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Friday, June 29, 2007

afternoon read

msn: dining out guide

cut the fat & calories at restaurants like pf changs & on the border. :)

smart water?

so i'm drinking smart water. i bought a 33.8 fluid oz bottle at the grocery store, only cost $1. you may know smart water as that drink jennifer aniston is always carrying around in the paparazzi pictures. according to the bottle, smart water is "electrolyte enhanced water". well that's exciting. i drank it on the way to work and refilled it. now i'm half way down the 2nd bottle. need to start getting more water in!

i have a very busy weekend once again. my friend is getting married so that will take all day saturday and the reception is at night. we're sleeping over at the resort and on sunday morning there is a sitdown brunch. wow. let's just hope i make good choices. after brunch i will be jumping on a plane and heading north for the 4th of july which also serves as a family reunion. so that means 5 day weekend! woohoo! i can't wait, it's much needed. i'm so itchy to not be at work, i definitely need this break.

i'm going to try to eat well at the wedding and on my trip. it is a vacation though so i may take liberties with my grandma's potato pancakes and homemade scones. i get them once a year, i gotta do what i gotta do!

didn't weigh myself this morning but i'm guessing still at 132?

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and holiday!
see you wednesday! :)

morning read

FDA urged to review sweetener’s link to cancer

hmmm.....so splenda is okay then?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

has anyone tried gnu bars?


these sound yummy and the chocolate brownie is only 2 points! 12g of fiber, wow. has anyone tried these? are they worth searching for?

also, check out nutritious junk

google reader


this is so cool! you can add blogs & webpages and when you sign in, it shows you all the updated versions. and the best part (for those of us working in a cubicle or office) is that it displays as just text and pictures and looks like you're reading a google news page or something and not weight loss blogs all day long. shhh don't tell! and it saves time from having to click through all the links in your bookmarks. check it out!

so i'm feeling much better today. i brought my gym bag and i'm ready to go. i had sushi for dinner last night and probably ate too much bc i felt bloated and the scale went up (134) but i'm sure that number will be back down by tmw.

i wish i had something exciting to say, but today is a boring day and i can't wait for the weekend! i'm going to a wedding saturday and then out of town sunday-wednesday! nice mini-vacay :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

playing hookie & smart ones product finds

hi everyone!

so i'm home from work. not to worry, nothing serious, just a headache. don't you feel guilty when you leave work? i do. i am going to enjoy this project runway marathon though, not to worry.

my sister found some new smart ones! they are called smartones anytime selections. i haven't heard of these before so i snapped some pics for my blog buddies :)

smart ones chicken & cheese quesadillas - 2 servings per package

mint chocolate chip sundae

calzones - 2 servings per package

closeups of the quesadilla:

the quesadilla was yummy! only 4 points and it didn't taste "diety" at all! i will let you know how the calzones turn out :)

alright time for a nap to get rid of this headache...hopefully you can find these yummy new smart ones in your area! my sister bought them at bloom.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

it's too beautiful to be inside!

happy tuesday everyone! i don't know about you, but we're having beautiful weather!! it's going to hit 90 today! ouch!

i had such a busy weekend. celebrated my sister's birthday on friday night, that was fun! saturday i went to a concert and that turned out pretty good too! as far as the diet front: i did okay, had some guacamole and tortilla chips on saturday. YUMMY. then i had chinese food sunday night but i ordered steamed dumplings, hot & sour soup and an egg roll. 6-7 points? not sure. i only ate 3 steamed dumplings, that soup always fills me up! i finally saw "the holiday" this weekend. it was SO cute. reminded me of love actually. i can watch that movie a million times and not get sick of it.

last week at the grocery store i bought quaker oat's weight management oatmeal. they had a two for one sale so i bought banana bread and cinnamon. well i haven't tried the cinnamon but the banana bread is NOT as delicious as i wanted it to be. on a scale of 1-5, i would give it a 3. i added some splenda to it though and that brings it up to a 3.5. definitely not bad AND 6g of fiber! i'm going to finish off the box or give it to my sister.

so i have a dilemma today, i need to go to the gym. i brought my gym bag but forgot my towel. i planned on going on my lunch break since i have a lot to do after work today....but i dont want to be stinky all day. there are showers but what do i use if i have no towel? i'm going to try to come up with something...haha

scale: 132

just for fun:
people magazine virtual summer magazine

have a great day!

