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Friday, March 30, 2007

one thirty two

down one more lb!

scale: 132.0

yes!! looks like this lower carb eating is helping me get over my plateau :) love it!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

boring post

this one is going to be boring, sorry!!

scale this morning: 133

ate low carb today except for a fiber one bar and a miller lite. went to the gym for 45 minutes of cardio, only 14 minutes of running but i ran at 5.1 instead of 4.7 so i think that made a huge difference. i think i need to do some more interval training (ala couch potato to 5k) and run faster. or maybe i should work on distance? i don't know. i also did the elliptical for 15 minutes...i was only going to go for 5 but the minimum time you can set is 10 so i made myself push through. tricky little elliptical.

anyway, it was a good day. tommorow i am going over to a friend's house for a girls night. she told me to bring an appetizer and/or drinks but stressed "no weight watchers on girls night!!". well seeing as i'm the only one who's on ww she was definitely directing that towards me. i feel like when people say things like that they have no respect for what you are doing and maybe don't want you to get too skinny?. i know what i want to do and i know how to get there and i don't need anyone encouraging a setback. i'm going to drink red wine or bacardi and diet coke and bring some low fat apps. take that! girls are so petty.

do you ever feel like people don't want you to lose weight? or try to sabotage you? (not to be dramatic but you know what i mean)

ok i'm sleepy...see you in the morning :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

running on empty...literally

hey there!

so today i finally got back to the gym, after 6 days of being away. it was an okay run, i guess since i started back on the low carb thing yesterday, i felt like i was just running out of steam. i ran for 20 minutes, in intervals and walked for 30. then i hit the elliptical for another 10 minutes. i definitely pushed myself and was happy with myself for at least doing some sort of movement.

i just had a really yummy dinner. gordon's shrimp scampi (10 shrimp in a buttery creamy sauce = 3.5 pts), a vegetable boca burger (1 pt), small slice of avocado and sprinkle of cheddar cheese (1 pt for both) and some brocoli on the side. i was so stuffed!! i was dipping my brocoli in the shrimp scampi sauce, YUMMY! i think i may just eat the shrimp scampi on top of the brocoli next time so that the brocoli catches the extra sauce. the sauce was so rich.

scale this a.m.: 133.5...come on, don't stop now scale, we only lost 1 lb :) hehe

what is your favorite boca burger or boca product?

Monday, March 26, 2007

what a difference a week makes!

so if you recall i was doing the low carb thing last week. during the week (mon-fri) i didn't eat any bread, i did eat fruit and i drank a few glasses of wine. during the week i went from 137 (which i admit was mostly water weight) down to 132 on saturday. it was amazing. since i'm usually 134, i would say that i have lost 2 lbs. i indulged in some carbs over the weekend but here i am, back on track and no breads for this girl this week!!

i finally feel like its starting to work. i'm starting to "look skinny". my roommate, my sister, my coworkers and my boyfriend have all made comments this week about how i look skinny. yesterday my roommate said, "i meant to tell you earlier, you look really good, how much weight have you lost?" ... maybe its me, but that may be one of the best feelings in the world. i think its just a sense of accomplishment more than anything else. that my hard work is paying off. that my point counting and daily trips to the grocery store are working! :) yay!
i hate to keep talking about myself, but....i'm going to. haha! i went to a bridal shower saturday and went to put on an outfit i wore to my graduation last year. size 4 white pants from banana republic and a pretty navy blue & white top from ann taylor loft. both were snug, the top was snug in the chest and the pants just didn't fit. so i went to try them on and they slipped right on, and zipped, no problem! woo!!!

okay enough about me....

what do you use for motivation? a pair of jeans, a dress? a smaller size?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

quick weekend weigh-in

so just a quick post. i've had some carbs this weekend but still tried to stick to protein and veggies for the most part.

