya know what? if i can resist melting pot, i think that's a good thing. i know she just wants me to hang out but sometimes the peer pressure is too much.

so i am staying in tonight. i had some brocoli, 3 pieces of sushi and i might have another light snack. my desert is my new favorite ice cream: dreyer's slow churned "american idol: hollywood cheesecake" flavor. Oh. My. God. it is absolutely amazing. i think it's limited edition but that's probably a good thing. it's cheesecake flavored ice cream swirled with strawberry sauce and graham crackers. 140 calories a serving and to die for. better than most "real" ice cream if you ask me.

so i'm getting my eating down and i think it's time to get back into the gym...why haven't i been in 2 weeks? who knows! i've been full of excuses but no more!! tmw is the day. (crossing my fingers i stay motivated)

also a big thank you to my girl carolyn who posted some lovely things about me in her blog! she is such a sweet girl and we are very similar in where we are in our lives right now. thanks girl!! check out her blog now, she's truly a weight-loss inspiration :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

she's alive!

hi everyone....sorry for my absence. i guess i didn't realize how long it's been since i last posted. my reason? going off plan, not exercising and basically just doing whatever i wanted food/drink wise. clothes started to get a little tighter, the scale went up and i became really disappointed with myself for letting myself go. but i'm going to catch it before it gets any more out of hand. the scale is up to about 138 and im not happy about that. that means 3 lbs in like 3 weeks but im pretty sure its water weight. the lbs have been falling off these past few days. so i just need to stick to it. no more weddings, bachelorette parties, for a while and only one more concert! phew!!

not much else is new with me. another one of my friends was married over the weekend so that was nice. i'm just working and living life. my cubicle was moved to a new location so i haven't been commenting on too many blogs at work since there is a lot of traffic behind my desk. i read them all though!!

i have two product finds that i am LOVING

ms. t's perogies

3 good sized perogies for 4 points. they are delicious with fat free sour cream, yum! i love these. apparently they sell mini-perogies that are 7 for 3 points, i definitely need to find these!

american idol: take the cake ice cream

this ice cream tastes like birthday cake. yellow dough with blue frosting and sprinkles. it's very yummy and around 2pts a serving, i love it!!

BB8: i think jessica is going home tonight. and then after her probably eric or jameka unless they win POV which i doubt. i'm not sure what the whole "double elimination" means....so that should be fun to watch!

alright that's it for now, back to work but i will check in tmw and hopefully make it to the gym tonight :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

bad weight watcher :(

hi everyone!! yes, i am alive and well but the bad news is, i've been a BADDDD weight watcher. i think i finally just got tired of watching the points and exercising and totally let myself go for about 2 weeks. but alas, i am back. i've been good since tuesday and plan on keeping that up. i'm missing my routine and being back in the groove. these weddings and BBQs have gotten out of hand!

sorry for not posting but i will be back tmw with some product finds and will be back to my blog reading!!! thanks for caring ladies :)