Friday, June 22, 2007

waiting on the scale to change


fridays are such great days, everyone seems in a better mood. i had a training all day yesterday in another building. we got out early and the lazy part of me wanted to beat the traffic and get home and watch some tivo. the skinny girl who is dying to come out wasn't having that. that part of me wanted to go to the bigger & better gym in the other building. it has a satan machine which i've been meaning to try and just a nicer quality gym. well guess who won? that skinny bitch! haha :o)

i did 5 minutes on the satan machine. OUCH. how do the sisters skinny do it?

then i did 5 minutes on a machine that reminded me of this guy:

haha. tony little. it wasn't like that, it looked nicer but it wasn't my cup of green tea. so i moved on to the elliptical machines. these didn't have the arm handles. i put it on a hill setting and it was great. i didn't hurt and wear on my knees like the other elliptical at my building's gym. it was a good feeling.

i really want a home gym. once i get my own place i think that's one of the first things i will work on :)

yesterday the scale said 130.6 and today 129.8? hmm. i don't know though...i will wait until i see it next week to make it final but i've been working so hard that it better be a number that i see more often! i need to get in the 120s!!

this always happens though, on thursday or friday i'm down some lbs but on monday i'm right back up. time to make a change. hope everyone has a nice weekend! i will be spending mine celebrating my sister's birthday tonight, going to a concert tommorow and then sunday laying by the pool :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

number muncher

i don't know if i'm outing myself as a nerd by going for this reference but does anyone remember "number munchers"? it was a computer game that i used to play in elementary/middle school and the little green guy (see above) would eat up all the numbers on the screen if you got the math problem correct.

well folks, i have turned into a number muncher. the numbers that i am constantly munching:
- steps on my pedometer
- minutes of cardio (treadmill, elliptical)
- points that i eat
- activity points
- flex points

numbers, numbers, everywhere! i like the challenge though. when i'm on the treadmill and i *think* i've ran as far as i can, if i've ran 17 minutes, i will always push myself for 20. which usually turns into 25. and sometimes 30. but today, it turned into 32! yay :) and don't worry, i will take an extra lap to the bathroom to try and get in at least 10,000 steps today. some days are more successful than others. but the thing for me, i love a good solid number for cardio or steps i take and i keep going until i get it. it's great motivation. do you do that? push for 30 minutes instead of 28? that's totally me.

so as you know i do weight watchers. i don't go to meetings and i don't do it online but i count points. my sister and i went to a meeting back in the day, never found the time to keep up with it. actually, i didn't really want to. don't get me wrong, they seemed great, it just wasn't for me. i'm shy and i don't really like talking in front of a crowd. ANYWAY...i have all the materials and use all my online resources and blog buddies for answers.

my question is...how do you figure out activity points? usually i will take the calories i burn on the treadmill and divide by 70. i do that with some food if i'm trying to guess and don't have my slider. is that right? today i burned 345 calories, ran for 32 minutes and walked for 13....so....how many activity points is that? 4 or 5? i just don't know. so if someone could give me a clue, it would be much appreciated.

alright folks, the pedometer is up to 13,759 and i'm still at work. thinking about hitting the mall later?

scale: 132
ta ta for now :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

happy snoozeday!

tuesdays are such boring days for me. i mean at least on wednesday the week is half way over and on thursday, it's almost friday! but tuesday? worthless! jk jk, each day is valuable. :) haha

i, on the other hand have been anything but worthless today. i got a nice 30 mins of cardio in (which included 25 mins of running). i got to watch the view and get away for a while. upon returning and eating my lunch, aunt flow decide to pop up and now i have cramps :( i just need to lay down but i'm leaving early for an eye doctor appointment so i will just wait it out i guess.

product finds:

Curves chocolate peanut chewy granola bars
i saw these on the grocery store shelf yesterday. to my surprise they are only 100 calories, 3g of fat and 5g of fiber! woohoo! that means 1.5 for a granola bar that has chocolate AND peanuts! two of my favorite foods! i tried one today as a snack and it was yummy :) i think the fiber one bars are more chocolatey but for some reason i think they make me more hungry. it's like the extreme chocolate-taste makes me want more. so i will save them for every once in a while and save a point here or there.