saturday: 132

sunday: 133.5

just want to keep track of what that damn scale says so i can try to see any patterns. i'll be back to low carb this coming week but i'm glad the scale is moving!! :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

miso happy

YES! WOOHOO! the scale has finally budged!
scale: 133

initially i did my personal scale ritual like sonya - strip naked, activate scale. step slowly, one foot. lightly with the other. take a deep breath. concentrate. will the scale to tell me a lower number. repeat 3-4 times depending on consistency of number. hehe :) first it said 131.5 and i knew that was way too low. i had to redo it. 133. then 133 again. so there we have it people. i went from 136 on monday to 133 today (while PMSing) and i think its due to this low carb thing....so far so good :) i just hope it doesn't all come back once i start eating breads again. i know that happens but i'm going to try to stay low cal.

today i tried panera bread's low fat garden vegetable soup. it was yummy and only 90 calories for a serving. it tasted like tomato soup with a lot of veggies thrown in. there were some beans in it but not very many so we're all good on the carb front.

new favorite thing: instant miso soup. just add hot water!! only 35 calories and i'm having it as a mid afternoon snack, its yummy and easy to make at work. i bought mine at safeway.

alright, hope everyone has a great weekend!! toodles poodles! hehe

Thursday, March 22, 2007

one thirty four

back down to 134!! nice! size 4 work pants, feelin looser. this low carb thing seems to be working.

i am getting sick of eating eggbeaters every day for breakfast but i can see a light at the end of the tunnel. i just want to drop a few more lbs sometime soon. i've been going back and forth between 134 and 136 for the past 2 months. come on fat, fall off already!!

went to the gym last night, i'm still feeling kind of low energy bc of this low carb thing. i ran for 15 mins, walked for 10 uphill and hit the elliptical for 5. i just wasn't feeling the gym last night. i need to hit up the red bull before i go next time. i'm thinking i might head back tmw.

so, sanjaya seems to be sticking around on AI. strange. i feel for him though, he looks like such a genuinely nice kid, he just can't sing. he reminds me of that guy last season, chicken little. he really didn't have that great of a voice and he lasted so long. good for him.

almost friday :) this weekend should be pretty mellow. i have a bridal shower to go to which will probably mean appetizers, wine, and maybe champagne? i plan on going for a run before hand.

all this bridal stuff! i guess i'm getting to that age where everyone is settling down. going to all of these wedding events and buying all of these presents seems to be a running theme in my life lately. don't get me wrong, i love the excitement of it all. but it's starting to become a little bit much, i have 3 more wedding to go to this year. which means 2 engagement parties, 3 bridal showers, 2 more bachelorette parties, and a rehearsal dinner. GEEZ.

i'm a bridesmaid in one wedding. the dresses are from jcrew...so it's going to be a very beachy/low key feel to it. but according to my friends who already bought the dress, its tight in the chest. my one friend wears a size 4 and she had to buy a size 8. i wear a size 4/6 so i'm thinking a 10? why does that number bother me so much? i know what size i am but it seems like wearing that number will just make me feel fat. no offense to the size 10s but ive never worn a 10. i'm a small framed person for the most part.

why do sizes matter so much??

oh well...i'm rambling about weddings. off to a meeting!

breakfast: eggbeaters (ehhhh) & turkey bacon
snack: brocoli
lunch: leftover salmon, mushrooms & brocoli/cauliflower medley
snack: apple?
dinner: no clue yet?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

low carb = low energy for me

wow. i am so tired for some reason. i have no energy whatsoever. i remember when i did the south beach diet 3 years ago that the first 3 days i was napping and laying around, no energy. maybe that's whats going on here? i haven't had any breads or sweets since sunday and i am definitely thinking that's why i'm tired.

so...i will go home and nap and then maybe go to the gym after that. i have no energy right now :( boo!

low carbs: day 2

low carbs: day 2!

hello hello :) so i anxiously stepped on the scale this morning, scared to see a gain after the bad choices i made this past weekend. HOORAY! 135! nice. especially since i am PMSing.

so yesterday i did the low carb thing. didn't eat any breads or sweets. i did eat an apple but hey, those are good carbs right? today has been good so far, i didnt really prepare myself though. i need to go grocery shopping and stock up on low carb options. i'm only going to do the no bread thing this week i think and see if that helps me get over this damn plateau!! i want to stay low on carbs and still do my WW points.

