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Monday, April 30, 2007

perfect diet day

hey everyone!

today has gone so smoothly, i love this feeling. i hit the gym after work for weights and 45 minutes of cardio. i came home, had a lean pocket (yummm) and then went on a 35 minute walk with my sister. that means 80 minutes of cardio! i'm sure this won't be the norm but it felt good :) i am pooped now though.

might stop for a mcdonalds frozen yogurt as a treat...i've been so good all day, i deserve it.

ta ta mis amigos

back in the saddle again

yes, i'm finally feeling it again! inspiration! woo!! i have to admit, i've let my dieting and exercise slack lately. i've been pretty good but not as good as i knew i could be. oh well. sometimes i get sick of counting points and going to the gym and i rebel. but luckily, i caught it early this time.

new plan:
-gym at least 3 days a week
-walk outside on days off
-watch less tv, get outside more and enjoy the pretty weather
-read more
-cut back on wine during the week
-go to bed early
-pack a healthy lunch every night

so these are my goals for the month of may. today has been good so far, i'm excited for this new motivation.

i know i need to get back to the gym and really push myself. i started to notice new definition in my legs, a "new muscle" as i tell my boyfriend. its right above my knee (i don't have muscular legs...well i guess i do now but never have before) and its very nice. i can't wait to see what else lies beneath the fat!!

weight: 136 :( boo. weekend weight i'm hoping.

what do you use for motivation?

Friday, April 27, 2007

rain rain go away

so...not much to say but TGIF everyone!! :)

i need to slow my roll with the eating and drinking. i've gone a little too far this week. oh well, sometimes you need a break. monday is a fresh start. i'm going to a baseball game tonight....rain or shine. and its definitely raining! yuck! spring showers bring may flowers :)

have a great weekend blogging buddies!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

blogging & brownies

weight: 133.5

i've been a bad blogger, i admit. i've been watching my food intake, but letting myself slip here or there. i dont know what it is about getting off work on a beautiful spring day that makes me want to sit outside of my favorite mexican restaurant, eat chips and salsa and drink a frozen margarita. but hey, i'm young and as they say, you only live once.

but that's not to say i'm not watching what i eat the other 85% of the time. i'm a good dieter. i'm perfect at work, it's actually pretty weird. because once i get home i have these cravings and sometimes i give in.

i know you've all probably heard of no pudge fudge brownies but WOW. they are sooo good. the best part is you can make single servings. for those of you who love chocolate but have a problem with portion control, these are the brownies for you. all you do is add fat free vanilla yogurt (or plain yogurt with a splash of vanilla extract) to the mix and pop it in the microwave for 1 minute. it comes out as a hot, fudgy brownie bowl that is DELICIOUS. tastes just like the real thing if you ask me. add some fat free cool whip and its a delicious 2-3 point treat. you REALLY have to try these. so good. i've never made a batch of them, i'm sticking with the single servings.

hope everyone had a good week! i'll try to be a better blogger!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

t g i f

so its that time again. TOTM. blah. i hate it. the good news is i'm at 134, during this bloated, fat feeling, time of the month. so hopefully by monday i will be down a few. you know what? my clothes feel better, i've been working out harder, so i feel good. i need to stop obsessing about that damn number! go away scale, you're evil!!

this weekend i'm going to go to my boyfriend's little sister's soccer game. maybe some shopping, and plenty of relaxing :) it should be wonderful!! :) have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

hump day binge drinking

ugh. why do i do this to myself? i stayed up until 1:30 last night drinking at my boyfriends house. his roommates had an inpromptu wednesday night party and i decided to join in. bf went to bed and i stayed up wayyy too late and drank too much. i am feeling the repurcussions as we speak. i came in late to work. i feel like shit. oh well. i guess sometimes i forget that i'm not in college anymore. or maybe i wish i still was?