on yesterday's oprah (which i believe was a re-run), bob greene was on with his "best life diet". well he showed a bunch of products that he recommends. just to name a few: fiber one bars, slimfast, frozen garlic veggies, barilla plus pastas, one a day womens multivitamins, and 8th continent soy milk. he also mentioned the 8th continent soy milk smoothies...i can't wait to try them. has anyone tried soy milk? i haven't but i will be soon!

only 100 calories for 8oz! yum!

best life grocery list --> good finds!

scale: 132 :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

mission: accomplished

so last week i challenged sarah to work out 5 times in 7 days. well i worked out tues, wed, thurs, fri, and today! so that makes 5 days :) i guess i was originally going by sunday-sunday but since i didn't get my rear in gear until tuesday i will consider it tuesday-tuesday and start over tommorow. i think this week i will try for 4-5 days? what do you think sarah? does anyone else want to participate??

i just got back from my mid-day workout at the gym. i love it. what i love most is getting away from my desk. who knew that was the only incentive i needed? i mostly just run on the treadmill or do the elliptical. i need to find some variety in there and hit the weight machines.

i had a pretty good weekend. went to a bachelorette party at the beach. the weather was nasty the first day so we ended up drinking beers, reminiscing and laughing until we were crying in the room. i surprised myself and for dinner had a low fat PBJ and didn't partake in their pizza. on the car ride home yesterday i had some popcorn and a couple of snacks but overall i think i did pretty good! i did have chinese food for dinner but i only ate 4 steamed wontons, hot & sour soup and a small spring roll. not that bad right? TOTM is on it's way so hopefully i can keep this routine up and not be slowed down by the cramp-fairy.

have a lovely afternoon! it's so hot outside, i love it!
scale: 133 (which i will take after the beerfest this weekend!) :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

achy shaky legs

my thighs feel like someone ripped my muscles out and tied them in knots. they are so tight and i am almost waddling down the hallways here at work. the firm dvd i did the other night, coupled with my run yesterday has really rocked my thigh muscles. it's a good feeling though. i pushed through the discomfort and did a 10 min brisk walk and 22 mins on the elliptical. so i have done 4 days of exercise this week. to meet my weekly challenge i need to do something saturday or sunday. i'm going to the beach for the day tmw and staying over night but i will be home sunday so hopefully i will be in the mood to move my body :)

scale this morning: 133. scale just now after my workout: 133. hmm funny how that works. i know i know, i'm scale obsessed.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. hopefully i will be nice and tan when i blog next!
take care blog buddies :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

today was a good day....ooooo owwww ooooo

that's an old school dr. dre song if anyone likes "the rap" like i do. haha :)

i was reading anne's post about fitting into her wedding dress and it got me thinking about the bridesmaid's dress i have to wear in august. my best friend is getting married and i made her promise me..."NO strapless dresses". i'm not trying to brag but i have some big ta-tas and they dont necessarily behave well in strapless bras. that's all i'm going to say. i'm at the point where i can look at a piece of clothing and know it won't work on my body shape. this includes: short shorts, halter tops, knee length shorts and basically anything that i can't wear a good bra with. are you the same way? maybe some people can make anything work for them...who knows?

the dress (the color is bluebell)

well to compromise with the other bridesmaids who all wanted the strapless, i sacrificed myself for the good of the team. the other choice was halter and unless everyone wanted to see some serious boobage, this was clearly not a good choice. so i sucked it up and said the strapless would be fine with me. well i just tried it on. it doesn't look bad. on a positive note, my bosom makes my waist look quite tiny which is always good. but this has motivated me to drop 5-8 lbs by august. that's when she's getting married. hopefully all the weight will get sucked out of my chest region (wouldn't that be nice to pick a spot to lose weight) and maybe tone up my arms, that would be ideal.

alright off to bed....i did my 30 mins of cardio today at the gym! yay :)
scale: 133