yesterdays menu:
breakfast - scrambled egg beaters with veggies
snack - apple
lunch - salad with chicken & veggies & egg whites - lemon & hot sauce for a dressing
snack - brocoli...lots of brocoli
dinner - kelly's chicken: chicken breast, spinach, laughing cow garlic & herb cheese, sauteed mushrooms & red wine

going to the gym tonight to get back on track with my running. i want to do at least 30 mins on the treadmill. hope everyone has a wonderful day! american idol is on tonight....can't wait to see melinda, laquisha & my new fav, jordin sparks. when she sang the song from the land before time last week it took me back to being a little kid and LOVING that movie :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

low carb lifestyle?

so i am back from my fantastic girls weekend in savannah, georgia! we went down for my friend's bachelorette party/st. patrick's day celebration. savannah is crazy on st. patrick's day, it's the biggest celebration in the country. we had a lot of fun.

on the weight front:....well....bloated. i ate some crap this weekend: pizza, crabcake, beer, french fries, you get the picture. we only ate twice a day, so it wasn't THAT bad. but it definitely wasn't what i'm used to eating and i have the heart burn to prove it.

i haven't weighed myself and i'm not going to until wednesday. i know im bloated and seeing a higher number will make me sad. plus, TOTM is right around the corner. i'm going to try to eat less carbs i think. i did the south beach diet 3 years ago and lost a lot of weight. i think lately my meals are consisting of mostly carbs and i need to cut back.

for breakfast i had scrambled egg beaters with veggies. i have an apple for a snack later and i know thats a carb but i'm going to do low carb, not NO carb. i think restricting that much is too hard to stick to. i'm not going to the gym today but plan on getting there tmw after work. i was actually at my mom's house last night (2 hours away)...and had to drive back this morning at 6am. i was too tired to keep driving last night.

as far as everything else: i hate my job. i was really dreading coming back to it today. it's so boring and pointless and i feel bad typign this on my work computer, but you know what? it's gotten to the point where i just don't care if they find out. i work at a really good company. and it will look awesome on my resume. so i just need to stick it out i guess and put in a full year. i need to start looking though bc i don't think i should dread coming to work everyday.

alright....time to drink my liter of water.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


so my sister and i got in a discussion over whether you can get PMS when you're taking birth control? she said you can't. i said that i do. she said it's all in my head. i checked around online and it sounds like you can...but i'm not sure.

in any case, i'm definitely PMSing if thats possible. i'm bloated and craving things. yuck. i hate this TOTM.

i'm going away for the weekend for a friend's bachelorette party!! :) which will probably mean that the scale will hate me when i return but oh well! i'm going to try to cut back on the carbs when i get back and see if that helps me over my plateau.

hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

kelly's chicken

hello hello!

i don't know if you've been to bonefish grill which is owned by outback, but they have some pretty delicious food :) before i started dieting again i used to order something called lily's chicken.

lily's chicken
fire roasted chicken topped with chevre goat cheese, wilted spinach, spanish artichokes and a lemon basil sauce

it is absolutely delish! very creamy and cheesy and overall, a very fatty, high calorie food.

well, i just so happened to recreate this little piece of chicken and i like to call it...wait for it...creative juices flowing...KELLY'S CHICKEN

hehe. it was SO SO SO good and so similar.

kelly's chicken
a george foreman grilled chicken breast topped with microwaved frozen spinach, sauteed mushrooms and 2 wedges of garlic & herb laughing cow cheese.

hehe ;) it sounds weird but it tastes exactly the same and it's only four points!! i microwaved frozen spinach, threw some chicken on the foreman grill, sauteed some mushrooms and when everything was cooked i spread 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese on the chicken, topped it with spinach, sprayed the spinach with a little spray butter and added the mushrooms. if you try anything i've ever told you to try, please try this. trust me. it was so yummy, i can't get over how creamy it was. (it was almost too creamy, i couldn't finish it all.)

