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Saturday, February 02, 2008

exercise tv: online version!

hi everyone!

so i've been going on and on about how much i love this on-demand exercise channel. well guess what, it's online too! exercise tv - try it out! my favorite is the yoga instructor meaghan, she has a really good sense of humor, sometimes she will lose her balance or fumble her words and its just really funny to see her be normal and not perfect.

meaghan's a.m. yoga

try one out! what i like is there is a countdown to let you know how much time you have left.

this entire week i've done SOMETHING every single day. today i did half of one of the firm dvds (it was the advanced one and about half way through i realized i'm not ready for it and i could barely keep up). even if it's just getting a walk in one day. i've really been doing a lot of exercise tv and it wears me out, it really pushes me harder than normal. i'm loving it. last night i did an hour of yogilates (yoga/pilates). i really liked it. my muscles have been so sore all week. scale is staying steady so i'm going to keep telling myself i'm gaining muscle. right?

what are everyones plans for the super bowl? im not doing anything too crazy. i want to pick up an amy's pizza....and maybe some fat free dip of some sort.

my birthday is a week from today! i'm almost 25! :O

have a great weekend :)


Living to Feel Good said...

Exercise TV rocks. I love the ONDemand.

Swizzlepop said...

Thanks for the link I will have to check it out. I love On Demand but we only have it in the living room which would mean the husband as my audience and I don't really like that :P.

ThickChick said...


Just blog hopping and came across yours. I have to say i've wanted to try yoga in the morning for some time, but i can't get myself to get out bed any earlier than i already do (6am). When i get up there's this guy on tv doing yoga to really good music and it looks liek so much fun, i wanna join in, but i dont have the time :-(. Maybe 1 day.

Good luck on your weight loss. Looks like you're pretty close to goal!!


katieo said...

I have mixed feelings about On Demand workouts. Every so often I'll try one and be totally disappointed. And then I'll try another one and it'll be just fine! Argh!

I might try meaghan...we'll see.

(and good job doing something everyday!)