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Monday, February 11, 2008

back in the swing of things

hi everyone! back in the ww swing of things once again. my birthday celebration, which lasted like 4 days...haha...is now over. i'm back on track and don't see another event coming until march. we're going to a nice restaurant for valentine's day on thursday but i'm getting the salmon and asparagus so i should be back on track.

i decided that i want to start running again. i was really into it last year but then stopped. i was to start it back up so i'm going to see how long i can run today at the gym and walk for the rest of the time on an incline. i need a break from the elliptical, it's getting boring.

not much else to say, had a great weekend but ready to get back on track! :)

tonight i'm making trader joe's chicken gorgonzola. it's 8pts a serving but i may just have half and pile up on the veggies.

have a great day! :)

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