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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

gym girl

hello everyone! somehow motivation has creeped back into my life. i'm going to enjoy it while it lasts bc i know it comes and goes. the other day my coworker said "hey, how come you never go to the gym anymore? you used to always be down there"....and i think that's when i really felt guilty for getting out of my habit. i want to be gym girl again.

but the good news is i'm back in the zone! i got down to the gym yesterday and it felt great. i was walking down and started smelling that "gym smell" and instantly perked up. i liked that routine, going 3-4 times a week during work. since work has settled down a bit its definitely going to be a mandatory part of my routine now.

well that's pretty much it. i have one month until a friend's wedding and i'm wearing this:

it's nanette lepore and super cute. it is a little snug (only in the chest, i may need a minimizing bra). but i'm excited to wear it. i'd like to drop 2-3 lbs by that point. then in may i'm going to florida to visit a friend for the weekend. i'd like to lose 2-3 more lbs by then.

small goals & baby steps people!
happy hump day!


CaRoLyN said...

Super cute dress! You'd look great in it!

and YES get your little butt back to the gym! It's so easy to break the habit isn't it? Challenge yourself! What happen to Sarah and you and your gym challenges, you need to get back on that!

Anne said...

Baby steps is right.

Very cute dress, it's adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

frig i love that dress. so cute!

Christina said...

great dress Love it...Great to see you are back on track

Living to Feel Good said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! You will look GREAT in it!!

Aww the gym smell. :)

->cara said...

Great job on getting back to the gym. Once you stop, it's so hard to get started again. Grab that motivation by the horns and ride her for all she's worth!!

What a spectacular dress!!! You'll have to post pictures of you in it.

BTW, it's been very humid in Florida lately. So be prepared to sweat when you get down here.

CaRoLyN said...

Where did you go?! Leaving blog land?

Kelz said...

What a gorgeous dress! I would love to wear something like that someday!! And I will!

Found your website through someone elses and thought I would say hello!