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Monday, September 27, 2010

Starting Over...Again

Ok - let's get real. I've gained a solid 15 pounds over the past year & a half. This is crazy to me, considering I'm only 5'2 & that is a lot of weight for my frame. Oddly enough, I can still fit in most of my clothes. Then again, most of my clothes are stretchy dresses & outfits that incorporate leggings in some way or another. I even own a pair of jeggings. Jeggings are jean leggings. And I wear them often. With all of the stretch & material in my clothing, I have comfortably & knowingly put on these pounds.

So starting today (and I know I've said this before), I'm on weight watchers & I'm going to be honest with myself about what I'm actually consuming. No more handfuls of chips, bites of ice cream, or bites of whatever delicious food my husband is eating. I need to get back on track before it gets too far. Before I am resorting to filling out an application for The Biggest Loser because it's gotten too out of hand. And also, because my husband & I are trying to have a baby. When that happens (lord willing), I do not want to be overweight.

Goal: drop 20 lbs by Chrismas
Plan: Weight Watchers, exercise (3-4 times a week - at least 30 minutes of cardio with strength training at least 2x/week)& less alcohol

Now this may be my Achille's heel. I actually don't think I eat a lot of food, I'm not a binge eater by any means. At the end of the day, I don't dive into a gallon of ice cream, I'd rather have a glass or 2 of wine. But one or two can lead to three & this can be 200-500 extra calories a day. Slowly adding up to the weight I am now.

So how much do I weigh? 155.4 lbs according to my scale this morning. I must say, I think that is from some of the junk I ate over the weekend and I wouldn't be surprised if the scale is down 2-3 lbs tomorrow. I have been averaging at about 149-151 lbs for the past 9 months.

So here is my food journal for the day...I will keep updating as the day goes on or tonight when I get home from work. I really want to be accountable so any bite, lick, taste or sip I take, I will record it here. Even if I reaaaally don't want to.

Weight: 155.4
Breakfast: Special K with skim milk (4), iced coffee with splenda & a splash of skim milk (0)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Cheese Raviolis (4)
Mid afternoon Snack: Special K Chocolaty Pretzel bar (2)
After work snack: Cup of cauliflower & cheese (0), Sugar-Free Jello (0), Smart Pop Popcorn (3), 1 100-calorie cupcake out of 3 pack (.5)
Dinner: Turkey burger (4.5), Arnolds flat bread (1), low fat mayo & ketchup (1), 1 slice of American cheese (1)
Workout: 35 Minutes Elliptical (burned 368 calories) (-3)
Wine: 1.5 glasses of Pinot Noir (3.5), 1 glass of Pinot Grigio (2)
Total: 23

Which means I used 2 flex points...considering I get 21 points a day. Not that bad but could have done without the wine. However, it's Monday & after a long day, I think that's not "thattttt bad". :)

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

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