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Thursday, February 28, 2008


my sister and i went to a 60 min zumba dance class last night at her gym. it was so much fun. i loved it. my sister never works out and was going on and on about how hard it was and how sweaty she got. well, it was definitely not easy but looking around the room, i definitely kept up and even went harder than some of the other people in there. it felt kind of good to be able to show her that i really am pretty "fit" - i don't know that she's ever seen that side of me. i'm so happy bc i wanted her to go to the gym with me, she may think bc she's relatively thin that it doesn't matter but as we all know, it really does.

it felt good and made me realize these classes are a new spin on working out. i usually just run or do the elliptical but this has really shown me that something different and fun is out there too.

it was mostly a booty shaking class but it was great! i will definitely do it again.

out for a friend's birthday tonight, a friend's going away get together tmw and this weekend going home to shop for a new car, golf and relax with D. can't wait :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

still here....still a gym slacker

hi everyone!! still here...not to worry. i've been SO busy at work & finally finished up harry potter 7....very good! sad to see it end. haven't been keeping up with any blogs unfortunately. we're being audited at work so any free time i have, i'm either doing my normal work or trying to catch up with deadlines. i'm out of town visiting my parents with D this weekend and next weekend is a bachelorette party. busy busy bee. i'd like to drop an lb or two before next week when i see all my girlfriends from high school. i feel like i look good though so i'm not too concerned about it.

food has been really good. still maintaining at 136 which i'm happy with. the gym, that's another story. i've been slackin!! but tonight i'm going to zumba dance class with my sister. she went last night and said it kicked her butt! so i'm excited to see how it is.

alright...hope you're all doing well! i'm going to try to catch up on blogs tommorow night :D

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

gym slacker

i've been a gym slacker. with my birthday week (ha!) and just pure laziness, i did not get to the gym. i've been holding steady on the scale but i feel the need to get back in there.

i work from home tmw but i'm going to try to do a workout dvd i think.

gym: i miss you!!

okay off to read - i'm on page 400something in harry potter 7 - obsessed! i'm going to be sad when these books are done.

ta ta :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valetine's day everyone!

i hope you have a wonderful day! :)

mine started out with flowers & a beautiful card. and now we're going to dinner. so blessed. hope you are too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the 20 worst foods in america

outback steakhouse cheese fries appetizer
2,900 calories
182 g fat 240 g carbs ~ basically a million points

we all know we've scarfed these down at one time or another. i never knew they were THAT bad.

click for the other 19

still craving those cheese fries? gross!

i had a delicious dinner of leftover trader joe's chicken gorgonzola (1/2 of one breast = 4 points), green beans and a little bit of couscous. yummy.

and i've recently developed a deep love for angel food cake. so yummy with fruit and fat free cool whip. my new fav!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

birthday gift!

D got me this necklace from tiffany & co for my birthday :) it sits right on my collarbone and is very delicate & classy. i love it! he also bought me a gift card so i can buy my new louis wallet. yay. he's too good to me.

pretty :)

back in the swing of things

hi everyone! back in the ww swing of things once again. my birthday celebration, which lasted like 4 days...haha...is now over. i'm back on track and don't see another event coming until march. we're going to a nice restaurant for valentine's day on thursday but i'm getting the salmon and asparagus so i should be back on track.

i decided that i want to start running again. i was really into it last year but then stopped. i was to start it back up so i'm going to see how long i can run today at the gym and walk for the rest of the time on an incline. i need a break from the elliptical, it's getting boring.

not much else to say, had a great weekend but ready to get back on track! :)

tonight i'm making trader joe's chicken gorgonzola. it's 8pts a serving but i may just have half and pile up on the veggies.

have a great day! :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

go shorty! it's your birthday

today i am 25! :O

and today i am not counting points. AND i am eating cupcakes. take that diet! haha

be back monday.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

still here

i'm just having a blah week. trying to stay focused but i've gained a pound. i did something every day last week and didn't go over my points. and i GAINED a pound. wtf! so frustrating. trying to convince myself that even though i've gained a pound that i need to stick with the program. i'm getting there...

tomorrow is D's birthday and saturday is mine! woohoo :)

hope you have a lovely hump day :o)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

exercise tv: online version!

hi everyone!

so i've been going on and on about how much i love this on-demand exercise channel. well guess what, it's online too! exercise tv - try it out! my favorite is the yoga instructor meaghan, she has a really good sense of humor, sometimes she will lose her balance or fumble her words and its just really funny to see her be normal and not perfect.

meaghan's a.m. yoga

try one out! what i like is there is a countdown to let you know how much time you have left.

this entire week i've done SOMETHING every single day. today i did half of one of the firm dvds (it was the advanced one and about half way through i realized i'm not ready for it and i could barely keep up). even if it's just getting a walk in one day. i've really been doing a lot of exercise tv and it wears me out, it really pushes me harder than normal. i'm loving it. last night i did an hour of yogilates (yoga/pilates). i really liked it. my muscles have been so sore all week. scale is staying steady so i'm going to keep telling myself i'm gaining muscle. right?

what are everyones plans for the super bowl? im not doing anything too crazy. i want to pick up an amy's pizza....and maybe some fat free dip of some sort.

my birthday is a week from today! i'm almost 25! :O

have a great weekend :)