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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

totally in the zone

wowie wow. i am totally in the zone and it's finally paying off on the scale. i'm down 6 lbs since 7/14. i was at my high weight, the weight that i absolutely never let myself go above: 144. today the scale said 138.4. love that, and i know that since i have more muscle tone now, that i'm a better looking 138 than i was before! hah :) ok, enough of the big head, but it was a really nice feeling. especially after a long vacation weekend. my goal is to maintain the 138 by friday. i think thats reasonable.

today's plan is to get to the gym and do weights & cardio.

last night D picked up the new smart ones breakfast sandwiches. he bought the egg, cheese & canadian bacon on an english muffin. i took the canadian bacon off (not a bacon girl), which eliminated like 3/4 of the cheese unfortunately, but its pretty good! the english muffin is pretty chewy though. but at 3-4 pts (minus the bacon)....its a pretty filling breakfast!

hope everyone can find their way into the zone this week too. i've noticed that when i'm off, my blog friends are usually off too? maybe its the different times of year. but i hope everyone is back on track so we can all share in the fun together! :)


CaRoLyN said...

I'm totally on track and counting every single point!

I even resisted German Chocolate cake last night and sat there with my diet coke last night when 6 people sat around me scarfing down cake and ice cream!! Wahoo!

JODI said...

congrats on being "in the zone"... that's always a nice place to be... ;o)

i've read about the new WW breakfast items but haven't tried them yet - not surprised the english muffins were chewy... :o(