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Thursday, November 29, 2007

one of my lamest excuses yet

okay you guys....i was having a GREAT hair day today. i'm talking like the long flowy loose curls like the girls have on tv. it was beautiful. not to brag but my hair has gotten really long and i've finally figured out how to curl it just right to get that "i didn't try that hard" look.

sort of like this

well i have plans tonight to meet up with some girlfriends. i was supposed to go to the gym before i left work. so here is my lame excuse: i told myself i wouldn't go to the gym, i didn't want to mess up my hair and i didn't want to have to redo it.

how conceited! i was actually buying into this excuse for about 2 hours. as i turned out of the parking lot, i felt myself gravitating towards the gym. where i spent 33 good sweaty minutes on the elliptical. the hair is up off my face, but you know what...who cares. i'm not that vain. i just wanted an excuse i could find.

so i did it!! my trip to the gym is done and now i can relax and hang out with my friends.

have a good night!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

blog motivation

i just want to thank all of you who comment and read my blog! it really means a lot to me to have you all as friends and i realized that today. as i was turning out of work, i had the little devil on my shoulder saying "just go home, you can go to the gym tmw"...but what did i do? turned towards the gym...because the angel on my shoulder was reminding me "didn't you promise you would go to the gym to everyone who reads your blog? AND you haven't been in two weeks"....so 30 mins of cardio later, i feel great. and this blog really is to thank for that. it keeps me completely accountable. when i wasn't posting last week, i totally felt a little bit of guilt for not fessing up to my holiday eating flubs! so thank you :)

not much else to say...gotta shower off the sweat & we're going out to dinner for something healthy. last night i made whole wheat pasta with spaghetti sauce (60 cal a serving) filled with boca meat. it was good. i had the leftovers today for lunch.

note to self: cook a big pot of whole wheat pasta and make mini meals to take for lunch and eat for dinner. i need to cut back on the lean cuisines.

alright...have a good night everyone!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

turkey day recap

hi all!! i'm back. thanks to my dear friend katie-o for telling me to get my butt back here. now here come the excuses. some more valid than others. i just got back last night from spending tues-sunday at my mom's house. lots of fun up until the point where i caught the worst. cold. ever.

that's right, i went from sore throat to sniffles to coughing to uncontrollable sneezing fits and now i'm back in the coughing/sore chest phase. YUCK! so needless to say, not much going on with diet/exercise. oh well. tis the season i guess.

i ate alright on thanksgiving, took smaller portions and didn't really go for the appetizers. i had this thought in the back of my head from a statistic i heard on tv. the average american eats 2300+ calories at their thanksgiving meal. GROSSSSSS. so i tried to go easy on the mashed potatoes and deliciousness and heavy on the veggies. all in moderation, right?

i did play football with my family at our annual turkey bowl. haha. it was fun and my team won. i also caught a winning pass and ran around like a crazy person. it was a lot of fun but it definitely reminded me that i need to get back in shape. i will weigh myself tmw but i don't think i've gained more than a pound. thats good right?

done well today on the points front. sorry for the lack of posting...i'm so busy at work. i know that sounds like a BS excuse but its not. i'm so busy and i love it. a lot to do and the days go by so fast!

funny story: last night i told D that i hadn't been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. the first and only thing he said about that was "well, what are your blog friends going to think about that? i'm telling them!" haha....he doesn't know the web URL but i already know what you probably think about it and i am making a promise to you, my blog friends, that i will be in the gym tmw. no excuses. there, happy now D? haha

making some healthy spaghetti tonight with D! :) onwards and upwards (well downwards for the scale)....bye ladies!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

it's the most delicious time of the yearrrrrr

shame on me...what a bad blogger i've been lately. i haven't even opened my google reader in days to read anyone's blogs. i have been SOO SOO busy at work. it's nice bc the week has gone by fast but at the same time, i haven't had any downtime and when i get home from work i don't always want to go near the computer.

anyway...doing okay on the weight front. haven't been to the gym in a week though :( boo!! i didn't weigh-in for the christmas challenge. unfortunately i'm up 1 lb. but thats nothing compared to what it probably should be. i'm in holiday mode and have been since last friday. oops!! this time of year is a diet killer but i'm going to be working from home wednesday & friday so i'm going to try to hit up my parent's treadmills and get a run or two in.

i hope all of my american friends have wonderful holiday weekends! and i hope my canadian friends have great weekends :)
and i will try to catch up on the blogs over the next few days & maybe even post again before or after turkey day!!
take care ladies!! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


hi everyone!! not much to say, having a blah week :\ i think it's PMS. oh well, hoping for a maintain on friday's weigh-in!! :)

alright...back to work. just wanted to check in so you ladies didn't think i feel off the wagon. i did have a run-in with some peanut m&m's last night but i was able to put them away after a handful. so thats good :)

happy hump day!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

last chance workout

i am such a dork! but i embrace it :) i totally pushed myself in the gym today bc i know weigh-in is tmw. i don't know what the scale will say in the morning but i feel great right now, that's all i know. did you guys see biggest loser on tuesday when they were doing last chance workouts and the lady was moaning and groaning and jillian was like

