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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

back from my trip & back on track

hi everyone! i'm back from my LONG weekend. well, yesterday i worked from my mom's house but never got around to blogging. i was too busy trying to explain to my 3 year old brother what the internet was. haha - he was so cute though and was constantly by my side. at one point D called me to say hi and say he's going to the gym. my brother says "wheres he goin?" and i said "hes going to the gym"....and his favorite question "whats that?" - so i tried to explain to him what the gym is. too cute.

i am only up 0.2 lbs from friday which is amazing if i do say so myself. i definitely had my share of drinks this weekend but i think i kept the food to a minimum which helped. i've also been trying really hard to listen to my body and stop half way through my meal and ask myself if i'm still hungry. i've been finding that i am full about midway through. i'm so used to cleaning my plate but this way really seems to be working. i've had about half of my lean gourmet (like a lean cuisine) and i'm pretty satisfied. i definitely felt skinny today when i got dressed and my capri pants are loose now. my stomach has also deflated and the love handles have slimmed down. i'm wearing a fitted shirt with the capris and it looks nice.

going to the gym today. i want to be down one more lb this week. i want to set realistic goals like that. one pound at a time for sure.

alright...back to work.


CaRoLyN said...

Glad you are back and on track! and feeling skinny minnie!

You have a 3 year old brother? Wowsa! That would be so much fun!! It's funny though that you could have a child the same age as him!

Laura Brandon said...

it's always awesome to feel skinny :)