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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

60 minutes

yay me :o)

i started week 6, day 1 of couch potato.
day 1 calls for:
-18 minutes of running (i do 4.9mph)
-11 minutes of brisk walking (3.5mph)
THEN i stayed on the treadmill for an extra 30 minutes walking uphill at 3.5mph
= 60 minutes!! :)

my scale has gone up (136...boo!!) since my ski trip so i'm trying to work extra hard :) i made roni's spaghetti squash lasagna tonight for dinner...used less sauce (because i ran low) and it wasn't as watery. my spaghetti squash was a little off though. but it's definitely a yummy 3 points dinner!!

i didn't eat as much today at work as i usually do. i've been kind of stressed out, maybe thats why? i don't know....sometimes i like my job and sometimes i think my boss is just using me to do busy work and blowing smoke up my ass. oh well, enough about that.

i tried the sugar-free cinnamon rolls!! my bf and i made them before we left on our ski trip and they were yummy! i couldn't tell much of a difference. i left them in the fridge and want to heat one up for breakfast tommorow.

plan for the week
tuesday: couch potato week 6 day 1 -- DONE!
thursday: couch potato week 6 day 2, happy hour possibly with my friend
fri/sat: taking it easy, maybe a glass of wine or two
sunday: workout 45-60 minutes before superbowl, stay low on points until then, make healthy appetizers :)

AND no dipping into flex points until sunday!

Monday, January 29, 2007

snow bunny wannabe & goal meeting

first and foremost: I RAN FOR 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!! that's right, i did it. and while i was doing it i was doubting myself...but i pushed through and proved myself wrong. it wasn't easy but it wasn't that hard either. it was more mental than anything else. i was just so surprised because the longest i have ever run, in my LIFE, was 10 minutes, and that was last week. to go from 10 to 20 scared me! anyway, i am now on week 6. it starts off easy and ends with 25 minutes of running....i will keep you posted!

i went skiing this past weekend with my boyfriend. we had a great time and i got to wear my new pink northface ski jacket :) i did okay on the eating front. definitely had pizza, beer, etc. but i figured i was burning off calories so i let myself indulge. i didn't eat dinner last night because i guess i was stuffed from the weekend.

i'm definitely having the munchies right now.
breakfast: kashi trail mix bar (2.5)
snack: 100 calorie 94% ff popcorn (1), lays light potato chips (1)
lunch: lean cuisine: chicken marsala (3) or soup (2.5)

i told myself i can't eat anything until i suck down this liter of water that is staring at me. i'm still 134 and that means to meet my new years goal i will need to lose 4 lbs in the next 2 weeks. i think i can do it, i want to really push myself and have a perfect weekend this coming weekend. it's the superbowl but i plan on saving my flex points for sunday night. and i'm also going to hit the gym sunday before the game and burn off some calories. GO BEARS!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

friday food fun

top ten things i wish were calorie free
1. tortilla chips and queso dip
2. margaritas!!
3. outback cheese fries
4. donuts
5. cheese: cheddar, american, goat cheese, pretty much all of it!
6. anything from taco bell
7. mcdonald's crispy chicken sandwich with cheese
8. beer!
9. brownies
10. movie theater popcorn

tgif :)

not much to report...stayed within my points and dipped into flex points. i only have 20 flex points left and i'm going skiing this weekend so we shall see!

going to the gym today after work for week 5, day 3 in which i run for...GASP...20 minutes straight. YIKES! i can do it, i know i can. i do have a headache though but i will try to push through that.

have a good weekend!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

size 4 pants: snug, but i'm wearing them!!

non-scale victory: wearing size 4 work pants! i have these pants in 3 colors from target, all size 6. i saw them on clearance ($16.99 hell yea) and bought a pair of size four in black. the 6's are gettting wayy too loose and baggy. they're a little tight on the waist but they look good...not a muffin top or anything but i guess i'm just used to the other pair being so loose.

went to a mexican restaurant for lunch with my bf. i'm sure it was a 10 point lunch but i am going to the gym tonight so i should be good.

munching on some weight watchers key lime pie yogurt (1 pt), so yummy and creamy!! i might try some sugar-free cinnamon rolls for desert tonight, haven't decided. i definitely have the munchies today.

