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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

summer challenge: on target

hi everyone!

i'm on point this week for carolyn's summer challenge. i challenged myself to get to the gym 3x a week, although i'm secretly trying to get there 4x. last week was a success and so far i've gotten in two LONG elliptical sessions this week:

tuesday: 60 min elliptical
wednesday: 65 min elliptical

i've been keeping an exercise log since 2005 and i looked back on it and this time last year and the year before i definitely spiked up my exercise. i'm sure it had something to do with summer but i think the nice weather motivates me to be more active. i love it. and i'm really impressed by the long elliptical sessions. i used to do about 30-45 minutes but since i've been incorporating reading my book into it, the time flies by. and its definitely not a slacker workout, im panting and sweating and maintaining my pace. and im almost done with my book! i'm reading eat, pray, love and i definitely recommend it.

going to sister dinner tonight (with my sister of course) hopefully either crapplebees (haha - i do like the WW menu) or maybe bonefish grill or possibly sushi. there are healthy items at all places, i just need to make sure not to over indulge. the 550 calories i burned give me a little leeway but i'm not going to eat like it does.

alright....have a great day everyone!!


Marissa said...

I loved, loved, loved "Eat, Pray, Love"...so good!

Great job on the exercise!

Cara said...

60 minutes?? I am proud of myself for 40. You are awesome!

Sparky said...

Congrats with your progress towards the summer challenge.