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

accountability & the firm

you know that voice in your head that tries to talk you out of exercising or feeds you excuses for not exercising? well that beast was running rampant through my head today. i didn't go to the gym at work as planned and since it was raining i told myself, well, i can't walk outside so i'll just do it tommorow. well then i remembered the challenge that i have going with sarah. we are challenging each other to workout 5 times this week and it kept me accountable. it made me pop in "the firm 2" dvd and work my butt off for 55 mins

for those of you not familiar with The Firm workout dvds and equipment, i will try to explain. i was pushing 155 lbs on my 5'2 frame, a sophomore in college (about 4 years ago) and i saw a late night infomercial. i ordered it and a few weeks later, i sat panting and sweating after only 5 or 10 minute of trying it. i went from no workout to an intense cardio/strength training routine that included a "sculpting stick" and a "fanny lifter" and 5-8lb hand weights. ouch. i used to do it about 2 times a week for a good month or two and then put it away. time and again i would pull it out and use it but i've never really made it through an entire dvd. in fact, i haven't touched it in the past 2 years. i've gotten used to being at the gym and forgot about my lonely fanny lifter and dvd trio. well tonight i did the WHOLE thing. 55 mins. it hurt, don't get me wrong, my muscles were a little shaky as i lifted my legs for a shave in the shower, but i'm not as worn out as i once was. this must mean i'm more physically fit and that feels better than weight loss for some reason. i accomplished something by hard work and dedication. yay me.

anyway, to make a long story short: i did my workout, i burned some calories and i feel great. the firm is new and improved now and i'm not sure how the new system works but i would highly recommend a vintage The Firm 2 workout set on ebay :) i will definitely give it another go soon.

i made a yummy dinner. used a rachel ray 30-minute meal recipe for pouched salmon (baked in chicken stock with fresh dill)...it was alright, just tasted like plain salmon. it looked much better on tv. but the product find of the day is "Lundberg cheddar broccoli risotto". YUM! instead of milk and butter i used water and chicken stock which brought it to 126 calories for a 1/2 cup serving = 2 points. it was very filling, tasted fattening and very yummy and i couldnt finish it. i gave the rest to my boyfriend (who didn't know it was low fat and he loved it!). definitely check that out. very easy to make. i found it at safeway in the rice section.

hope you are all having happy and positive days
goodnight! :)

rain, rain, go away

it's thunderstorming here. i was going to go home, eat a healthy dinner and take a long walk afterwards. hopefully it will stop raining by then! stupid weather. i'm not feeling the gym today so its going to either be a long, brisk walk or maybe a workout DVD. i must do something though.

the scale was nicer to me this morning and said 132. way to go me. through PMS and everything. yesterday was better but i have the munchies again. i'm not letting myself give in and i'm drinking a TON of water.
Kelly: 1 ~ PMS: 0.

not much else to say except it's almost time to leave work and that makes me happy! i didn't go to the concert last night, i didn't want to stay out that late. but i am going to the beach this weekend so that should be fun!!

morning read

stupid mistakes smart women make

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

oink oink

oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink

that's what i feel like right about now. gross. i pigged out yesterday. i mean, it was so bad, i might as well have been eating out of a trough. i did damage to my points after work. we're talking 30 points total for the day when i'm suppossed to eat 20. it was gross. i figured out today that it may be PMS....i'm suppossed to get a visit from my friend this weekend. but i am up 2 lbs and i don't want to talk about it. hehe. jk the scale said 130 on sunday morning and this morning it said 135. so who knows? could it have been my pig-out?

sarah and i are challenging each other to work out for 5 days straight this week. since i was too busy stuffing my face and feeling like doo doo yesterday, i already lost the challenge. but have no fear! i am back on the bandwagon and will work out twice at some point this week to catch up. am i crazy? yes, i am. but i can do it, i have to get down to 130 by june's end! i must! and i already hit the gym today! woohoo!

hope everyone is having a happy tuesday. i'm going out tonight to a free concert where there will be open bar. yikes. this is usually my downfall. luckily i have a lot of points left over today. i haven't eaten much today, my body is still freaking out by the amount of random crap that i shoved my face with.

tommorow is a new day, how wonderful :)

Monday, June 11, 2007


alright, i just added up my points today and i've already gone over my daily point allowance. i can't even believe it.

lets run down what i ate:
fiber one bar: 2.5
quaker rice quakes: 2
lean cuisine mac n cheese: 5.5
uncrustables grilled cheese: 3.5
1 serving of pad thai: 4
hostess cupcakes 100 calorie: 1
coke: 2

yikes. if you're keeping track, that's 20.5. how did that happen you ask? well, i drank too much wine last night and was feeling like poo at work. i've heard that cheese & coke make you feel better. so hence the cheese overload. and from there it was just like i couldn't satisfy my hunger, and i still haven't. oh well, that's what flex points are for. i usually save them for the weekend but it looks like i'm gonna need them!