scale this morning: 134. i'm ready to see that budge!! flex points may be key here?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

good day for diet & exercise!


i did so well today, if i do say so myself.

i don't feel like posting any HTML but here is a recap:

kashi bar (2.5)
...super long meeting which left me starving...
healthy choice turkey sandwich with ff cheese and mustard on ww bread (3)
guiltless gourmet chili lime chips (2)
apple (1)
100 calorie wheat thins (2)
2 cubes laughing cow light (0.5)
workout: day 2, week 5 of couch potato to 5k (-4)
applebee's ww confetti chicken (7) --*SO good...cheesy & ranchy*
wine (5)
sugar free fudgesicle (1)
strawberry cloud pie (1)
almonds (1) (damn these munchies from my TOTM)
total: 22
flex points remaining: 33

i did week 5, day 2 of couch potato tonight. 8 minutes straight of running, twice! i was so surprised that it actually...dare i say...almost felt good to run? it wasn't hard, i was jogging with ease! :) i recommend that program to ANYONE. i was so bad at running, always getting winded and cramped up when i tried but this is a great program that eases you into being a runner! 5k here i come!!

over to bf's for the night. packed a delicious sandwich and snacks for tmw! 135.5 this morning with my TOTM so we will see on friday how much i weigh?

skiing all weekend, can't wait!

Monday, January 22, 2007

baby, it's cold outside!!

so i didn't really get to post much, except for what i ate last week. i had a busy work week after the holiday. but i am back...finally. this weekend went okay. definitely used up all my flex points. yesterday started my TOTM...so i'm definitely bloated and feeling blah today. oh well, i know it's water weight. i have to say that overall last week was one of my best weeks on the plan. i was a perfect weight watcher.

friday i weighed in at a solid 134!! YEA! i'm ready to start seeing a lower number!

i definitely had my fair share of beverages this weekend but i'm back on track and will cut back on the alcohol. a glass of wine with dinner has always been one of my favorite indulgences.

i'm meeting up with my weight watching sister for lunch at subway, i love that place. i eat it all the time. my wrap is delicious and 4 points!

so far today i've had a kashi bar and an apple!! will post more later.
still on week five of couch potato. did week 5, day 1 over saturday because i don't feel ready yet, tommorow i will attempt week 5, day 2!

Friday, January 19, 2007

*tgif* menu

light n' fit yogurt1
my subway turkey wrap4
medium apple with one cube of laughing cow1.5
total points6.5
flex points remaining35

Thursday, January 18, 2007

controlled snack attack

hello hello! wasn't able to post anything except my menu. for the past week i've been fighting my way back from 137 and today i was happy to see 135 on the scale once again. next week i will be having my time of the month so we will see how that number flys back up. but after that i will be working towards my goal of 130 by feb. 9th! wish me luck!

i did some cooking last night! see below. i actually made roni's spaghetti squash lasagna and hungry-girl's strawberry pie. i was looking at recipes all day yesterday and those two were both low in points and appealing to my eyes :)

the whole process took a while, about an hour and a half. i was making both simulateously so maybe that's why. i've never cooked with spaghetti squash before. in fact, i had to ask the grocery store guy what it looked like! haha. i've seen my dad eat it but this whole cooking thing is pretty new to me. i picked a huge squash, got all my ingredients together, including some weight watchers yogurts that i wanted to sample and various other groceries. i found the health-is-wealth spring rolls. 2 are equal to only one point! they were okay, very small. i prefer my one for 1.5 point spring roll as it lasts longer and actually tastes like a spring roll. but the grocery store i went to had a HUGE selection of health is wealth stuff, i will keep taste testing.

once my ingredients were together, i only needed half of my huge spaghetti squash. i left it on the counter while i was laying the lasagna and my boyfriend was picking away at it, he loved it. i saved it for dinner tonight, it is so yummy! and 0 points i think for a cup. my boyfriend waited patiently while i cooked. he works out but he's not on a diet, but watching what he eats. he liked the lasagna a lot. the ricotta cheese and spaghetti squash are quite a yummy combo. that would be good by itself with some spaghetti sauce.

the desert was another story. it was very easy to make but we both agreed the crust was very bland. i mean, it was fiber one afterall but my boyfriend said it tasted like dirt! haha. i liked it all together with an extra scoop of cool whip free. yum. can't go wrong with dinner & desert being 4 points total!

