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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Worst. Picture. Ever.

My mother in law took this picture at my daughter's 2nd birthday party & decided to send it to all of our family members. (insert iPhone emoji wide-eye here).

Ok, first of all, this is a terrible angle & a horrible picture. I don't look like this. But as I type this, I realize, that yes, maybe I do.

This next picture was taken 3 weeks later, at Disney World. So I am going to blame the damn angle. I know I'm a little chunky but the flowy dress above + the flowy sweater + little person taking the photo from down below =  not a flattering angle.

Either way, using it as motivation.

My husband also does not have the pot belly that seems to be protruding from the picture above.

I guess we're just not a photogenic family. Ha!

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