in other lily news...i have tickets to see lily allen next month, i'm so excited :) did i mention i have a sister named lily? okay, i will stop.

didn't workout yesterday but i did go for a jog in the beautiful weather today. everyone was out there! alright, over to my boyfriends for the night. try kelly's chicken, i promise you won't be disappointed :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

i love me some carbs

another beautiful day, i love this weather!!

last night my dinner turned out okay. i used whole wheat pasta & sauteed sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms & chicken in "Pam Extra Virgin Olive Oil" spray. I then put 3 wedges of laughing cow cheese and a big chunk of fat free sour cream into the pasta, mixed it up and added the sauteed goodies. It was a little dry, not as cheesy as i wanted. it was good though! it was lacking seasoning i think.

i am marinating a chicken breast but i think i will eat that tmw since tonight i'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend....after the gym of course.

scale: 136. who knows at this point. i'm wearing my size 4 work pants and they're definitely looser than the last time i wore them. i guess i'm plateauing. i did pretty well this weekend but i definitely could have standed to not eat as many tortilla chips as i did. but thats okay...

like i said, gym tonight. i think im going to do the elliptical and call it a night.

so i stocked up at the grocery store on weight watchers bagels (according to the bag: 2 pts) and weight watchers seedless rye bread (allegedly 1 pt = 2 slices). at least those are the points listed on the bag. in reality the bagel is 150 calories so that should be, what, 2.9 points? that is not the same as 2 points! i'm glad i am an informed weight watcher but that is false advertising!! the seedless rye bread is 100 calories (with fiber and all that good stuff...but still not 1.0 points for 2 slices) pretty yummy and definitely around 1.9 points as well. i am ignoring the points on those bags. i had it as toast this morning and then again for a sandwich at lunch. i need to lay off the carbs.

i also tried the hellman's dijonaise that hungry girl is always raving about. it was okay. just a spicier mustard. i thought it would taste more like mayo but at 5 calories a serving you really can't go wrong.

back to "work"... :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

sunday jog

hey hey hey!

so i surprised myself and went for a jog again today. the weather is so beautiful and i really had no plans for the day. i went to a high school near by and ran around the track. i only made it around 3 times before they started putting up cones and flags, i guess for some event? so i decided just to wrap it up there. i walked back to my car and put in a few more minutes of cardio while i scoured the grocery store for a package of sun dried tomatoes!

tonight i'm cooking some whole wheat pasta with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes & i'm going to try to create a cream sauce with fat free cream cheese and ranch dressing powder. i will let you know how it turns out :)

i am also marinated some chicken in light italian dressing for tommorow night's dinner. look at me, little miss betty crocker :)

weight: 135.5 this morning after a night of mexican: tortilla chips, pizza & corona light.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

shoes in every color

sooo....i just bought the same shoe in 4 colors.

i bought the black wedges (see above) at target for $22.99. they were SO comfy and too cute. i went on target.com and bought them in turquoise, nude & white. on sale for $18 each and free shipping :) they are adorable. can't wait to get them in the mail before my trip this weekend :)

afternoon jog

good afternoon bloggers & readers, hope you are having beautiful weather like i am, it's a perfect day for an afternoon jog.

i ran for 21 minutes and walked 4 to cool down. i've never been able to run for more than 5 minutes outside so i was surprised that it really felt somewhat effortless. my neighborhood can get a little hilly in some spots so i tried to pace myself as best as i could :)

going out to a mexican restaurant for drinks & appetizers with my friends. this morning i had an eggbeater omelette & whole wheat toast. so far so good.

the weekends are always what set me back.

scale this morning: 134

Friday, March 09, 2007

kelly: 1 birthday cake: 0

i did not eat the cake. it looked gross to begin with. REALLY thick white icing and yellow dough. that is not my kind of birthday cake so why waste the points? if it were chocolate/chocolate or chocolate frosting/yellow cake then maybe i would have taken a bite.

it's sad that no one even thinks to bring a healthy option to a birthday celebration. and it's also sad that people try to force their bad food decisions on you when you are trying to be strong. it's almost like they need you to eat the crap so that they don't feel as bad for eating the crap. i like the control of saying no in these cases.

