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Thursday, June 12, 2008

"weight ain't nothin but a number"

doing well this week - had some wine with gf's on tuesday but the scale actually went down the next day. my super busy weekend of the 5k, baseball game, extreme sweating from the heat and the concert left me with a 4lb gain! WHAT! thankfully all 4 of those pesky pounds are gone but i do need to tighten up on the eating and eat more fruits/veggies and less carbs.

i can definitely tell that my stomach is getting flatter and my clothing fits better. i was complaining to D the other day that i'm frustrated bc i feel like i'm doing a really good job on the diet & exercise front (for the most part) and the scale is hardly budging. he said "well you just said all your clothes fit better and you've been getting in really good workouts. if other people can't tell the number on the scale by looking at you, why do you let it get to you so much"....so i thought about it for a while. he's right, only i know what the number says and if my pants are clearly looser than they were a month ago, why do i care so much? i guess it would just be nice to see some movement on the scale every once in a while. im holding steady at the same number for the past 2 weeks. my crazy weekends aren't helping, i guess that may be where the weak link is.

got to the gym yesterday and today and i'll go again tmw and i want to do yoga on saturday. that will make 4 workouts for the week :)

alright almost time to go, its gonna be a hot one outside....keep cool!


Karen said...

I've added you to my blog roll, hope you don't mind.

Something my personal trainer told me when I first started was not to get worked up over the number on the scale. There may be weeks it goes down, weeks it goes up a bit and weeks it plateaus. She said that because working out builds muscle and muscle weighs more than fat - the best thing to do is once a month check your body fat percentage and that's when you will see the most difference.

Just fyi from someone else on the "diet train"

Anonymous said...

i notice that when i go totally crazy on weekends, i tend to not lose as much weight, even after 6 full days of healthy eating.