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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the plan so far

so i bought jillian michael's book and i've been following her diet plan since monday. she has three seperate food lists for slow, balance & fast oxidizers (depending on a quiz you take). apparently i'm a slow oxidizer so i need a certain percentage of carbs, protein, fat at every meal.

the menu is very similar to phase 3 of south beach diet. limited breads and dairy, lots of lean protein, veggies, fruit, no soda, no alcohol, lots of water. i've done well so far, down 3 lbs so far, and feeling good. one thing i like is she tells you to track your calories with these foods, so i've been doing jillian michaels/weight watchers. i like it, it just feels like i'm making healthier choices. eating almonds, string cheese and strawberries as snacks instead of 100 calorie packs and carby things. i also have aunt flow in town this week...and it's been hard with sugar cravings but i've tried to enjoy the sugar free jello & sugar free fudgesicles. hasn't been easy but what is?

i did the wii fit monday & today and hit the gym today for 35 minutes on the elliptical. i watched oprah yesterday and she said you need to also work out at the speed where you can talk but you don't want to. i tried to do that today and realized i haven't been pushing myself nearly as hard as i can. not a surprise but something to think of.

well that's about it, hope everyones new years resolutions are going well! :)


Nancy said...

Down 3 lbs? Fantastic job!

Jillian's book sounds really interesting. Does she suggest a workout plan as well?

Jodi said...

sounds like a great plan! looking forward to reading about your progress... :)

and i'm with you - making healthier choices just makes you feel better in general... :)

Linda said...

That's fantastic! You sound like the changes are positive and you're loving it - atleast the number going down!

samiam4eva06 said...

great job on the 3 lbs!!! I was looking at the book the other day.. do you like it? I think i'll grab it next paychcke!

Carolyn said...

Ohhh that book looks good. I'll have to pick up a copy. I know i need to be eating better snack instead of Fiber One Bars and other processed garbage.

So what's going on with the wedding? Did you set a date yet?

JODI said...

as far as i can see - the only difference between WWs new & old plan is (1) you use your flex points before you dip into your APs and (2) you're supposed to eat more 'filling' foods' to keep yourself fuller, longer (you can also eat as much as you want of these but i'm not sure how that works - similar to core i guess)... everything else seems the same to me though they really stress exercise... sounds easy to me! :)

Linda said...

Hey you've been MIA lately. Just checking in to see how you're doing!

Fatinah said...

ha - I just pulled Jillian's book out this morning to look at the weights workouts. Are you going to try any of those?