i also bought "giant weight watchers ice cream cups"...so i may try one tonight.

i am on day 4 of no drinking! YAY me!

i'm starting week 5 of couch potato. i think i need to eat more, i'm feeling kind of sleepy. i've had interviews all day (not being interviewed, being a part of an interview...which i don't really like). on top of that i didn't bring anything substantial, a bunch of snacks: weight watchers yogurt, apple, 100 calorie wheat thins, laughing cow light squares, fat free pudding, 100 calorie popcorn bag.

after the gym i will definitely be eating up some points :)
off i go to another meeting...ahhhhh. is it friday yet?

not so thirsty thursday menu

1 mini bagel2
1 wedge laughing cow garlic & herb cheese1
10 almonds1
small apple with 1 cube of laughing cow light1.5
100 calorie popcorn bag2.5
100 calorie wheat thins2
2 laughing cow light cubes0.5
workout- 4
roni's spaghetti squash lasagna leftovers4
steamed brocoli0
giant weight watchers ice cream cup with cool whip free2.5
4 tostitos light chips & black bean dip1.5
total points15.5
flex points remaining35

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

hump day menu

kashi trail mix bar2.5
10 quaker rice quakes: ranch1
100 calorie pack wheat thins2
3 squares of laughing cow light0.5
5 quaker rice quakes: ranch0.5
lean cuisine mediterrean chicken & wheat pasta4
fat free pudding snack1
2 health is wealth spring rolls1
bites of boyfriend's food2
roni's spagetti squash lasagna4
hungry girl's strawberry cloud pie1
total points19.5
flex points remaining35

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

couch potato week 4: DONE!

went to the gym after work...did my run/walk for couch potato. ran 17 minutes, walked 18. you run in intervals though but i ran for 5 minutes straight, twice! and went an extra minute for cooldown. yea!! i feel like i am getting back on the right track. i have work to do and i'm determined to do it.

day 2 of no drinking! it sounds bad, like i'm an alcoholic. no, i'm just fresh out of college and my friends love the whole "happy hour after work" activity. it started to get out of hand. i told my bf that i'm not drinking until we go skiing (13 days) and he was impressed. then he was like "well i told john we would get a drink with him after work tommorow". so this will be test #1. i'm going to go but i will treat myself to an appetizer or some soup and drink water. show how strong i really can be!! he said "well just have a corona light, you don't have to overdo it" but i want to do it. no alcohol until jan. 27th! go me!

do you like my menu tracker below? i was an IT major with a concentration in web design...but remembering those HTML tags was a little tricky. hehe :) someone was bored at work!!

p.s. i love me some mtv. especially the hills! and i'm tivoing american idol so i can watch it tmw commercial free!

tuesday's menu

100 calorie blueberry mini muffin pack2.2
quaker rice cakes: butter popcorn1.2
lean cuisine mac & cheese6
100 calorie smartpop popcorn1
workout- 4
starbucks tall pumpkin spice latte3.5
subway wrap: turkey, sweet onion sauce, one triangle of cheese, light mayo, veggies5
lay's light potato chips1.5
quaker rice quakes: ranch2
total points19
flex points remaining35

this weekend = disaster for my diet

hello everyone!!

so i am back to work after a long 3 day weekend. as far as my diet goes, what diet? ew, i was so bad this weekend. i really just don't want to think about the food, drinks, beer, ewww. but you know what, there is nothing like a crazy weekend to get my butt refocused. i'm not going to use it as a setback because that past weekend was like a lot of weekends that used to occur on a regular basis. but now i feel more in control.

so let's rehash the damage.
friday: after work met up with friends at happy hour...drank a couple of beers. then we moved on to a different bar and stopped for a little bit of sushi. this normally wouldn't have been so bad but i continued to drink until the point of no return.

