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Thursday, January 31, 2008

a.m. yoga

that's right...i got up early to do a 15 min a.m. yoga session (from my on demand channel on tv). it felt great and definitely gave me energy for the day. i am loving this exercise tv on demand, it's the best.

i hit the gym after work and kicked my butt - i did hills on the elliptical and at one point was on the highest elevation - it was so hard, i was panting. i've been thinking about my average workouts and im usually breathing hard but not like killing it. after i killed it on the elliptical i got on the satan machine (stair climber) and climbed 65 flights of stairs! 15 mins of it, it was HARD! i tried to focus on other things, like the tv or the instructors setting up the spin bikes. but wow...i really pushed myself and i need to do it more often. i'm getting too comfortable with my workouts and i am enjoying switching it up lately with exercise dvds/shows and different machines.

tonight we're going to see atonement! i'll let you know how it goes.

have a good one! :)


CaRoLyN said...

Did you seriously talk your man into going to see Atonement???? Yikes!

I'm off to see 27 dresses tonight (with the girls), so we'll have to compare notes!

Congrats on the yoga, we do have Rogers on Demand so I'm going to check it out tonight! I'd love that first thing in the morning!

CaRoLyN said...

Hmm cocoa powder, what a great idea! I bet they would be even more chocolatey. I'll try that next time! Thanks for the idea. I'm such a "follow the rules" girl that I always follow the recipe to a tee.

Have a great weekend!

Oh and by the way I've been meaning to say Kudos to you for giving up the wine. I don't know how you do it. I find lately, especially because it's winter and everyone is cooped up that every weekend we have something oign on with friends (which always involves munchies and a few drinks) This weekend I'm looking forward to staying in!
Next weekend is my best friends birthday which equals girls night and lots of dancing, I can't keep it away forever!

Lily T said...

I totally LOVE yoga. I just never get myself to do it.

Exercise videos on demand sounds interesting. I am sooo bored of my exercise DVDs (all four of them) and with this rainy weather that seems to be the only option most of the time. I am actually trying out Nexflix. They seem to have a lot and I totally need more variety. Variety is soooo important, especially for me. Not only for fitness but also for motivation.