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Monday, October 04, 2010

Sunday Funday

So yesterday I didn't post my food menu but it wasn't very WW friendly. Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary from when we first started dating. So we hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. I used the 28 or so flex points I had, on top of my 21 points for the day, and basically went to town on the following: tortilla chips, queso dip, 2 Bud Lights, Taco Salad (minus the shell) & Mexican rice. It was delicious but probably 25-30 points in itself. I don't even know how to count up those points so we'll estimate it was about 30?

We then spent ALL day building the new living room furniture set we purchased. It looks awesome but it was a long day. Thankfully I did not snack but I did have 2 glasses of Champagne that D bought for me, along with roses for our anniversary. Awww :)

Dinner was not so good - Chinese food. This was D's idea...I had a blast eating it but I knew I shouldn't be. It was so wrong but it felt so right. LOL. I ordered Orange flavored Shrimp & D had Kung Pao chicken. I ate my shrimp with a spring roll, lots of white rice & 2 Crab Ragoons. I want to say that was probably 40, 50, 60 points, who knows?? I also washed it down with 2.5 glasses of red wine. So basically yesterday was a free for all.

Sunday's weight: 152.2

Today starts a new day & I will post my menu so far separately.

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