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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Worst. Picture. Ever.

My mother in law took this picture at my daughter's 2nd birthday party & decided to send it to all of our family members. (insert iPhone emoji wide-eye here).

Ok, first of all, this is a terrible angle & a horrible picture. I don't look like this. But as I type this, I realize, that yes, maybe I do.

This next picture was taken 3 weeks later, at Disney World. So I am going to blame the damn angle. I know I'm a little chunky but the flowy dress above + the flowy sweater + little person taking the photo from down below =  not a flattering angle.

Either way, using it as motivation.

My husband also does not have the pot belly that seems to be protruding from the picture above.

I guess we're just not a photogenic family. Ha!

2014 Goals

Twenty fourteen!? Say whaaaaaaat.

As I sit here & enjoy my mimosa on January 1st, I feel so blessed to be where I am today. I have a wonderful family, a beautiful daughter, a home that I love & a husband who adores me. I couldn't really ask for much more but...I'm going to.

Every year my husband makes a list of all the things he wants to accomplish that year & crosses them off his list. I want to do the same thing this year. I think writing/typing it out will give me some accountability & really make me appreciate how far I've come.

I don't start diets on New Years Day, because I might have a massive hangover & might need to find the greasiest food in the land to cure that. But, for once I don't! I went to bed at 10pm. Livin' the dream, folks.

Either way, we had a full bottle of Prosecco in the fridge so I decided to have a mimosa or three & do some post Christmas cleaning around the house.

Anywho...here are my 2014 goals

1. Lose 40 lbs 
That will put me at my pre-marriage, pre-pregnancy weight. It's not the skinniest I've ever been but it's what I'm shooting for. I know I can do it. I lost 9 lbs last November-December but I know I've gained some holiday weight. Weigh-in is this Friday. Game plan: Weight Watchers, treadmill & Jillian Michaels DVDs. Then maybe sign up for a gym again? I had a free gym at work but now that we've moved 2 hours away & I work from home, I would only be going there twice a month. So on to find a gym! My husband just signed up for Weight Watchers today too, maybe we will be in a couple's commercial next year! Haha.

2. Get pregnant again. 
This one, has been a challenge & honestly was one of my 2013 goals but for whatever reason, baby #2 does not want to grace us with his/her presence. This goal will conflict with goal #1 but I'm going for weight loss & if pregnancy happens along the way, so be it. I'm not going to focus on it anymore, I need a break from that process.

3. Be a better friend. 
I have many old, true friendships. I try to maintain them all but the truth is, I am not good with keeping in touch when it comes to meeting up & socializing in person. I can text with the best of them but when it comes to actually getting off my ass & making plans, I'm not good at it. I'd like to plan a social function (with or without kids) at least once a month.

4. Exercise 2-3 times a week. 
I know I can do this & I'd like to exceed this & do 3-5 times a week but I want to also set realistic goals for myself.

5. Pay Off Credit Cards
I have two credit cards (Target & Citibank) with low balances, which I rarely use to buy big ticket items/Christmas gifts but I want to pay them off when we get our tax return.

6. Run a 10k
I've run a 5k before (years ago) so I know I can do it. I told my husband that I wanted to run a 5k as my goal & he said to push myself & do something more than that. So 10k it is...yikes!

So those are my goals. Let's see if I can make that happen. For now, back to my mimosa.