anyway, i am making up for it by walking tonight (forgot my gym bag) and maybe doing a "the firm" dvd? i need to get my rear in gear people! this is unacceptable! definitely hitting the gym tommorow.

sister skinny asked about our ipod playlists, so here are some of my favorite workout songs (i would take a screenshot but i do not have iTunes here at work)

1. it's my party - fabolous
2. pass that dutch - missy elliot
3. fighter - christina aguilera (such a great running song!)
4. B.O.B. - outkast
5. before he cheats - carrie underwood
6. survivor - destinys child
7. dance, dance - fall out boy
8. boyfriend - ashlee simpson
9. lucifer - jay z
10. move ya body - nina sky
11. oye mi canto - n.o.r.e.

and, since i am a SUPER nerd, if i like a song that someone sings on american idol, i will download the snippet of them singing. for example carrie underwood singing alone, neiko smith singing part-time lover, chris daughtry singing i walk the line....so there are a bunch of those on my ipod. it's actually kind of cool bc if i feel like stopping, i skip to one of those and tell myself just to get through the 1 minute song.

have a happy monday, hopefully it's not as food-filled as mine has been! :)

scale: 132.8


if you crave this...

Friday, June 08, 2007

happy friday :)

so happy its friday! and my legs are so sore. i can't believe how much i've moved by booty this week. yay to me. the scale this morning said 132. i'll take it. at least it moved past 133/134. i couldnt take that anymore. i will probably not do too much as far as exercise goes this weekend, i might take a walk on sunday. who knows. but i need a rest day, right? and i am going down to the gym this afternoon so that will be 5 days of cardio.

i NEED to incorporate strength training, i really do. has anyone heard of "the firm" workout dvds? i have them. they're pretty hard but they leave you sore EVERYWHERE the next day. maybe this week i will try to get one or two of those into my routine. i think realistically for me 3-4 days of cardio would be best. and maybe i'll push myself to 5 days if i'm feeling it :)

my weekend plans are pretty uneventful and that makes me very happy. this is the only weekend in june where i will not be at some sort of birthday or wedding function. i have a bachelorette party, my sister's birthday, a concert, a wedding, and a trip to chicago. all in the month of june! insane! so this weekend i will be relaxing, not eating too many bad things and trying to drink wine in moderation.

does anyone else out there use a pedometer? i do! i love challenging myself to get in my 10,000 steps a day :)

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

too good to be true?

good morning everyone! so here i am on thirsty thursday. i haven't been to any happy hours this week and i haven't really even been out to eat. well wait...i did go to a work related pf changs lunch but i only ate half of the cantonese shrimp (8 pts total, so 4 pt lunch). ANYWAY!

i stepped on the scale this morning. my new scale that is. what did i see? 131.8!! wow. that's not right. or is it? it could be. i've worked out everyday this week and i've been eating just the right amount of points. haven't had any wine or beer (which i think may be my downfall sometimes). so could this really be? i will wait until tmw to find out but i will be going down to the gym around 11 to watch the view/ellen and to walk 30 mins. i should take a day off and my knee kind of hurts but i want to do something and i dont want to get too sweaty outside, ya know?

anyway, that's my news! yay for the new scale! (let's see how long i say that for hehe)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

purchasing power

hey everyone! hope you're having a lovely evening. i'm home alone...well my boyfriend is working tonight and my sister and other roommate are out so here i am! blogging to my buddies.

i just went to walmart and after shoving my way through the crowds (why is that place always packed?!!!) i made some purchases.

1. new scale - finally, right? it's a health-o-meter. relatively cheap ($20) and my sister has one and it is very similar to my scale at the gym

2. one a day women's vitamins - took my girl sarah's advice. she read in self magazine that taking your vitamins and getting the nutrients your body needs helps fight cravings. they are pretty big pills but i choked it down. so far so good!