EWWW. how gross is that? i mean, it tastes delicious but the thought of it repulses me now. my boyfriend reminded me the next morning that i ate a crunch wrap supreme from taco bell. with BEEF. i do not eat beef...and i don't recall this happening. how gross is that? i was beyond drunk. i was blacked out. i know, that's bad but hey, binge drinking usually is. today is day two of my no drinking diet!!

saturday: actually i was pretty good saturday, i think i stayed within my points. had 2 coronas later that evening to celebrate a friends engagement. and a tortilla with beans before bed. not sooo bad.

sunday: went up to visit my boyfriend, who is a hot bartender at a mexican restaurant (same one i worked at). well i was planning on getting a water but my friend claudia...i'm sure i've mentioned her before...well her and her boyfriend were drinking while watching the football game. peer pressure lead me to drink a margarita, and then a beer and then a rum and diet. and each drink was egged on by her. now that i type this i realize how bad that sounds. but she is going back to europe (studying abroad) and she kept saying "come on! have a drink! it's my last day here...you don't have to work tommorow...one drink won't hurt!"...and i gave in to the peer pressure. eventually we went to her house for dinner that night, her mom is brazilian and the food was too good to pass up. roasted chicken, white rice, squash, the works and oh, the wine. lots of red wine. needless to say another bad night.

monday: so now i've settled into the "i already ate like a pig all weekend, i might as well not stop today". ate half a bagel and full fat cream cheese for breakfast. then a somewhat greasy turkey/cheese/mayo/lettuce sandwich. then movie theater popcorn with butter, then 2 slices of papa johns pizza. well don't worry, my stomach freaked out at this. i have to say aside from the crunchwrap supreme, this was some of the worst food i'd eaten all weekend. because while i was going overpoint, it was mostly with drinks and not so much food.

so long story short...i am not drinking until january 27th when i go skiing with my boyfriend. i really want to meet this goal and i think i can. drinking and partying has gone too far for me, i need to cut back and i think that might have a big effect on my weight loss goals :)

more to come later...
gym tonight: maybe.

Friday, January 12, 2007


well i just typed about 3 paragraphs and my IE crashed. that's not fun. so this might be more concise.

i weighed myself at the gym last night. 136. after eating all day, drinking water and going for a 2 mile run and 1 mile elliptical session. this morning on my scale: 135. how? i mean, don't you weigh like 3-4 lbs more at night? i just don't get it. my solution: new scale.

i wish that is what i saw this morning: 128. haha. haven't seen that in 2 years. anyway...this is the weight watchers scale at bed, bath, and beyond. it's $59.99 but you know those 20% off coupons are practically forced down your throat everyday by the mailman. so it would be $48. at target it's $49.99 and i have a gift card. hmm...save $1 or use the gift card? hmm. i do hate my scale though. i feel like all other scales are friendly to me, mine hates my guts.

i'm meeting my boyfriend at subway for lunch. i had it yesterday and when he asked me where i wanted to go today i said subway again. he said "haven't you eaten there like 3 times this week"...haha. yes, i do eat there a lot but it's one of my favorite healthy options and it's delicious!

mealplan for today (probably)
breakfast: kashi bar (2.5)
snack: 100 calorie wheat thins (2), string cheese (1)
lunch: subway wrap (4), maybe some baked lays (3)
snack: apple (1)
dinner: lean cuisine or sushi...depending on what i'm in the mood for!

then out to meet up with my friends who just got engaged yesterday! congrats guys :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

i wonder if anyone notices i'm a beginner?

first off...do you ever feel like this when you're on the treadmill? you're running but not actually going anywhere. haha. that image just came to mind when i thought of myself tonight.

i was also thinking tonight, when i was running next to all of the "runners"...can they tell i'm new at this? then, around minute 15, this guy got on the treadmill next to me. i run at about 5mph and he was going 5.5. i kept up with him and we were at the same pace. and he looked like a runner so i figured, hey, maybe i do look like i know what i'm doing! haha :) i also tried to pretend that he and i were side by side in a 5k and i was just keeping my pace...it was kind of fun. the run went smoothly...started to feel tired towards the end but i did warm up on the elliptical machine for 15 minutes and burned 375 calories.

went to applebees for dinner with my best friend and sister, who is also on weight watchers. she's down 12 and looks great. we both ordered off the weight watchers menu. she got the chicken portabella sandwich (7) and i got the tortilla chicken melt (like quesadillas) (10). i only ate half of mine, cilantro-ranch dressing on the side and had a bite of her chicken and portabella so i figure my dinner was 7pts and a glass of wine which was 4 pts. so far so good. i wanted to go over point today and i did without counting my activity points.

