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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

gym mojo

helloooo. i have been a bad blogger lately. everyday i think about blogging but it just doesn't happen. i've also been a bad gymgirl this week too but i made up for that today! here is what i did so far:
25 min elliptical
45 min treadmill (fast walk)
5 min bike
15 min walk outside

PHEW! 90 minutes of cardio so far. and i'm running errands after work too. i already feel my gym mojo coming back. it was gone last week but now i'm back on track. clothes fitting good, scale is decent, i'll take it.

alright back to work. just wanted to check in. going to get to the gym for 45 mins of cardio thursday & friday. i blew the challenge already but next week i am starting a new challenge - getting to the gym 4x. thursday night i leave for a mini vacation out to arizona so i just want to be prepared. alright...toodles :)


Carolyn said...

Yes! I need muy gym mojo back tooo!! Every time I feel like it's coming back, I get all excited and then I miss the gym for like 3 days in a row! Grrrrrr.

We need to be checking in on each other DAILY!!!

MizFit said...


did you find yer mojo??

dont quit on us!