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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

back in the groove

i'm totally in the groove this week and loving it. nothing like a bad week to totally make you focused!! got to the gym today and did my cardio. it felt really good. i need to get my strength training in before the week is over. i'm going to try to get that in tommorow.

yummy product find from trader joe's!

110 calories for 18 white cheddar soy crisps...kind of hard to stop munching but perfect to bring in plastic bags for a work snack.

BL is on tonight, can't wait :)

ta ta!


Living to Feel Good said...

I think my husband likes those.
I am skipping the challenge this week. I have something going on everyday except Saturday, so I will see how much exercise I can get in.

CaRoLyN said...

I'm in the groove too!! YAY! I've got in 100 mins of intense cardio so far this week!

I wish we had a Trader Joe's here! I always hear about the great products there! Grr!

Kelly...I MISSED BL last night!! I fell asleep before it even started. Long day at work and I was running around all night last night doing laundry, Christmas baking ,making lunches so I was out like a light by 9:30 and BL is on at 10!! Ooops! I'm dying to know who went home!

katieo said...

Kelly, what did you think of BL??

Danielle said...

BL was AWESOME last night - I LOVE the final 4 and was glad to see Neil go home - Karma is GOOD!!!

GREAT job this week - keep it up!!


kelly said...

sarah: i hear you girl, thats how it was for me last week. crazy crazy! maybe a challenge the week before xmas?

carolyn: ooooo, you missed a good episode girl. maybe you can watch it online? anyway they all had huge losses. neill lost 10 lbs and was in the bottom 2! ha!! he ended up going home. the people left were all on the black team, i think that is so cool. but yea, they all lost 8-10 lbs. even the girls! it was pretty awesome :)

katie-o: i thought it was a great episode, loved the end with jillian!! :)

danielle: i'm with you, karma is a bitch! haha

Danielle said...

Kelly -

Would love to partcipate in the challenges - how do I do so?

Thanks =)

Swizzlepop said...

I love those Spy Crisps. The BBQ ones are yummo too! Where did you find a picture? I'm always wanting to post TJ's reviews and prefer to do it with a picture but their site doesn't show their foods. Did you find it on line or just snap on from home?