3. crystal lite lemonade - i am trying to drink less coke zero/diet coke and i haven't had any today. also trying to cut back on the caffeine.

so those are my fun purchases. what is a good diety/health item that you've purchased lately?

let's get physical, physical!

i'm so focused this week, it's crazy. i hit the gym during lunch and did 35 minutes of cardio. i've been able to access the gym in my office building since last thursday. since then, i've worked out everyday (excluding weekends since our office is closed). so that would be thurs, fri, mon, tues, wed that i've done at least 30 mins of cardio. i can't remember the last time i did that. it's just nice to be able to step away from my desk, watch ellen, oprah or the view and not think about work for 30-45 mins a day! i'll take it!

another office birthday celebration has been defeated by yours truly. i think people are starting to catch on that i don't want the cupcakes, cake and ice cream. well i do, but just in a lower fat version so that i can eat more :)

anyway...i guess i'm boring this week. not much else to say. i need a new bikini for the beach. i hate trying them on but i do have one from "water, water everywhere" that they make each summer in different patterns. it is so flattering. i would post a pic but i can't get on any swimsuit websites at worked, they're blocked. how stupid. anyway, it's by JAG and it has a underwire halter top and a bottom that ties on each side so that you can form it to your body shape. i will try to post a picture later. of me? are you kidding? of a model wearing the same suit! :)

oh yea: scale = 133.4

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

portion size

for katie:

portion size visual guide

good day sunshine!

so...how did my weekend go? well...let's be honest about this. i was good friday night, really good. but then saturday came around and even though i promised myself i would be good at maggianos....well the family style eating got the best of me and i had one too many bites of manacotti. but hey, i turned it around and ate well sunday so it's all good!

my weight this morning was 133.8. which i dont understand. i worked out yesterday, sometimes i think that makes me heavier the next day or maybe that's what i tell myself but i only ate 19 points and that doesnt include the activity points i subtracted. so probably 22 points total for the day and then i subtracted 3 points for 30 minutes of cardio.

oh well...i like seeing my legs get stronger and i know muscle weighs more than fat but shouldn't it be the other way around? shouldn't we be rewarded for firming up our previously jiggly muscles? scales suck.

anyway, not much else to say. it's a boring old tuesday that's for sure. work is going by slow....ok enough complaining. i may go to the gym....*gasp*...AGAIN after work! wow. look at me go.

have a wonderful day blog buddies :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

we did it! we did it!

that song is going through my head. and if you're a mommy (or daddy) you probably know what show i'm talking about. it's dora the explorer if you didn't know. my little brother watches it, what can i say.

anyway! i went to the gym and did 45 mins of cardio. i surprised myself and ran for 30 mins. it's been a long time since i've ran for more than 15 mins and didn't think i could do it. since i was alone in the gym i turned on oprah and before i knew it 20 mins had passed, i pushed through and did 32. then i did 13 on the elliptical. so overall success!!

becks premium light beer

i decided i am going to try that becks premium light beer tonight...as my "treat"...i know i know, but hey, it is friday. all in moderation right? anyway, it's one point a beer! woohoo!

have a good weekend everyone! i promise i will try to be good :)

who starts a diet on a friday?

me, that's who. looks like my master plan of losing 6 lbs by june 30th has already hit a speed bump. i did not realize that june 1st was on a friday. funny how that works. usually my fridays include: no exercise, happy hour, and some sort of mega-point food item. why do i do this to myself? i'm a smart girl...er, woman...i can see the pattern of losing weight during the week, only to regain it on the weekend.

maybe it's because by the time friday comes, i feel like i am owed something. usually this comes in the form of a margarita at happy hour with my friends, followed by a few light beers. but what am i doing that is so exhausting, so tiring, that i would excuse drinking a 300 calorie drink after a week of being a good dieter? hmm. i sit in a desk all day, i exercise 2-3 times a week. okay usually 2. i should be staying focused on the weekends! instead of 2 cheat days, maybe only a half day of being bad.

so that's the plan, folks. i am going to hit the gym today after work. i will not be going to happy hour. i will eat a low point pizza: i'm thinking AC la rocca

it's yummy and only 12 points for the whole thing. and it ain't small people. i can split it with my sister and not feel guilty!

coincidentally this is my 133rd post, and i weighed in at 133 this morning. i'm not into numerology, i just think that's cool. or should i take it as a sign? i have bounced between 132-134 for the past 3 months. i keep writing the same number in these blogs. so actually, i am not losing any weight, just maintaining a weight i do not want to be at. moment of clarity.

so this weekend i am focused. even maggianos will not be able to defeat me tommorow night. i will lose weight on a weekend, it must be done.

alright, if you're still reading, i apologize for trying to get all deep about my weight. its just frustrating because i sabotage myself every single weekend and i need to figure out why!!