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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i ran 3.6 miles: outside!

hi everyone! well i really surprised myself today. i attempted my 1st outdoor trial run of the old 5k....in my neighborhood. i was weary of it because it has a few hills, one big one, and i didnt want it to discourage me. D said that going around my circle once was a little over a mile so that if i could make it around 3x, it would be a 5k.

so i put on my pedometer and the ipod shuffle and hit the pavement. the first 1/2 mile was fine, it felt good to be running outside. i wasnt going very fast (catching my reflection in a few cars, i really didnt look like i was going fast) but i kept a good pace and my breathing was up. the hills are what got me but in the end, it wasnt bad and i felt amazing afterwards. i probably walked for 2 mins total, after the hills, which isnt bad at all for my first go round. AND i lifted weights afterwards!!

when i got in my car to clock the mileage, it came out to be 3.6 miles! so i ran an extra half mile. that felt REALLY good :)

ok off to hit the showers....have a great night!

1 comment:

jodi said...

that's some great mileage for outside - i find that i go much slower compared to a treadmill but it still counts! nice job! :o)