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Monday, December 10, 2007

i need my routine back!!

i have been going going going since last tuesday night. it's been non-stop events. (and non-stop eating...yuck. i'm not even going to go over it, moving forward....) i shouldn't complain, i had a lot of fun. but i need my routine back! i only got in 3 of my 4 cardio days and 1 of 2 strength training does. so i didn't complete the challenge. but its a new week and i'm going for the same thing again. 4 days of cardio (with 2 days of strength in there)

work has been busy and i'm about to start the christmas shopping. i want to try to knock it out this week and be done with it. have you ladies finished yours yet?

got to the gym today and did my 30 mins of cardio. they moved a new elliptical into the gym in my building...the kind i like. so that should be a nice addition to my workouts, wont have to go to the other building to do my elliptical workouts!

happy monday :)


katieo said...

I'm in total denial with Christmas shopping. Just thinking it'll all get done before it's supposed to.
I'm trying to do a lot of it online this year.

CaRoLyN said...

I haven't finished my shopping yet but Im hoping to get it all tied up this weekend. I've even devoted Friday night AND Saturday afternoon to shopping!

I didn't meet my challenge goal last week either but you're right this week is a new week and I am SOO determined. Nothing is keeping me from the gym this week. Yesterday I got in 35 mins on the Stairmaster and 15 on the elliptical and I think I'll go for the same tonight. Burned over 500 cals! Wahoo!

Good luck this week and Merry Christmas!!!!

Danielle said...

Not done shopping yet - almost but still have a TON of wrapping to do.

Hang in there - its a hard time of the year food and time wise - you will get through it!!