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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

still here....still a gym slacker

hi everyone!! still here...not to worry. i've been SO busy at work & finally finished up harry potter 7....very good! sad to see it end. haven't been keeping up with any blogs unfortunately. we're being audited at work so any free time i have, i'm either doing my normal work or trying to catch up with deadlines. i'm out of town visiting my parents with D this weekend and next weekend is a bachelorette party. busy busy bee. i'd like to drop an lb or two before next week when i see all my girlfriends from high school. i feel like i look good though so i'm not too concerned about it.

food has been really good. still maintaining at 136 which i'm happy with. the gym, that's another story. i've been slackin!! but tonight i'm going to zumba dance class with my sister. she went last night and said it kicked her butt! so i'm excited to see how it is.

alright...hope you're all doing well! i'm going to try to catch up on blogs tommorow night :D

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