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Thursday, August 23, 2007

it's almost friday :)

hi everyone! i am a boring blogger this week...nothing exciting to post. well the good news is i'm down to 135 (closer to the higher end but i try to focus on the whole number...lol. who am i kidding? it said 135.8 this morning, ahhh who cares. i'm trying! i need to get back down to 133-134 though, i know this, i've mentioned it, it needs to become a reality!

going to the gym today after work, i have to pick my sister up at 5 so i only have time for 30-40 mins of cardio but it's better than nothing right?! not much else planned.

BB8: i think jen is going to go since jameka isn't an immediate threat, what do you guys think? i wonder when the game show that daniele and amber went on will air, i want to watch it! speaking of amber, how weird is it that she keeps getting these "visions" and thinks god is telling her things.....i was watching the live feed and she was talking about how she really wanted to do "america's next top model". lol. jameka was like "well top model maybe, you could try but you should aim for catalog modeling." this may be really superficial but she looks nothing like any model i've ever seen, catalog or not. not a fan.

alright off to the gym...have a good day!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

gone running....

hey everyone!

i've been a good little dieter all day, i even hit the gym already and did 30 mins on the elliptical and a short 6 minute treadmill walk (had to get back to work). i need to get back in my workout routine. do i get bored with the same old routines? do i exercise too much and then get sick of it? i need to figure out what's made me avoid the gym for the past 5 days...hopefully i'm back on track now.

my new favorite thing is to bring magazines i haven't read yet to the gym with me. it makes my time on the elliptical fly by, it's awesome. i try to stick to the $1.99 in touch weekly/OK magazine/jane etc. so it doesnt get too pricey but i've already subscribed to SELF and Glamour magazine. the subscriptions were only like $12 each on amazon.com. what a steal.

while i was looking through the new issue of jane (with eva mendez on the cover) i opened up to find my very own "gone running" sign inside the magazine.

it was an actual sign and the hands on the clock actually move! there is a hole for one of those suction cup things too. how cute! definitely worth the $1.99 if you ask me, i'm definitely going to put it up here at work :)

scale this morning said 136...ugh...get me out of this diet funk! and make TOTM go away! oh, and make me stop snacking.

please grant those three wishes, thank you diet gods.
haha...alright, off to a meeting! have a great day :)

morning read: sugarstats

fitsugar: sugarstats

how many calories you burn when being a couch potato/exercising/etc...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

boring post ahead

hi everyone! it's a rainy, boring day here at work. i was okay this weekend but TOTM definitely influenced my food choices. oh well. i can only start over on mondays which i what i did. haven't weighed myself all weekend, took a break from that. i did get to the gym 4 days last week and plan on going today as well. even though i REALLY don't want to and the rain is putting me into a grumpy mood. oh well, i have my magazines and will try to get there after work. we'll see.

hope everyone had a nice weekend!! not much else to say, ta ta.

Friday, August 17, 2007

you've got a point there, nike

munchkins & concerts

tgif everyone! what is it with offices and donuts, geez! but today someone brought munchkins in.

if you've never heard of them, munchkins are little baby donuts that dunkin donuts sells. according to dwlz.com they are 1 pt a piece for the plain glazed ones. they are tiny though but they are DELICIOUS! i've had 3 and that is where i am stopping. i usually reset donuts bc i can't take one and only eat half but i can eat a few munchkins and be satisfied. yummy. anyway...not trying to get anyone drooling or craving donuts. sometimes you need a treat though.

this week has been great. each day i've seen a loss on the scale. even though it was usually a small amount i'm happy with it. i went from 135.6 yesterday to an even 135 today. yay! moving back down. i did cut out my nightly glass/glasses of wine so that may be the key to my weight loss. i know i've said it before but there is something so nice about relaxing after work with a glass of red wine. it needs to be cut back though, i know.

tonight i'm going to an outdoor concert with my BF, sister and her BF. guess who is playing? i bet you never will. it's styx, def leppard and foreigner! WOO! i love 80s music :) and foreigner has sooo many great songs. i made a mix CD last night and foreigner filled up half of it. sunday i'm going to see the projekt revolution tour: linkin park, taking back sunday, my chemical romance. i only like linkin park but it should be a good show!

the plan for tonight is to have fun and have a "free" night but i'm back on plan tmw and sunday. i can do it!!

