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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

still here

i'm just having a blah week. trying to stay focused but i've gained a pound. i did something every day last week and didn't go over my points. and i GAINED a pound. wtf! so frustrating. trying to convince myself that even though i've gained a pound that i need to stick with the program. i'm getting there...

tomorrow is D's birthday and saturday is mine! woohoo :)

hope you have a lovely hump day :o)


jodi said...

a pound is nothing, in the grand scheme of things... could be anything from water retention or too much sodium, so just keep plugging away and you'll body will reward you... i often have weeks where i think i've done great, and not lose anything - just a fact of (weightloss) life... :o)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday girlie.

katieo said...

Oh Kelly, that sucks. :(
Try not to get to down about it!