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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pounds: muscle vs. fat weight

so i was just reading in fitness magazine that women need to stop using the excuse that muscle weighs more than fat because it's not likely that a woman can gain more than ONE POUND of muscle in a month. (i think pertaining to like a monthly weigh-in type of situation, not overall)

wow. i wonder if that's true. this whole time i was under the assumption that it was more like 2-3 lbs of muscle maybe? i'm gonna do some googling on this.

got to the gym and did 40 mins of high inclines at moderate speed on the treadmill, with a 5 min cooldown and leg weights. it felt good :)


Randi said...

that number seems reasonable to me. I think that it doesn't include the fact that when you're trying to build muscle and doing weights and stuff, your muscles do retain water. (anytime my muscles are sore I don't believe the scale)

CaRoLyN said...

I've always wondered what the actual facts are on that one. It's like the chicken or the egg...

Laura Brandon said...

hmm, that is interesting.. i too will be googling the subject!