BB8: the cheese may stand alone here but i am SO happy dustin got voted out. i feel like dick is just a bully. he says mean things but its a defense mechanism i think. he tries to make waves and he does but i dont think he truly hates any of the people in the house. yay for daniele getting HOH. i like her a lot. jessica is starting to grow on me too but i still think eric is a twirp. its not fair though that he has to vote in ways that america wants, it ruins his alliances. but good for him for getting so far! i think daniele will nominate amber and jameka. jameka really isnt a threat though and i think she knows it. so does amber. my vote for who wins: daniele. she seems really smart, wins a lot of HOHs and now that she has a new alliance, i think she's golden. who knows though!

well i hope everyone has a great weekend! until monday...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

dividing up points

how do you divide up your points throughout the day? i try to do 3-5 points for breakfast, 3-5 points for lunch and then i usually have around 10 pts left for the rest of the day. is that too many? i guess sometimes i want to leave myself points to play with if i want an extra snack or something around dinner...i don't know. so i'm curious, how do you spread you points out? or do you not plan at all and eat what you feel like eating as long as it's point friendly?

i just got back from working out (45 mins of cardio!) woo! this makes it day 4 in a row of working out, this is great. anyway, as far as points go...i am back down to 2.5 points and eating a low point lean cuisine (chicken and roasted potatoes = 2.5 pts and so yummy) & 100 calorie hostess cupcake pack for lunch. i may have some froyo around 3 or so....i think i need to figure out a better way to divide my points up though.

product find: fruity cheerios

i am LOVING these! 100 calories per serving (3/4 of a cup) and they are sweet, fruity, and delicious. they taste like fruit loops but healthier. they are yummy and a great snack. and if you eat them slowly, like one or two at a time. it lasts forever! i tried eating them one at a time while i watched BB8 the other night and they lasted for a good 20-25 mins. it was kind of weird though, just eating one at a time and not a whole handful.

speaking of BB8...tonight is going to be good! i can't wait :) i want dustin to go home. do i stand alone on this one? i just like the drama ED brings but i do agree, he really is a mean guy and takes things way too far.

alright...back to work! take care :) hope your weeks are going well!

scale: 135.6 :)

also: check out new links to the right ----->

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

smooth sailing...

hi everyone! smooth sailing once again today. still on track and feeling great :) i weighed in at 136.2 (i know, i need to change that sidebar, i think i'm going to take it down). 136 is good considering it said something higher on monday. lol. it also means i'm back in my "comfort zone". i would like to drop back down to 133-134 before i feel completely back in the groove though.

tonight is date night. my BF and i are going to dinner, getting kabobs, which should be relatively healthy. i will be trying out the healthiest looking item i can find. i have 10 points left for the day (pre-workout) and all my flex points left for the week, so i'm doing well!

BB8 was good...looks like jessica is confused about her alliance and thinks shes a pawn. i would like ED to stay, he makes for good tv. the rest of them are BORING. even though, he really does live up to his name.

alright off to the gym!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

getting my groove back

hi everyone! just checking in quickly to say hi. i had a great day yesterday. hit the elliptical for 35 mins on an incline, it was tough but it felt great! i stayed OP and got all my water in too! :) i plan on going back to the "nice gym" today afterwork. there are 5 buildings on my work's campus and there is a small gym in my building which i go to during the day. the other gym is about a block away in another building. it's a lot nicer, they have pretty much every machine and better ellipticals. i think i needed a change of pace/scenery as far as my workouts go. so this is a nice change. i packed some magazines, my ipod and i'm ready to hit it up after work :)

didn't weigh myself this morning, which was probably a good thing.

product find: fuze slenderize

i had the strawberry melon and the cranberry raspberry. yummy, huge and only 10 calories :) i would definitely recommend this.

hope you're doing well and finding some motivation like i am. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

just another manic monday

good morning! here i am on another monday, trying to get some caffeine into my system and starting fresh. this weekend i went to 2 BBQs. enough said. the best i can do is try and that's what i'm doing!

