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Saturday, October 02, 2010


So last night, D & I relaxed on the couch, caught up on some tivo & drank wine. I indulged in 3 glasses of wine and then cut myself off. I dipped into about 5 flex points, which I don't normally use during the week. And what do I get? I woke up with a terrible headache & weigh-in of 154.0. YUCK. I don't know if that has anything to do with the wine or maybe I'm retaining water, who knows. I'm not going to let it frustrate me because I know I shouldn't weigh myself every day but it's a bummer.

Anyway, onward & upward! D and I have a ton of errands to run today. I'm hosting a bridal shower for D's sister at my house next weekend. My Dad comes this week to help us install some new light fixtures & other things so we need to go to Home Depot, Lowes to get everything ready.

Weight: 154.0 :(
Breakfast: 2 cups of Fiber One raisin bran & 1 cup of skim (4), Venti iced coffee with skim & splenda from Starbucks (1)
Lunch: Chic-Fil-a chargrilled chicken salad (3.5), FF honey mustard dressing (2), 2 french fries (1?)
Dinner: Fat free refried beans (1), cheese sauce (1), fat free sour cream (1), 2 glasses of Pinot Noir (5)
Total: 19.5 out of 21

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