now, when faced with delicious fried sushi, that is a whole other story!

bad sushi decisions & fake mocha lattes

oops. i was bad last night. and the scale screamed at me this morning. 138. what! ew. whatever. i know i'm so bloated and i really don't even want to admit to what i ate. the plan i set for myself of california & tuna rolls was unsuccessful. we each ordered 2 rolls and then shared everything.

time to fess up (bare in mind i only had 8 points left)...
miso soup
2 california roll pieces
2 philly roll (cream cheese) pieces
4 mexican roll (spicy tuna) pieces
1 spicy tuna roll piece
1 dragon roll piece
4 tempura roll pieces
2 glasses of red wine

as i type all that out, i still can't believe that i ate that much. bare in mind we were there for like an hour or so but still!

the tempura rolls are what made me feel the worst. we didn't even order them, they were complimentary but after the first bite, i had to eat them all. why!? why couldn't i stop myself? maybe because they were lightly fried with some sort of creamy sauce inside aka delicious. you know when you take a bite of something and you just KNOW it's bad. well...there was a lot of that.

anyway, i ate WAY too much. and i'm still feeling it. all i've had this morning is toast & yogurt. today is my boss' birthday so they're having birthday cake. i will NOT under any circumstances be eating any of this. then later we're going to a work happy hour. again, i'm going to try to behave myself and not go overboard with the points.

product find: splenda flavor blends

i found these on sale for $1.20 so i couldn't pass them up. i bought mocha & hazelnut. i added it to my coffee, poured in some skim milk but it didn't have that sweet taste. so i added two regular splendas. i have to say, the mocha is pretty yummy. it's a nice change from regular coffee. kind of tastes like a fake mocha latte i think. good for a chocolate craving!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

mid day munchies

hey my lovely blog readers

i just got home from work and i have the munchies! i did what i normally do, steam brocoli and eat a BUNCH of it with spray butter of course. usually it fills me up, but it's not working today. i am meeting my sister & her friend for sushi at 7 but i am just so munchy right now. grrrrrr calm down stomach

i thought i would write a quick blog to keep my fingers busy and keep myself away from the kitchen.

what is everyone's favorite sushi? i'm kind of scured when it comes to trying new sushi. but i do pride myself on how i will try ANYTHING once. i've had alligator tail, duck, frog legs, the works! usually for sushi i stick with california rolls, salmon rolls, nigiri with shrimp. i'm scared of eel and octopus and all that stuff, i need to branch out. suggestions welcomed!! :)

tonight i'm getting miso soup & one california roll & one salmon something or other. yum, i'm hungry just thinking about it....

and a quick hello to everyone who leaves me comments! i love them, they brighten up my BORING workday for sure.

virtual DNA

found from jodi's page: just another weigh

very cute! they analyze your personality and mine was pretty dead on.

g'day mates! outback & willpower

i just made the most delicious breakfast. i say made because i toasted the bread in the cafeteria and then sliced my bananas. i didn't actually make anything though. ANYWAY. i had 2 slices of wheat toast, 1 tbsp of peanut butter & sliced banana on top! yum :) it came out to be 5 points but for some reason i was STARVING and i knew that would at least fill me up for the time being. plus i'm going to the gym tonight so i should be okay on the points front today.

134.5 this morning. itsa niceeeee. <---i know the borat thing will get old but i still think he's hilarious. i'm a big fan of "da ali g show".

went for a drink last night with my main squeeze. we went to outback and sat at the bar. i ordered the house cabernet, he got a tall fosters. he ordered the cyclone pasta and i had a house salad, no cheese, no croutons, with lemon as my dressing. sometimes i just like the action of eating, and i'm not really hungry. so this gave me something to do. his was penne pasta with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, & cheese. and oh boy, it was good. i took 2 bites. he likes to try to feed me his food. it's very sweet, and i always like to try what he's having but sometimes i have no willpower. last night, i definitely had the willpower and only took the 2 bites. it was hard, but i did it. it was pretty oily though. the first bite was delicious but the second bite just felt greasy. i'm going to try to recreate a healthy version...rachel ray inspired me yesterday with her sun dried tomato pasta.

