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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i'm baaaackkkk

i'm baaack! i haven't fallen off the diet wagon so thats good, i was on vacation from thurs-mon. we went to arizona! it was nice, very hot though. i don't think i could ever live there...i'd melt. ha! but surprisingly i'm only up 0.6+ lbs from thursday. not too bad but not entirely due to willpower. i came down with a nasty cold on the way there (like mid-airplane ride, gross!) and just didnt have much of an appetite. when i did eat, i would not finish my entire meal. you know how those colds are, when you have a lot of drainage from your nose/throat to your stomach. its gross, but you know what i mean. i felt icky and full for most of the trip. but it did kind of go along with what i've been doing lately. i am trying to eat just enough to be full, not stuffed. so far so good.

i was bad at exercising last week but we did a LOT of walking and we hiked a bit so i'll take it. i got to the gym today for 40 mins on the treadmill and i plan to go at least 2 more times this week. i have a show to go to after work thursday so i dont know if i will be hitting the gym during the day. even if i shower and fix my hair, its still kind of flat and i feel sweaty still. i dont want to feel that way since i'll be downtown all night, ya know? excuses excuses...but this one is a good excuse at least!!

alright...hope everyone is doing well. my goal for this week: exercise at least 3 times. what is your goal?

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