"SHUT UP. SHUT UP." haha....i love her.

exercise log:
65 mins elliptical = 600 calories burned

this is going to sound cheesy but you all really do motivate me to get to the gym. the christmas challenge & the accountability have played a big role in me getting back in there and staying OP. so thank you ladies!! i told my boyfriend that i pushed it extra hard tonight bc weigh-in is tmw. he kind of laughed and told me how cute it was that i had blog friends :) haha. he's the best.

the girl next to me asked one of the trainers to tell her how to use the elliptical and i was FLYING away next to her. i saw her glance down at my minutes/calories burned/etc. and i totally remember being that girl. thinking...i can barely do this for 15 mins, how on earth has the person next to me been on this thing for an hour. so that felt good.

another incentive was i'm going for sushi tonight with my sister & her boyfriend and i needed to burn some APs. so done and done. off to dinner. see you ladies tmw and good luck to everyone who is weighing in for the christmas challenge.

lunchin & munchin

it's almost friday!! this week has flown by. i've already gotten in 2 good workouts this week and i'm planning on another one after or during work. haven't decided. i need to do something though! maybe a workout DVD? it sure is cold outside but maybe an outdoor jog is in my future?

i have the munchies today. i'm already up to 9.5 points and its only 12:45. Well thankfully I'm full now and i have grapes in the fridge if i need something sweet later. scale said 137 this morning. i went over my points last night by 4 or 5. i've been playing with eating more points than usual this week which was working. so i will cut back today and only eat 20. see if that works. hopefully i can get back to 136 by tmw. i'll take a half a pound loss, i dont care.

alright...not much to say. i have the after lunch sleepyness going on! ta ta!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

new purchase

i just bought this: pink under armour zip up

what do you guys think? it's super cute and pink and it's very warm for running outside. i loveeee under armour. plus, it supports breast cancer awareness!

i think it will be really warm & cute for the winter months.

okay, enough online shopping. goodnight!

happy hump day!

scale: 136.6

yesss :) back down to the comfortable range. hopefully i can stay around 136 by friday, that would be great. plan today is to hit the gym sometime during work...eat my lean cuisine and try to stay low cal. i may go to happy hour tmw, which i might cancel on bc i forgot about weigh-in. i don't want to mess with weigh-in!!

biggest loser was great last night. i'm glad that girl won the car (i forget her name)...how great. i'm glad isabeau got to stay, i like her. is anyone suprised how they all lost more weight than usual (with the exception of one or two people) working out without electric treadmills/ellipticals/etc....thought that was interesting.

alright, may post later. have a great day and here is a good link for you: grab & go: healthy fast food choices

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

entertainment needed?

well i made it to the gym again this morning. 50 minutes on the elliptical doing hills. about 500 calories. i have to admit, i get bored very easily and to curb my boredom, i always bring magazines to the gym. they help a lot but i definitely go through them fast and magazines are kind of a waste of money, ya know? i have a subscription (that i've bought through coworkers/boyfriend's little sisters school sales) to self, fitness, glamour, lucky & shape. wow, i know. but they go for about $10 on amazon.com (or though the sales for the schools) so i don't think that's ALL that bad. considering i would spend $3 for one copy if it caught my eye at the grocery store.

so my question is, what do you do to stay entertained at the gym? i know, it's bad that i need to be constantly entertained but....i guess it's a generation X thing. i listen to my ipod and sometimes there is something good on tv but i think i need to start reading a soft-cover book on the elliptical. i'm reading harry potter 6 right now but that thing weighs like 6 lbs, i know that won't be making it to the gym with me, and i doubt i could keep it stable while elliptical-ing. :) my dad's gym has individual tvs on all the ellipticals/treadmills....and you can watch 50 channels! i'm jealous!

going shopping later with my boyfriend....i need to find a cocktail dress for this black tie dinner his work is putting on at the ritz carlton. yay baby!!! :)

scale crept down to 137.2 - lets get to 136 by friday! woo!!

and can't wait for biggest loser tonight! i can't get enough of that show

Monday, November 05, 2007

day 1 of 4 complete!


did 32 minutes of cardio: 12 minute run, 20 min uphill walk at moderate pace = about 200 calories :)

kind of off topic but: has anyone seen this picture of katie holmes running the NYC marathon?? she trained for 3 months. isn't that too short of a period of time? i have no clue but i know my friends are training for a marathon now and have for a while now....

and no sports bra!...um hello....that is just really strange to me.

