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Friday, March 14, 2008

it's been a while

and i know, i dropped off the face of the blog earth. but i'm still here just very busy busy busy at work. which is when i used to blog and read blogs. i cant remember the last time i've ever opened google reader. has to have been 3 weeks ago?

well just to let you know, things are going good. i'm counting points and not going to the gym which has helped me maintain for the past 3 months but i'm getting sad that i haven't been back to the gym. i'm going to try to and make it my goal and if i don't make it, i'm not beating myself up over it. i'm just livin life.

i hope you are all doing well and i will try to post on monday.
have a good weekend :D


katieo said...

Hey Kelly, I TOTALLY understand the being busy thing. Good to hear you're still there.


Anonymous said...

I was worried about you. I enjoy your site so much. Hope everything goes well. Glad to see you back. We misses you!!

Take care!

Christina said...

I have started visiting your site and love it, glad to see your back :)

Shelley said...

Hi K! How are you, sweetie? I hope all is well!! I'm so into my goal to reach 135, then 130.....I can dream, right? Lets do this, ms. kelly!