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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Happy Tuesday! Or Snoozeday as I like to call it. So last night's menu did include wine but in my defense, I had points left over & used 2.5 flex points. It's not the end of the world & I wasn't going to let delicious vino go to waste! I have one glass of Pinot Grigio left in the house, may or may not drink that or may save it for the weekend. We're going out of town this weekend for a wedding. I'm going to try to stay on-point as much as possible but will try to save my flex points just in case. Anyway, on to today's progress report...

Weight: 154.8 (did I mention I'm on my period? That counts, right?)
Breakfast: Quaker Oats Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal (2), Oikos Plain FF Greek Yogurt (2), Coffee with splenda & a dash of skim milk (0)
Lunch: Michelina's Lean Gourtmet Lasagna (5)
Snack: Special K Chocolatey Pretzel bar (2) - sidenote: these are amazing, sooo good for 2 points - salty & sweet
Workout: 40 mins on the elliptical (burned 390 calories) (-3?)
After work snack: handful or 2 of popcorn (1), boca burger (1), Arnold's sandwich thin (1), 1 slice of American cheese & light mayo/ketchup (1), 2 cupcakes from 100 calorie pack (.5), 1/2 glass of Pinot Grigio (1)
Dinner: Lean Cuisine Fettucine Alfredo (4)
Desert: Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae (3) & Defcap hot tea
Total: 20.5 points out of 21

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