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Friday, September 05, 2008

a quickie

hi everyone...lots to do but just wanted to give you some quickies

- going to a wedding this weekend
- found a REALLY cute dress for the wedding...a cheaper version of an herve leger dress

looks more like the one on the right. it's by a designer named adrianna papell - it's black, slinky, hugs the right places and very flattering. i've been searching for it in my size all week and i FINALLY found it at nordstrom
- still staying steady at 137...i'll take it
- haven't been to the gym all week, i'm dying to get down there but work was too busy and i had afterwork plans each day
- excuses, excuses, i know. getting to the gym next week
- going into hardcore diet mode starting monday...i'm trying to lose 3 or 4 lbs in 2 weeks.
- i will get to the gym 5x next week, lets do a challenge...anyone? carolyn?

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! :) i'll try to take some pics of the dress, it's so pretty i'm so excited to wear it :)


Anonymous said...

i love the dress. don't cha just love getting all dressed up for weddings?

Jami said...

I love wedding and big events. My husband and I are going to a birthday party and he is supposed to dress like a pimp and I am supposed to dress in a prom dress. It will be a blat to get lit and cut loose!!

Carolyn said...

I'm in! I missed yesterday since I was home sick but I'm in for 4 times this week and 5 times next week!! We can totally do this!

Ps the dress is HOT!

Carolyn said...

Starting today!!!