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Monday, December 29, 2008

i went to the gym!

and it felt great. needless to say it's been a while. i'm starting my diet on monday - 1/5 but i plan on staying as much on track as i can until then, to do damage control from last week/weekend. i only gained 2 lbs but on top of the lbs i've gained before that it's not a number i like at all. maybe i'll tell you the number when i get back to my comfort zone.

so the engagement story...we planned a trip to new york for the night and after we got there i went up to the room to change and D, my sister and my sisters boyfriend went down to the hotel bar to grab a drink. i put on this really cute outfit that i had planned out and we were gonna go to central park. well i came downstairs and D and my sisters bf (B) said they had to go back up to the room. i didnt really think much of it but i had a sneaking suspicion something was going on. so we walked to central park and there was a really long line for the horse-drawn carriages. little did i know my sister slipped one of the drivers/rides $100 and they let us hop right in. we went around the park and we hopped out to see the bridge where they shot elf. then i hopped back in really fast. (i think D was going to do it there)....we got back in the carriage and went down a ways and D asked if i wanted to go see a bridge that the driver was telling us about. so we went and i was like "well we better get back" and he said "kelly" and i turned around and he was on his knee! it was so cute and perfect and i cried like a baby. but it was unforgettable and so much fun :)

my ring:

(i can't figure out how to take the picture without it being blurry. if you have an idea let me know!)

it's so gorgeous, i can't stop staring at it :)

so there it is and here i am, on my way to being in hardcore diet mode. i'm actually really excited and wanted to try body for life or PX90...has anyone done these? i just want to do it to jumpstart the weight loss and build muscle :)

alright off to make dinner.


Linda said...


Jodi said...

what a romantic proposal and props to all those involved! did you ever get to see the bridge?

check and see if your camera has a 'macro' function - that's what you can use to take close-ups... when doing so, you physically move the lens closer to the item (don't use the zoom function, if that makes any sense)... and usually, turning off the flash helps too...

hope that helps! :)

MizFit said...

delurking to say CONGRATS!!! and that I like BFL.

and the zone.

Carolyn said...

OMG Kelly, it's SOOOO gorgeous and what a romantic story behind it! I'm so incredibly happy for you and D. Let the wedding planning begin!!!

It's going to be a great year for you guys! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

aw congrats!!! it's really pretty even if it is blurry!! and what a romantic proposal!

hayngrl101 said...

congratulations! nothing like a wedding to kick the motivation up a notch. LOVED BFL. Dropped about 30 lbs in 6 weeks by following the program. Loved it.