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Monday, December 03, 2007

let the challenge begin!

today's plan: get to the gym during work and do my cardio & strength training! i love this challenge stuff, it really motivates me!

kind of busy here at work but i wanted to let all of you biggest loser fans know that i heard on the radio starting january 1 or 2nd there is a new season of BL coming on! this time with couples trying to loose weight. it's so much easier when your significant other is in on it with you.....helps you to resist temptations and feed off of each others strengths.

back to work....
happy monday!


Glam said...

I heard about the Biggest Loser special too! I love it when they do these mini-series!

I'm also on the workout challenge bandwagon! Good luck!

Shannon said...

BL special sounds awesome. can't wait! who are the trainers, i hope not KIM.

Living to Feel Good said...

OOooOOO thanks for the BL update!

Now lets kick butt!! :D