not much else to say...going to 2 concerts this weekend. looks like i like doing things in twos. but i will try to be good during the week and then try not to drink too many beers at the concerts. one of the concerts is on sunday, so hopefully that will be tame since i have work the next day.

not much else to say...i went to costco this weekend to pick up supplies for our BBQ. omg, i could get lost in there. i saw they have a huge box of fiber one bars for $9.99. i might go back just for that. we did get yummy turkey burgers though that were only 200 calories a piece. not too shabby! gotta love costco.

scale: no comment, i need to focus on getting my habits back in check before i rely on a number to make myself feel like i'm doing things the right way. i get so discouraged by the damn scale!

hopefully getting down to the gym today, i packed my stuff! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

office temptations & vegan soup

hi everyone! i'm still not completely back in the groove as far as dieting goes. i think my body wants a summer vacation from this diet stuff. ha! oh well, i try to stay on point. yesterday someone brought in panera. im not sure of what kind of bagel i had but it was whole grain i believe. it was really flat and lacked all the goodness of a real bagel. so i'm guessing it was a good choice. i probably shouldn't have eaten it but i figured better do so early in the day if i'm going to do it. for lunch i had dr. mcdougall's vegan chicken flavored ramen noodles (more on that later). dinner was not so great. had some girlfriends over and we made dinner. munched on hummus & whole wheat pita chips, brie cheese & then shrimp stirfry. and maybe a little too much wine, which seems to be a reoccuring theme at these get-togethers.

i almost forgot, i took a 50 minute walk yesterday, it was so hot outside but i'm glad i at least did some physical activity.

today i've been good. someone brought in dunkin donuts. usually i do not partake but i told myself i could have a few bites of a chocolate donut. i ate half and put the rest away. it was hard, but i had to do it lol. the scale is still at 135. my comfortable weight range is 132-136ish...so that's no good. like i said, for some reason i don't really care. i know it sounds bad but im being honest and from other blogs i've read, i'm not the only one with the summer-blues. haha

two new product finds.

dr. mcdougall's vegan tortilla soup

200 calories for the whole thing

apparently this dr. mcdougall character has his own diet book. i was unaware of this and picked it because it was low calorie, easy to make at work and i love me some tortilla soup. i am by no means a vegan. either way, it tasted great! lots of baked chips. i will DEFINITELY be eating this again. i bought it at bloom for $1.49 in the organic section. they also sell them on dr. mcdougall's website.

dr. mcdougall's vegan chicken-flavored ramen noodles

200 calories for the whole thing

how do they make things chicken flavored without the chicken? hmmm. anyway this was pretty yummy. tasted like ramen to me! i would definitely buy it again :)

big brother: i'm kind of glad eric might be leaving. he gets on my nerves. i do not, however, think it's fair that he has to be america's player. it screwed up his alliance. but if either him or kail go home, i'll be happy. it's past due if you ask me for kail. i like daniele & ED. i like how they play the game. i think jameka looked CRAZY when she was crying and rocking back and forth. that's a little too much spirituality for me. who else...jessica, she is definitely fake. i can't stand that fake voice she does and would be happy to see her leave. i dont have much of an opinion on dustin and amber is just a crybaby but she's likeable. anyway, we will have to see tonight but my vote is for eric.

have a good one!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

dr. praegers = delicious

hi everyone! just another boring tuesday...work work work. not much to report. scale: 135. come on scale, keep going.

product find: dr. praeger's spinach cakes

yum!! 2 points for one and since you broil it, it's extra crispy and delicious :) i cant wait to try the potato pancakes and the pizza bagel!

check out all the dr. praeger's products. looks promising!

not much else to say...i might go down to the gym in a little bit, need to find some motivation. have a great day everyone!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

wedding pictures!

here are pictures of me at my best friend's wedding....

well one is beforehand with my 3 year old little brother
(you can totally see my tanlines but who cares!)
don't mind the pull-ups diaper...it was like 10am

here i am with my boyfriend dustin :)

my arms look flabby, but hey, that's what you get for slacking off all summer!!

scale this morning said 136....hopefully bloat from the weekend. i'm back on track though!

