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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Do you want to change something? Then change some THING.

Soooo I am back up to 174. But I was 176.5 earlier this week so I will take that. We had a long weekend last week in Chicago which included:
  • Chicago deep dish pizza - think: globs and globs of cheese
  • Chicago style hot dogs
  • Cheese fries
  • WINE, BEER, StrawBEERitas, wine, and more wine.
  • Eating out for every meal
  • Binge drinking at the wedding reception & at the bar afterwards
So I can't say I'm surprised I gained weight & a few of those pounds are sticking around. I hadn't been weighing myself lately - which is what I do when I know I'm gaining weight & I'm in denial. I stepped on the scale before the trip & weighed 173.5 so...at least I'm closer to that now than I was.

I've cut out alcohol during the week and exercised 3 times.
  • Tuesday: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Level 1 & 20 minute family walk around the neighborhood
  • Friday: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Level 1 & 2
  • Tracy Anderson 60 minute mat routine
So I met my goal of working out 3x this week & will try to continue on with that. I hope to lose 2 more lbs by next week.

Fingers crossed & hard work in progress.

The other night before I went to bed, something popped into my head. I was thinking about how I want to lose 20 lbs by my friend's wedding June 1 (um, not going to happen but whatever) and I thought I just need to change something. Then I thought, "Do you want something to change?" (yes) "then change some THING". So I've kind of made that my mantra this week.

I want to change one thing a day that I normally wouldn't do. This week that includes:
  • Trading diet soda for water - I haven't had a soda all week & I'm not craving it like I was. I was up to 3-4 diet sodas a day, I craved the carbonation & soda bubbles in my mouth. I replaced it with filtered water and sparkling water with a lime.
  • Skip the wine & drink sparkling water in a wine glass - I really enjoy this for some reason
  • Instead of laying on the couch after work watching Bravo, I went & ran errands or went for a walk with the family
  • Worked out instead of just thinking about working out
  • Tracked everything I ate/drank in My Fitness Pal
So those are the little changes I've made this week. One step at a time...