so not much else to report. going out for sushi tonight. my favorite thursday night dinner :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

we're going down down

work it! work it! 134.5 on the scale this morning. must have been water weight yesterday. i was getting scared for a minute there, i thought i was headed right back up the scale. nice to know that a little bit of hard work actually does pay off.

so about the cupcakes. they are....delicious. definitely worth the wait. they're smaller than i thought they would be but i'll take them. they're 1.3 points for 3 i think. they're about the size of a half dollar & maybe a little more than a half an inch high. they are moist, delicious and the cream in the middle is great! i think they taste EXACTLY like the real deal and i love how much fiber they have in them! so, this will be the end of my cupcake posts...they are definitely on the grocery list from now on :)

besides that, not much else is new. i'm proud of myself for going to the gym last night. my dad and i were talking about my new found "love" of running and he's an avid runner. he said to try to run faster, slowly increase my speed. last night i started out going faster than normal and i think thats why i cramped up. part of me wanted to stop and just walk the rest of the way but i really had a desire to start week 8 of couch potato. i ran for 30 mins though, took two short, 2 minute walking breaks.

dinner last night was at bonefish grill. has anyone eaten there? they bring out a bread basket and olive oil to dip. i didn't have any! the girl who was waiting on us was in my sorority so i told her to make sure there was no butter or grease on my salmon or veggies. and it came out great. a little on the dry side (i like my salmon cooked medium and this was probably well done)....i squeezed lemon on it and saved half of it for dinner tonight.

hope everyone is having a great week! its snowing here...but hopefully it won't stick.

i'm ready for spring!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

progress is nice

okay just wanted to post really quick, my accomplishments for the day

- went to the gym, 30 minute run + 10 minute walk
- ran through a cramp and only took two 2-minute breaks
- went to dinner and ate plain salmon & veggies with red wine
- tasted and LOVED the 100 calorie hostess cupcakes, more on that tmw
- didn't eat ANY bread at dinner
- lost 1 lb at the gym, yes i weigh myself more than once a day (at times)

hopefully will lose that water/beer weight from this past weekend by tmw morning.

until then, my blog buddies...

cupcake success & 137.5

do you want the good news or the bad news first? (i never know which to pick when people ask me this)

the good news: my wonderful sister found the 100 calorie hostess cupcakes!! YAY! i screamed with delight when she told me this. she said she made such a fuss in the grocery store that two other people came over and picked some up. haha. she has them at her office and we're going to do the old switcheroo at lunch time. i will definitely let you know if they live up to the hype.

the bad news: i gained, again! AH! yesterday it was 137, which pissed me off. today: 137.5. and i was PERFECT yesterday. could have standed to drink more water but i was 19 out of 20 points for the whole day. how annoying. but, i will turn it into motivation and push through. i'm going to the gym tonight to do week 8, day 1 of couch potato. i'm not sure that i'm actually doing it anymore because i've been running more than the required time, but i just want to say i finished it.

last night, by the request of my BF i made turkey tacos again! there really isn't much to it but i buy the spicy taco seasoning. his roommates and sister both said they were delicious. gee, why thank you :)

does anyone else LOVE the food network? i'm obsessed. my favs: 30 minute meals, 40 dollars a day, barefoot contessa, paula dean, anything with bobby flay and of course iron chef. i'm not a fan of giada because i feel like she trys too hard to do the fake italian accent & she's way too skinny to eat the food she cooks and don't care for semi homemade with sandra lee because she just seems like a nutcase and her food never looks that delicious.

back to the j-o-b...

changed my weight on the side panel, for accountability ------------->

Monday, March 05, 2007

one hundred

one hundred things you didn't know about me
(fill one out yourself and let me know your blog address!!)