so i've been a bad blogger. but don't think i've stopped my healthy lifestyle. aside from last night, i've been GREAT all week. i've just been to busy to blog at work. i'm down to 133 which is great. however, the scale said 130.5 this morning. i am extremely dehydrated though so we'll see what it says tmw. :)

had sushi last night with my bf and STOPPED...*gasp*...when i was full! i made myself put the chop sticks down and i felt so much better afterward. usually we order WAY too much sushi and i end up helping him finish it. but this time, i didnt. yay me :)

hope everyone is doing good! i've been reading all of your blogs :)

later alligator!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

100 calorie ice cream sandwiches


slim-a-bear 100 calorie vanilla or chocolate ice cream sandwiches

i love me some friday

slight movement: 133.5

well i guess 131 came and went! oh well! i will keep pressing on. my weight fluctuates and i'm okay with that. so, i went to the gym last night. there is nothing like seeing a former sorority sister that makes you push yourself just a litttttle bit harder on the treadmill and elliptical. i really pushed myself and i did 25 mins of cardio. yay me :) considering how tired i was after work, this is definitely a good thing. i need to get at least 30 mins in and i need to add another day of cardio i think. i've only been going 2 days a week and sometimes i take a walk on sunday afternoons for an hour.

not much planned for the weekend, hopefully it will be relaxing :) hope everyone has a good one!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

up up and away!

so i'm back up to 134. i'm not changing my side panel. why? because i dont want to. okay okay, maybe i will but not today. hehe :)

going to the gym tonight after work...in a couple of minutes actually. i hope the weather warms up so i can start running outside again, i like the challenge.

i guess thats it. work has been busy and i've been eating healthy. (aside for the easter candy i ate last night...oops!!). thank god tommorow is friday :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

where, oh where, have i been?

nowhere. i guess i've just been too lazy to blog. i think i'm in a non-diet but still eating healthy mood this week. i just feel really hungry. i dont know what my problem is. oh well. i didnt weigh myself this morning. but monday i was 134. weekend weight i think, who knows. im not changing my side panel, im going to see what it has to say on friday and go from there.

i think its pms. i'm just in a blah mood. i think i'm going to have a snack...be back tmw when i'm more exciting :) hehe

Friday, April 06, 2007

sushi & the evil scale

went to sushi last night and actually restrained myself. my sister ordered a lobster roll, which had fried lobster in it. i only had 1! yay :) the rest was alaskan roll, california roll & a philadelphia roll. the philly roll had a small amount of cream cheese in it, but it was worth it!

i'm so happy its friday. i'm tired this morning though!

scale: 131.0 :)

this low carb thing is working. i do eat bread and fruit, just not as much as i used to. i think cutting back is helping me get over my plateau.

i almost bought a new scale last night because i felt as if mine was lying to me. but i was happy to see it decided to be friendly this morning.

have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


this is my 100th post...wow!!

went to the gym last night and got on the treadmill. i wasn't really feeling it so i decided that i would run faster for a shorter amount of time. i usually run around 4.8ish (i'm slow but it feels fast...and i have short legs hehe). yesterday i ran for 15 minutes, with 1 minute intervals at 5.0, 5.2, 5.6, 5.8. wowie. it was fast. i then walked and then ran more at 5.0. i ran for a total of 25 minutes and walked for 10. i'm pretty happy about it and i burned more calories on the treadmill than usual, which was very nice :)

not much is new, still trying to stay low on the carb front. i had some wheat bread yesterday with peanut butter for lunch. today i brought 2 hard boiled eggs, string cheese, turkey slices stuffed with laughing cow, baked chicken (i made it last night, delicious), broccoli and a fiber one bar. so i should be good to go. i probably won't eat all of that bc i want to save my points for tonight. going to dinner with my sister for applebee's weight watchers menu. i really like that cheesy chicken they have :)

alright...back to work.

Monday, April 02, 2007

monday monday, can't trust that day

i am so lazy today! i think its the whole monday thing. not much to say. i had a good weekend. ate pretty low carb and didn't go out saturday night. so that was good!! i had mexican on saturday though, it's turning into my weekly splurge.

scale this morning: 133.5 <--weekend weight?

going to the gym tonight...maybe. its so beautiful, i'm thinking i should run outside. yesterday my sis and i went for a 55 minute walk! WOOHOO! :)

hope everyone has a great monday...