this afternoon i forced myself to go to the gym after work. i saw one of my coworkers there who is "not in shape" .... i dont know how else to say that. well, i dislike her, mostly bc of her attitude and work ethic. she was trying to brag to me and say she taught spin classes. i'm not trying to stereotype but i know spin classes are intense and there is NO way she teaches them. so i got on the treadmill and for some reason, she got on the treadmill next to me, even though there were 5 other free treadmills. i RAN. i ran my heart out, i was panting, digging for strength. it was...AWESOME. i pushed myself so hard. i dont know why, maybe to show her that i do it on a regular basis or to outdo what she was doing (which was walking and biking by the way...nothing wrong with that but she tries to paint herself out to be the picture of fitness and....she definitely isnt). anyway, i did 15 fast minutes of running on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

i haven't pushed myself that hard in a long time.

hopefully i see her at the gym tmw :)

p.s. please don't think i'm catty and judgemental. i just really dislike this girl and i was so happy to kick her ass in the gym.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

eat, drink, and be merry!

happy thursday! everyday this week has been a happy-something day for me. sorry, i'm boring. haha

last night's happy hour was fun! i stuck to bacardi & diet and then had a vodka/soda water/splash of cranberry. yum! the only one who did not make it out alive after this event was my car. pepe's battery died. yes, his name is pepe. i've been thinking about getting a new one....i just don't know. i've never made a car payment before (i was a spoiled teen/college student, what can i say) but i need to figure out if that will fit into my budget.

anyway, the scale said 135 this morning. i didnt munch at happy hour so who knows? i went to potbelly today and had a sandwich for lunch. do you have potbelly? its kind of greasy but the only bad thing on it was mayo and cheese. oh well, the wedding is two days away, i'm not worried about it.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and be prepared to see a more focused kelly after this wedding madness has come and gone! i look forward to being back in a routine and not going out of town every weekend to eat/drink/be merry. i think i'll just stick to the be merry part ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

happy hour & big brother

i can't believe it's already wednesday! this week has flown by! so i ate well yesterday. had a few more raisinettes than i would have liked but counted the points. i probably used one flex point but that's okay. they were yummy :)

product find: garden burger: the original veggie burger
100 calories - approx. 2 pts
mushrooms, onions, brown rice, rolled oats, a blend
of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, parsley and a hint of garlic.

what have i been missing! seriously, RUN out and get these. they are so good. so yummy, i ate it without a bun, with cheese, salsa, ff sour cream and slice of avocado. it could have been eaten with just the salsa, it was that good!! yum, i can't wait to have one later today! they tasted like they may have been fried at one point. i dont know about you, but that makes it all the more delicious to me. haha.

i have my stuff and plan on hitting the gym today. i am meeting D at subway for lunch. i like getting the turkey mini-sub on wheat - only 3". that way i can get some baked lays and not feel like i stuffed myself.

i forget whose blog i read this on but they said they were a "finisher" meaning they always finish whats on their plate or in front of them. that is totally me. i want to eat every last bite. my sister on the other hand, takes two bites and she's done with it. she goes back to it later usually but in one sitting, she never cleans her plate.

tonight i am meeting up with my sorority sisters from college for drinks! that should be fun but i am setting my limit at 2 or 3 light beers. sometimes when we get together i feel like i'm back in college and my inhibitions go out the window. shots? sure! more beer? yes please! that behavior needs to stop.

big brother time:
i spent yesterday evening watching my tivo-ed "big brother after dark" and then the real episode at 9. i'm obsessed with that show. i'm sad nick might be going home (i'm guessing he will be). they need to get rid of jen! jameka is crazy for her reasoning behind saving that girl. so far i really like daniele, nick, eric, jessica is harmless, dick is entertaining but mean! i dont know if they showed it on CBS but he poured ice-tea on jen's head. that is so disrespectful and uncalled for. she's a b!tch, no one likes her but he needs to leave her alone!!

jameka is alright, i dont like how she brought god into the game, i can't stand jen, zach is a WEIRDO and i hope kail goes home. did that cover everyone?

is anyone else as OBSESSED as i am with BB8?

scale: 134