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Monday, June 30, 2008


so i've decided to be more accountable for what i'm eating/drinking. mainly bc i'm maintaining and not losing any weight and also because it's about damn time. lately i'll guestimate points, count 3 huge spoonfuls of ice cream as 1 point, when it's probably 2+, count a *full* glass of wine as 2 pts...knowing that its probably more. whats the point of it? why do i think lying to myself is going to produce any kind of change. there is no point. i've watched laura lose weight every week, and it's motivated me to get my act together! i need to drop 1-2 lbs a week too! she uses sparkpeople. i have an account so i signed back in today and i'm already at 17 out of 20 total points (i convert to WW points myself). and its 6:30 at night. puts things into perspective.

but i'm on track, every point is accounted for an i even measured out what 4oz (2pts worth) of wine looks like and its not as much. not nearly as much as im used to having. gonna limit myself to one regular size, unlike the 2 super size i'll indulge in. got to the gym today and did 35 mins on the elliptical and 30 mins of weights. finished "bitter is the new black" and i think i might read jen lancaster's next book "bright lights, big ass" - i like her style of writing. any other good books you all recommend.

oh! and to challenge myself even more, i'm going to try to stay on WW even throughout my out of town trip to chicago. normally i have the "eat what i want" on vacation mentality. but i just don't want to. i'm coming up with a plan of attack, scheduled cheats, exercise to do, etc. i'll let you know what i decide. any vacation tips?

alright, off to watch some tivo-ed bridezillas. love that show! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

same old, same old

hi everyone! haven't been posting much lately, just living life. trying not to concentrate too hard on the dieting, cause i'm going to get frustrated if i do. i've been getting to the gym and eating well during the week. the weekends have been my downfall but overally i've been maintaining the same weight for a few months now. my clothes look fine and im toning up so i try to just focus on the positive and not the number on the scale!!

hope everyone is having a great week. getting down to the gym today during work to get my cardio/weights in!

happy hump day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

feelin strong

this morning, around 4am, i got up to use the bathroom and i swung my legs over the bed and put my hands on my thighs to lazily drag myself to the bathroom and i felt it...firm thighs. nice, strong, firm legs. and i at 4am, a smile crossed my face as i made my way to the bathroom.

my the scale isn't budging but my clothes feel better and i notice definition in not only my legs but my arms. i am really loving this weight lifting thing. i love how strong it makes me feel. that is a good feeling.

got to the gym today and did 25 mins of weights & 25 mins on the treadmill. today was a good day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

quick post

got to the gym today and did 50 mins on the elliptical. really didn't want to but i forced myself and i'm happy i did!

just wanted to give a quick update. i'm heading home tmw for a father's day BBQ. grilled chicken and veggies for me! then im going out with my friends from home so that should be fun.

have a nice weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"weight ain't nothin but a number"

doing well this week - had some wine with gf's on tuesday but the scale actually went down the next day. my super busy weekend of the 5k, baseball game, extreme sweating from the heat and the concert left me with a 4lb gain! WHAT! thankfully all 4 of those pesky pounds are gone but i do need to tighten up on the eating and eat more fruits/veggies and less carbs.

i can definitely tell that my stomach is getting flatter and my clothing fits better. i was complaining to D the other day that i'm frustrated bc i feel like i'm doing a really good job on the diet & exercise front (for the most part) and the scale is hardly budging. he said "well you just said all your clothes fit better and you've been getting in really good workouts. if other people can't tell the number on the scale by looking at you, why do you let it get to you so much"....so i thought about it for a while. he's right, only i know what the number says and if my pants are clearly looser than they were a month ago, why do i care so much? i guess it would just be nice to see some movement on the scale every once in a while. im holding steady at the same number for the past 2 weeks. my crazy weekends aren't helping, i guess that may be where the weak link is.

got to the gym yesterday and today and i'll go again tmw and i want to do yoga on saturday. that will make 4 workouts for the week :)

alright almost time to go, its gonna be a hot one outside....keep cool!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

5k: complete!

i had my first 5k this weekend and i loved it! it was great to be out there with all those people and i ran with a girl from work. we took a break to walk, she wanted to stop, but other than that we ran for a majority of it! next one i want to run the whole thing. i'm already looking into signing up for my next one!

went to a baseball game last night, the weather was horrible yesterday, extremely hot and uncomfortable. today we're going to a concert (outdoors, yet again) so im sure that will be a sweat-fest as well! oh well, maybe ill sweat away some LBS. jk.

have a great sunday! :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

habitat for humanity

quick update: we did habitat for humanity today at work. while it was VERY rewarding...it was the most i've ever sweat in my entire life. it was about 90 degrees all day, the hot sun was blasting on us from 10-3 when we left....lots of heavy lifting and hammering and carrying...i am exhausted!

that is my activity for the day....no gym but i'll get there tmw. one more workout before the 5k on saturday! :D

have a great night!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i ran 3.6 miles: outside!

hi everyone! well i really surprised myself today. i attempted my 1st outdoor trial run of the old 5k....in my neighborhood. i was weary of it because it has a few hills, one big one, and i didnt want it to discourage me. D said that going around my circle once was a little over a mile so that if i could make it around 3x, it would be a 5k.

so i put on my pedometer and the ipod shuffle and hit the pavement. the first 1/2 mile was fine, it felt good to be running outside. i wasnt going very fast (catching my reflection in a few cars, i really didnt look like i was going fast) but i kept a good pace and my breathing was up. the hills are what got me but in the end, it wasnt bad and i felt amazing afterwards. i probably walked for 2 mins total, after the hills, which isnt bad at all for my first go round. AND i lifted weights afterwards!!

when i got in my car to clock the mileage, it came out to be 3.6 miles! so i ran an extra half mile. that felt REALLY good :)

ok off to hit the showers....have a great night!

Monday, June 02, 2008

fabulous monday

hi everyone!

today has been a good day so far. i had tons of work to do which kept me busy and i even managed to get in 50 mins on the elliptical.

i started reading "bitter is the new black" - such a funny book. this lady is a straight up bitch but its funny to hear some of the outrageous things she says. so far i'm enjoying it.

i'm going to try to get to the gym 5x this week! i want to run 3 of those days: tues, thurs and friday. then i have the 5k on saturday so i guess that will be 6 days straight of working out. is that a good idea or should i give myself a free day before the race? it's my first one, tips are welcome!!

alright, time to watch some tivo and catch up on magazines. have a great night!