1. I'm 5'2 and the shortest person in my immediate family. Even my 16 year old brother passed me up years ago.
2. I love ice cream
3. I collect handbags: Coach, Louis Vuitton, love it all
4. My first boyfriend in 4th grade asked me out on the playground and we never spoke again.
5. I have lived in 5 states
6. I was painfully shy growing up
7. My hair won't grow past the middle of my back
8. I am blind as a bat and really want Lasik
9. I need a new job
10. My coworkers voice gets under my skin
11. I have my belly button pierced
12. I want to marry my boyfriend one day
13. I am afraid of having kids, because it will hurt
14. My mom and sister are my best friends
15. I have dual citizenship: USA & Ireland because my grandparents were both born there.
16. My parents divorced and remarried. I now have a baby brother and a baby sister
17. I could eat Mexican food every day and never get sick of it
18. People always want to know "What I am"
19. I'm Mexican & Irish
20. I miss waiting tables, it was more fun than my current "real" job
21. I was an IT major and a business minor in college
22. I am not a nerd and have nothing in common with anyone I work with
23. I was Carmen San Diego for Halloween in 2003.
24. College was more fun than high school but high school was still pretty awesome
25. I am horrible at taking nail polish off and my sister tells me if I'm not old enough to take it off, I'm not old enough to put it on
26. My hair is really shiny...thanks Mom
27. My boyfriend and I were born two days apart
28. I love any and all cheese....even stinky cheese
29. I love red wine: Cabernet Sauv, Zinfandel (Red), Syrah
30. I was always the single girl in my group of friends until I met my boyfriend of 1.5 years
31. I have the most perfect, amazing boyfriend, I want to spend my life with him
32. I read blogs all day at work
33. I love my bed and could lay in it all day
34. I used to be very crabby in the mornings, but I changed with age and now I'm happy and sometimes...perky!
35. I have a Motorola KRZR phone, it's very cute
36. I am really bad at spending money at restaurants/bars
37. When I get drunk I get really generous and will pay people's tabs or buy them lots of drinks
38. My favorite accessory is the set of diamond earrings my mom gave me for graduation
39. I love reciting funny movie/tv quotes with my family
40. I am very punctual and get annoyed when people are late
41. I can be a very aggressive driver
42. I love celebrity gossip blogs: Perezhilton.com, dlisted.com, etc.
43. I feel bad for Britney Spears
44. I can type over 100 words per minute
45. I can't play any instruments but wish I were a singer
46. I have a horrible singing voice
47. I love rap, hip-hop and even took a class on it in college
48. I accidentally farted in my cubicle today and it was VERY loud. I'm still embarassed
49. I don't know what I want to be when I "grow up"
50. My favorite movies: Clueless, Mean Girls, Anchorman, The Wedding Crashers, Breakfast at Tiffany
51. I was Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's last Halloween
52. I think I am very creative and can think of ideas really quickly
53. I have 3 pairs of stilettos that I've never worn but they're so pretty, I just like having them
54. I want a pair of Citizen or True Religion jeans but only if they are size 28
55. I am at a weight loss plateau
56. I can run for 45 minutes straight without stopping
57. I just started running in December 2006
58. I love the Food Network and watch it ALL the time
59. I rarely cook but when I do I get good reviews
60. I hope my roommates aren't home when I get home from work, sometimes I need to be alone
61. I am going to miss my sister when we're no longer roommates
62. I really want an English bulldog....or a miniature English Bulldog
63. I've had stitches three times
64. I feel better about myself when I am at a certain weight or size
65. I still like my body either way and think i'm sexy
66. For a while there, I was addicted to this game at work:
67. I have big boobs for my size and wish they were smaller. they've been big since 4th gade
68. When I got my wisdom teeth out I didn't think it hurt
69. I love Taco Bell and I'm not afraid to admit it
70. I have expensive taste
71. I love to accessorize
72. I don't want to live where I live anymore but I would miss my boyfriend too much if I left
73. I miss my family
74. I created a gymnastics website when I was 12 years old and it reached over 500,000 visitors. I never told anyone except my family because I thought that was nerdy.
75. I like web design but I'm not really into the nerdy side of computers
76. I am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time this August
77. I think the dress is pretty ugly but I can't tell my friend that
78. I want to get a tattoo but I don't know what I want it of
79. I can watch TLC and E! for hours and not get bored
80. I've seen every episode of Sex and the City about 3 times
81. I want to own my own clothing boutique
82. I have no idea how you would start your own business
83. I won a shopping spree to Sanrio Surprise when I was 12
84. I never been very athletic but I feel like I can hold my own now
85. I'm running out of things to say
86. I wish I were a little bit taller
87. I have small wrists & feet
88. I love making people laugh
89. My sister's 25 lb cat lives with us, he's like a small dog
90. I'm scared of throwing up
91. I love kissing
92. I was in a sorority but quit after 3 years
93. I never lived in a dorm
94. I love potato pancakes that my Nana & Papa make
95. I want to travel the world
96. I can't wait to get engaged but I don't want to grow up too fast
97. I like golfing
98. I like to make people happy
99. I can be very stubborn
100. I have a Sony VAIO laptop, it's very cute