i will weigh myself tmw morning and let you know how it goes...

off topic: bindi irwin is on larry king right now and she is beyond adorable, i could watch her talk all day, she's such a cutie!!

have a good night!

drink more water!!

i'm here at work and i just went in the kitchen to refill my aquafina liter...as i was carrying it back to my desk i realized that it weighs at least 3 pounds. i may be overestimating that but its not light at all. so my question is...if these pounds of water are going into my body (and yes they do come out, very frequently i might add) then how does that affect weight gain? i know that water weight is caused by the body being dehydrated, so it holds on to all of its water. if you drink more water, the body doesn't have to hold on to as much because it has enough. something like that? anyway...i've been drinking my 8 glasses a day for a couple weeks now. i try to drink it all before lunch time with the hopes that it will fill me up. for every 4 waters i drink here at work, i grab a diet coke.

i'm having subway for lunch today.

it will not look like this bacon stuffed mayonaise wrap that you see above.
kelly's subway wrap
one triangle of american cheese
sweet onion sauce
= 4 points!

and it's delicious, i love it. i used to order lite mayonaise and sweet onion sauce but i find that the sweet onion sauce is enough condiment for me, it's just right. i'm going to the gym after work. i switched schedules with one of my coworkers, just for thursday and friday, so i will be coming in at 8:30-9 on those days and leaving at 5. which means the gym will probably be super crowded tonight but i can usually always find a treadmill.

my knees start to bother me after i sit at my desk all day long. can i really have arthritis at the age of 23? i hope not! they do kind of ache while i'm running too. my younger brothers (ages 21 and 15) both have bad knees (Osgood Schlatters disease) which according to a website i just looked up "is a very common cause of knee pain in children and young athletes. It is a condition where the bony protrusion below the knee (called the tibial tuberosity or tubercle) becomes inflamed, painful and swollen."...you can see it on their knees though. the bone protrudes from the knee cap, it doesn't look gross, just kind of bumpy and bony. it's really painful. both of my brothers are athletic, one is on the JV basketball team and the other is an avid runner...the runner had to cut back on it because of this. i hope that's not the path i'm headed down but i will push through the "pain" and i will complete this couch potato to 5k plan AND run a 5k this year!! WOO!

my weight: 136...but i'm going to go overpoints today and see what happens. the past couple of thursdays, i've lost 2-3 pounds by the next day...so we shall see tommorow!!

UPDATE: i love google. 1 Liters = 2.2045855 Pounds. so i've put on 4.4 pounds of water in the past 8 glasses? haha...i know i havent, but it's interesting to think about

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

magically delicious

my apple that is. i've stayed on track with my goal for the week, which is eat one piece of fruit a day. i'm enjoying a green apple, it's very good. this week i've felt so hungry. i'm trying to get all my water in but my mouth just wants to chew things i think. haha.

breakfast: kashi bar (2.5)
snack: bag of 94% fat free popcorn (2)
weight watchers chocolate cake (1)
lunch: apple (1) so far...i didn't bring anything else except soup, we will see

i'm going out to a mexican restaurant for my boyfriend's little sister's birthday tonight. i'm going to have a few tortilla chips and salsa and some chicken fajitas, no butter or skin, pico de gallo, and maybe pinch of cheese. or i might get a salad or shrimp. i use to work at this mexican restaurant so i'm familiar with how they cook their food and if modified correctly it can be very WW friendly.

i have to say, i still can't believe i went to the gym last night. after the BLAH feeling i experienced all day, it actually made me feel great :)

since i have snacking on my mind, i thought i would share with you some of my favorite figure-friendly snacks! (don't mind the alliteration)

kashi trail mix bar
so delicious. huge chunks of nuts and almonds

orville redenbucker's 94% fat free butter popcorn
one bag for 2 points, need i say more. perfect portion for mindless munching (haha)

low carb tortilla (0.8) with either trader joe's spicy black bean dip (0.2) or laughing cow herb & garlic triangle(1)
OR both! 1 to 3 points depending on what i stick in it.

asian sensations spring rolls
3 points for two delicious, crispy veggie spring rolls

more to come later...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

week 4 day one: DONE!

