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Monday, August 18, 2008


well my weekend was fun. traveling down 95 though, no so much fun. all the beach traffic, it's ridiculous. it turns a 1.5 hour trip into a 3 hour trip. BLAH! but i did pretty good with eating. i splurged a little on my mom's stromboli (like a pizza rolled up) and guacamole (lots of cheese & sour cream in it). but compared to what the scale said last monday, it's down 2 lbs. so i think thats good. only up 2 lbs from friday! i'll take it.

nothing big planned for this week. i have a "stock the bar" party on saturday for one of my engaged friends. basically you buy them a bottle of liquor or wine to stock the bar in their new house. they are always fun parties. gotta try to be REALLY good this week and the goal is to get to the gym every day this week to stock up some extra points for the weekend. i'm not really counting points like i said but i still think in terms of "points" for some reason.

i'm surprisingly energized right now....so off to get a head start on work while it's quiet and no one is here yet!
have a great day!

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