girls just wanna have fun

so here i am again. the place where i find myself on most mondays. bloated, stomach-achy, and overall regretful of food/drink choices from the weekend before. but hey, at least i am good all week long, i guess where i am right now in my life, that's going to have to be good enough. i don't want to beat myself up for having fun and enjoying my life.

so i'm up 2 lbs. 136. okay i lied. the scale said 137 this morning. oops. so why don't i change the side panel? well because by friday i will probably have dropped the water/beer weight that i acquired this weekend. plus, i just don't want to...you know what they say, denial ain't just a riva... :)

so this week, nothing too crazy planned. one thing is for sure, i will be packing my lunch for the rest of the week. i was forced to eat at the cafeteria today. i loaded up my plate with lots of lettuce, mushrooms, jalapenos, hard boiled egg whites, and 3 slices of grilled chicken. i went over to the salad dressing station. my fat free italian has been replaced with creamy italian. no thank you. i'm not going to eat as many points in dressing as i am in healthy food. so, i thought maybe soy sauce would be good.

and i was wrong.

do not, under any circumstances, use soy sauce as a salad dressing substitute. it only works with sushi & asian cuisine. it was wayyy too salty and kind of gross. actually when it was on the chicken it wasn't bad but on the lettuce, EW!

alright, time to work.
and i still haven't found those damn cupcakes!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

a date with gym

finally getting back to the gym. i haven't been since monday. oops! i need to start strength training. i just like getting my cardio done & leaving, i dont want to stick around. BUT the bossman said i could leave early today (at 3pm instead of 5) so the gym should be nice and empty :)

house party @ my boyfriends tonight...beer, jello shooters, oh my. i need to behave myself.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

cupcake envy

okay, maybe i haven't made this clear to the universe. i need those hostess 100 calorie pack cupcakes. i grew up on the regular hostess cupcakes with the curly white icing and the fact that they sell them in a diet form, rocks my world. and the fact that you can eat THREE for 1 point, rocks it even harder. i need them! where are they? i've sent my sister and boyfriend on special assignment, they know they have to look at any target, walmart, grocery store they step foot in. i sound crazy. haha.

sarah was lucky enough to find them in her store, go to her blog and check it out. if you can't tell, i love chocolate. with a great passion.

didn't go to the gym last night. boo. and not going tonight. boo boo. i'm not feeling so hot today (a little hungover, screwed up the lent thing already!). i'm DEFINITELY going tmw. no matter what.

last night ate out with my boyfriend. we went to fridays (they had $2 beers and i gave in to boyfriend pressure). we split the turkey burger. it was so yummy, even my meat loving boyfriend liked it. that's one of the things i love about him, he will share in my dieting madness, he will eat the low fat turkey tacos and the spaghetti squash lasagna and tell me how delicious it is :) he's the best!

then proceeded to drink wine while watching the maryland game. bad idea but whatever. you live and you learn!

back to work....if you know where to get these cupcakes please let me know store name, state, city, phone number of store....HAHA. KIDDING.

or am i? ;)