i did it! i dragged my butt to the gym. i love the motivation i am finding lately. the voice inside my head is relentless. anyway, i dragged my tired, hungover, bloated ass to the gym. and i ran for a total of 16 minutes i believe. it definitely wasn't easy but it wasn't all that bad. i need to remember to grab a towel to block the time, it definitely is tempting to look at. anyway...off to search for those 1 point for 2 spring rolls...i can't find them anywhere. i am a weight watcher...i will go to 3 different grocery stores in one day to find 1 point spring rolls!


if you don't know where you're going...how will you get there?

i love that quote, i read it at work today. well i know where i want to go but i definitely made a pitstop yesterday.

what happened?

this happened...about 7 times. eww. i don't even want to think about it. i've been paying the price all day at work. i went to a college bar to watch the football game with my boy and all of our friends last night. my friend claudia kept refilling my beer from the pitcher and before i knew it, i had wayyyy too many. oh well. my points week started over today so i am moving forward.

even though i feel like poo, i am still going to the gym tonight to start week 4 of couch potato. i REALLY don't want to. and i mean REALLY REALLY don't want to. but i made a schedule for myself this week and i want to stick to it. i need to treat it like it's a lunch date or meeting that i can't miss. also i'm already up to 21 points right now (i'm only allotted 20) and i don't want to take up all my flex points this early in the week.

i am going to take a short nap before i hit th egym. hopefully the later i go the less crowded. the new years resolution crowd seems to be dying down lately.

alright i will let you know how my run goes tommorow!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

an apple a day keeps the weight gain away?

hello hello! looks like someone does NOT have a case of the mondays...today has flown by.

my goal this week is to eat more fruit. i eat veggies...usually brocoli. i love brocoli, i steam big bowls of it and spray some butter spray and sometimes add some garlic salt but i don't want to have too much sodium in my diet. the one thing i definitely don't eat enough of is fruit! whenever i buy it, it goes bad so i decided that this week i will try to get one piece of fruit from the cafeteria every day. it's cheaper than buying a whole bag of apples and wasting them.

i was reading hungry-girl.com and there is a new latte at starbucks: Cinnamon Dolce Latte. when order with skim, no whip and sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup it's only 90 calories...1.8 points! i want to try one sometime this week.

today's menu so far:
breakfast: kashi trail mix bar (2.5)
snack: light string cheese (1)
lunch: tuna sandwich on WW bread (3), apple (1)
total: 7.5

Sunday, January 07, 2007

easy like sunday morning!

so i went to the gym today...i was surprised because i usually don't work out on the weekend. i usually go out friday and saturday night and spend the next day recovering...bad i know. but i went today and did the last day of coach potato: week 3 part 2! tuesday i'm going to start week 4.

i found some yummy spring rolls at the grocery store: 3 points for 2. i forget the name of them but they were sold in the regular appetizer frozen food section. they tasted really good!

breakfast/lunch: 2 special k waffles, sugar-free syrup - 3 pts
snack: 100 calorie wheat thins, 2 laughing cow garlic & herb - 3 pts
workout: 50 minutes at the gym: couch potato (30 mins) & then elliptical (20 mins) - subtract 5 pts
snack: trader joe's spicy black bean dip, 8 tostitos light tortilla chips: 2.5 pts
dinner: 2 spring rolls (3) and probably something else...can't decide what i'm hungry for
total so far: 6.5 pts

i think a low carb tortilla with black bean dip and cheese or a light tuna, miracle whip light and mozzarella sandwich will be the rest of my dinner and maybe some veggies

update: the spring rolls are by asian sensations. so good...my boyfriend actually finished off the last 2 (they come in packs of 4) and he loved them. i'm sure i talk his ear off about points but he knows what 3 points means haha. i found them when i was looking for the "health is wealth spring rolls" which are ONE POINT for two of them. i have to search a couple more grocery stores. and i also need to find those la tortilla factory tortillas....

i had a tuna melt for dinner...could have been better...with a different cheese. i used WW bread (1), 1/2 can of tuna (1), 2 tbs miracle whip lite (1) and ff kraft sharp cheddar (1)....so 4 points total and melted it in the toaster oven. a mozzarella or other white cheese would have been better.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

wooo hooo

i weighed myself this morning...134! i know i shouldn't weigh everyday...but i do. and i was pleasantly suprised. i went over my points yesterday...8 points over to be exact. so maybe that has something to do with it. the last time i did that i lost weight too. i'm going to try and do that one or two days a week next week as an experiment.

i had a yummy breakfast this morning. egg beater omelette with low fat cheese, mushrooms, zuchini, onions, a piece of wheat toast, low fat butter, and a couple strawberries. i'm going to estimate it at 7 points. i'm pretty full so i don't know if i will eat lunch, since it was more of a brunch meal.

alright...see you later!

