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Monday, December 03, 2007

challenge day one: complete

woohoo! day 1 finished! 30 mins of cardio and strength training. my legs were shaking but it feels good! feel the burn baby :)

and i want to thank katie-o & this post for being inspirational (as she always is!). it was so cold when i left work and i just felt like packing in and snuggling up under the covers at home. but i went to the gym and thought of all the snow katie drove through yesterday to get to the gym. thank you katie!! :)


katieo said...

YAY for YOU!!

(and your welcome. I won't be posting all the times the snow actually does keep me home.)

Shelley said...

Cool! You saw my story in Health? I'm glad you liked it!

Ooh, those red wine glasses sound beautiful! And cheap! WTG!

eat like a caveman said...

no doubt...that post by katieo was inspiring. me 2! i'm on this challenege this week! i'm sore all over but that is NOT an excuse. let's kick butt!

Danielle said...

Great Job Kelly!!!

I had been slacking too on blogging but getting back into it!!

Scale was UP A LOT last week but hoping ot comes down some tomorrow!!

Hang in there!

Glam said...

Woohoo, Kelly! Way to challenge yourself and get to the gym despite the crappy weather!

Burn, baby, burn!

Living to Feel Good said...

Good job!! How's the rest of the week treating you? I have two days done.