good weekend, cheese fries & the challenge

monday came too fast! i definitely had a great weekend, tried to stay low on the points side....but defintely dipped into some flex points. i did manage to stay at 136.4 on the scale both saturday & sunday, so that's good! hopefully i can be an even 136 by friday's weigh-in!

i'm not sure that the outback steakhouse i ate for dinner last night helped. i had about 10 cheese fries....which isn't too good but at least i tried the whole "everything in moderation thing". my sister has gained a few lbs and wanted one last supper before she starts her diet today. even though i've been dieting, i helped her out with those 10 cheese fries. but i stopped myself and didn't go back for more. it was nice to have that control. by the time my chicken sandwich came out (without the bun), i was full, so i didnt eat it. couldn't have been that bad. the scale was up a little this morning but i'm confident it will be back to 136/137 tmw :)

not much else to say. just a warning though for people who use dottie's weight loss zone restaurant guide for points: i found 2 restaurants where her points listing was off. corner bakery & subway. i ordered the chicken & dumpling soup from subway. on her site she says its 2 points. well after one bite i knew that was too good to be true and it came out to be 3.5 points when i checked subway's website. i know that's not a huge difference but to me it's significant. however, at corner bakery she said something was 15 points and 480 calories when really it was way less and probably 9-10 points so i guess it goes both ways. just be sure to double check the nutritionals on the restaurant website before you eat it!!

i must confess, i didn't succeed at my own challenge! i only worked out 4 of 5 days last week. but hey, i'm happy i tried. i like the challenge. this week i'm going to aim for 4 workouts, i think i can manage that!! :)

hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. i'm definitely getting to the gym today!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


you guys, the scale said 133.8 this morning. i'm not even kidding. normally this would excite me but i know its impossible that i went from 137 yesterday to 133.8 this morning. it's just not possible. it's probably from the 3 glasses of wine i had last night :O - i'm definitely paying for it right now at work. needless to say, i was probably dehydrated so i'm not counting it. it was nice to see 133 again though! for my christmas weigh-in i'm going to say i'm down 1 lb. only bc i don't know how much i really weigh and don't want to jinx it by saying 2 lbs. i'm weird, i know.

so....not feeling that great but at work. i'm going to attempt to get to the gym tonight. i definitely feel like crap though :( it's my own doing, i am totally accountable for it but it still sucks.

hope your weighins went well! have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

how is it already november?

challenge: day 3 of 5 complete!
25 minutes elliptical
7 minutes treadmill

it's almost friiiiiday! :) which means it's almost the weekend but it ALSO means that it's almost christmas weigh-in #4. i weighed this morning. down 1 lb, so that's good. let's hope it stays that way for tmw. i've been bouncing between 136-139 these 2 months and i'm pretty sick of it! i've gotten my gym time in lately, which feels amazing and i can definitely see the flab melting away. it's so weird how 5-6 lbs will totally change the way i feel, the way i look, and how my clothes fit. i think it has to do with being short (5'2)....5 lbs for me is like 10 lbs for the tall girls out there.

i had a good workout today. i went on my lunch break to the "nice gym" on our work campus. those elliptical machines are great, it doesn't hurt my knees like other ellipticals. and it adjusts with steeper intervals, which i like. i realized once i was all changed that i forgot my towel. um...yuck. lately i've been pouring sweat on the elliptical....so i didn't go for as long as usual and didn't do any inclines. then i walked on the treadmill. i didn't sweat that bad. i took a quick rinse and used an extra (clean) t-shirt that i had in my gym bag to dry off. why does that make me feel like such a hobo? it was clean!! but i'm glad no one saw me wiping my bod with my boyfriend's tshirt. lol ;P

halloween went by smooth & easy. i did have 2 "fun-sized" snickers. fun-sized....lol. for some reason, i think those aren't "as bad for you" as some of the other candy. my exbf (who was training to be a personal trainer....back when we were in high school....lol) once told me that if you couldn't eat a regular meal, you should eat a snickers bc it was high in protein and low on the glycemic index. i don't know why that's stuck with me but for some reason i feel like baby snickers aren't that bad.

wow, look what i found: "1 Fun Size candy bar (Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers, etc.)...that comes to 80 calories. You will need to walk 0.8 miles, 1.29 kilometers, or 1600 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps."

how far to walk off the trick or treat candies

interesting. well i had 2 mini snickers yesterday at a work party. and now i'm over it. luckily i'm not big on candy so i don't feel the need to splurge on the leftover candy at our house. a few bites definitely satisfied my "candy sweet tooth". now ice cream/froyo...that's another story.

this week has been good points/exercise wise. i plan on going to the gym again tmw during work & then doing a long walk or some sort of activity over the weekend! i'm loving these exercise challenges, they really do motivate me!