Friday, January 05, 2007

my scale loves me again

okay so i'm back down to 135. it's crazy how 2 lbs will make me feel so bad! but i got over the slump, hit the gym 2 days this week so far and dropped the holiday weight. i'm looking forward to get down a few more pounds before my birthday. ideally 5 lbs...to 130...but no pressure, i know WW works so i will be patient. today i'm overpoint...25 points total right now...5 over...but i haven't dipped into my flex points this week so that's cool. i never use my flexpoints...i like to save them and then indulge myself on the weekends. does that work? i'm so good during the week though.

alright...i will go to the gym tmw or sunday...week 3, day 3 of couch potato. i'm so ready to get to week 4.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

move them hips...run girl!

going back to the gym tonight after work. i brought my gym clothes but gave myself the option to go tommorow...but i feel motivated so i'm just going to go tonight. i wore my new running shoes to the gym yesterday, my shins were kind of aching but i'm not sure if that's from the shoes or what?

so far today i've had a kashi bar for breakfast - 2.5 pts. and then i had subway for lunch.

turkey wrap
sweet onion sauce
one slice of cheese
= 4 points!

it's really delicious too, i'm definitely a fan. i ate that 3 times last week while i was home for christmas, it felt like a treat but really it's not bad for you. i also bought some baked lays but i will probably save them for later. i know i need to start eating my daily intake of points but i want to save them for tonight, lean cuisine pizza and red wine are on the menu. i am just going to watch tv at my house and relax...do lotsss of laundry.

alright...talk to you later! i will be out of the office tmw but i may post tonight after my run!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

good day sunshine

so today started off blah...i wasn't feeling motivated and my scale was being mean to me. i am in denial and do not want to talk about my 1.5 lb gain. i know its the new years weekend haunting me but i've been back on track since yesterday. i went to the gym today and did week 3 (take 2) of the couch potato training. i got off to a rough start...i was tired after work and just wasn't feeling it but after i started running i sailed through and even ran an extra 2 minutes. i ran/walked for 35 minutes so i'm proud of myself. i need to get more motivated though.

tonight i went to the movies with my boyfriend and saw night at the museum. it was cute, definitely a family movie. he got a small popcorn no butter and twizzlers (he is also watching his waistband this new year) and i brought grapes. i had a couple bites of popcorn but i estimate it to be 3 points tops...i have 5 points left for today...and i'm enjoying a miller lite while we watch some football...i have no interest in football...hence why i am blogging...okay...he's teasing me because i type so fast.

until tommorow...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year!

happy new year everyone. i'm not sure anyone actually reads this but i like posting...it helps me keep track of my progress. So I weighed myself yesterday...136...Up one pound but I have been eating/drinking and not counting points this weekend. I was so good during Christmas so I rewarded myself...I don't think I went overboard, if anything I just ate all my flex points in 2 days. Today is the start of my week. I'm not going to the gym tonight, I'm tired and I just don't feel like it. I will definitely be there tommorow.

I'm starting over on Week 3 for the couch potato to 5k program...I don't feel ready to go to week 4 and I missed one of the days. Oops. Holiday season is hard when it comes to losing weight and staying on track. I am proud of myself though and I really want to lose another 5 lbs by my birthday (Feb 9). I think I can do it :)

My wonderful boyfriend is on a diet too...we have both gained weight since we met a year ago and it will be helpful to have him on board with me. He seems interested in weight watchers but he does a lot of weight training so I don't think he is going to do it. He did look at Dottie's Weight Loss Zone with me and once he saw the Chipotle page, he said he will never look at that place the same way again. I wanted to say "told ya so" but I held back :)

I have to say that I am very motivated for this new year...I want to get into better shape. I want to be a runner. This year is full of possibility.