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Thursday, July 03, 2008

off to the windy city

just a quick post before i go....i meant to do this earlier and lay out my plan of attack for the holiday but work was super busy.

i've already figured out my cheats: 2-3 tastes at the taste of chicago, 1 chicago style hotdog and my grandma's famous potato pancakes (3 max). i'm excited and i've gotten to the gym 4x this week and done yoga 2x to get ready for it!

so i have my planned cheats and i'm sure they may be a few that aren't planned. saved my flex up for going out one or two nights so thats 35 pts for drinks right there. should be okay there. i will be wearing my pedometer the whole time and i want to try to get in a long walk or two as well.

alright time to finish up packing but wish me luck :)

and did i mention i'm on my period! let the challenge begin!


Rachel said...

Wow good luck - such a good idea to do some extra workouts in preparation. I have never thought of doing that (not that I am that good at doing the workouts anyway!)

KL said...

You seem to have all your treats lined up!

Also, I'm kind of a 'point guesser' too. I'm trying to get away from that, but it's tough.